The Best Book I Ever Watched

September 19, 2008

I often find myself engaged in conversations with people who have never seen LOST and when I express how much I enjoy the show, they always end up asking me to explain what the show is about. My standard response is that it’s ultimately a show about faith versus choice, but I try not to say too much more than that because it almost always ends up sounding ridiculous to them.

Well, I think I finally found the best way to accurately describe the show and pay it the ultimate compliment at the same time. I simply tell everyone that it’s the best book I have ever watched.

Sure, there are plenty of television shows that tell a continuous story over a number of seasons, but none have been so meticulously planned out and none have had the depth of character development that this one has. It really does feel like a book and one that you don’t ever want to put down.

Anyway, it’s been a while since the finale and I promised a character by character analysis that details my opinion on how they are feeling and what their next steps will be on, off, and around the island.

Jack Shepherd – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. He may very well be a man of science, but get ready for a transformation in this character. My guess is that he still wants to “fix things”, but he’s going to go about it in an entirely different way this time and become a believer. It’ll be very interesting to see how the writers handle this transformation because of what we have grown to expect from the character of Jack, but I believe he will evolve into a man of great faith. He’s obviously already on his way by virtue of the fact that he’s going to work with Ben to try and get back to the island.

John Locke/Jeremy Bentham – He will be tested as the new leader of The Others. While Locke may have great faith and trust in those around him and in the island, I still think he lacks some faith in himself. He has a history of telling people, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do”, however he was still asking Ben WHAT he should do. Ben told him not to worry because he always finds his way, but as we know, Locke is amenable to coercion and needs to be cautious about whose advice he takes.

Benjamin Linus – So is he ultimately a good guy? Well, there are two sides to every story and right now it would seem that he’s a good guy because he wants to help Jack and the others get back to the island. However, Ben always seems to have an ulterior motive. After all, he’s also hunting down Penny because he wants to avenge his daughter’s death, eye for an eye style. He wants to hurt Charles Widmore my killing his innocent daughter. That still makes him a bad guy in my book.

Penelope Widmore and Desmond David Hume – I love that I can write about them together. There was a week that passed from the time Penny rescued Desmond, etc… to the time the O6 went off on their raft to the island of Membata. I’m guessing that Penny must have filled in some of the gaps for the survivors, explaining that her father is dangerous and providing more detail about why it’s important they lie about where they have been.

Charles Widmore – I believe he will become an even more prominent character on the show and I think he’s probably behind the resurgence of the Dharma Initiative (see their new logo in my new blog image above). I’m looking forward to when he contacts Sun.

Sun-Hwa Kwon – Still grieving from the apparent death of her husband, Jin-Soo, Sun seems to be on a mission. She has bought a controlling interest in her father’s company and is conspiring something with Charles Widmore alluding to the fact that “others” (Desmond) got off the island as well. Her character has always been a strong one, but not so outwardly strong. It’ll be an interesting scene when Jack/Ben asks her to go back to the island with them.

Mr. Paik – Sun’s father is the CEO of Paik Heavy Industries. As revealed in the “LOST Experience”, Paik Industries does a significant amount of business with the Hanso Foundation as well as with the Widmore Corporation. How prominently will he figure into Seasons 5 and 6 is still undetermined, but without the power that Sun just took from him, I don’t think he’ll be very significant.

Jin-Soo Kwon – He’ll apparently be on the show in Season 5 in “some” capacity. Is he dead or was he blown clear of the sinking ship and picked up by Faraday and company?

Daniel Faraday – If his raft did pick up an injured Jin then he’s off the island because there’s no way that he could have rescued Jin, turned the raft around, and made it back within the proximity of the island to be teleported, where and whenever it went, ahead of the helicopter. My guess is that the raft was still within the island’s teleportation circumference and, like the test rocket and the periodic ration drops; he’ll end up landing on the beach in what seems like hours to him, but will really be days or years to the other island dwellers. The executive producers have indicated that Faraday’s book will become increasingly important in the show. As for the other red shirts with him…who knows!

The Island – It’s probably the most important character on the show. The producers have definitively said that the island did NOT move when Desmond turned the fail safe key, but they didn’t say that it hasn’t moved before. I believe that it moved at least two other times. I believe that the reason the Black Rock is shipwrecked in the middle of the island can be explained by the island’s ability to move. The island must have appeared right underneath it when it moved in the 1800’s. I also think that Ben must have had someone move it after the purge to become invisible to the other people (Widmore, etc…) who were trying to find it. I’m looking forward to a little island history lesson once we get to see the “Temple” that’s been referred to, how the volcano on the island shaped its history, and the reason why the statue only has four toes.

Richard Alpert – A question was posed to the executive producers about Richard Alpert. They asked how old he is and how many toes he has. They answered by saying that we will see his shoeless feet in Season 5. I think we’re going to enjoy seeing The Others in a new light as led by John Locke with Richard Alpert as his main adviser.

Annie – The producers have said that Ben’s little girlfriend is said to be “very significant in Ben’s life and that even the island’s volcano will be slightly less important than Annie, but still seismic.” There are some people who theorize that Annie did not die in the purge and that perhaps she was off the island during that time. There is also a theory that suggests that Charlotte is actually Annie and that time travel would explain her youthful age. I’m going to run with that theory for a minute and suggest that perhaps she turned the frozen donkey wheel (like Ben did in the finale) during the purge in 1994 and transported to the future. Now she’s back on the island with the alias. Now that I’ve said that, I don’t buy this theory. I think Annie probably died before the purge and sent Ben off the deep end. Much like he wants to avenge Alex’s death now by killing Penny, he probably wiped out Dharma because of Annie’s death.

Charlotte Staples Lewis –She is NOT Annie. Don’t forget that they saw each other in Season 4. If she was Annie, that meeting would have gone differently for sure. Regardless, she said she’s looking for where she was born and didn’t want to leave the island. There’s more to this cultural anthropologist than meets the eye and by the way, I think she’s freaking hot!

Miles Straume – It’s obvious that he has some special spiritual ability and Naomi had referred to him as a Ghostbuster. If he shares the secret about his abilities with the rest of the island gang, he could come in quite handy.

Rose Henderson-Nadler – She’s got her eye on Miles because she knows there’s something about him that he’s not sharing. We’re still left wondering if her cancer will return if she leaves the island. It’ll be an interesting reunion when/if the beach group joins Locke and The Others because Rose is not a big fan of Locke’s right now and knows his secret about being paralyzed prior to coming to the island.

Bernard Nadler – Didn’t even have a role in the season 4 finale. I’m curious if he and Rose will be featured more now that they are among the few remaining original castaways.

Pierre Cheng – Who is he? He’s a professor of Theoretical Astrophysics from Ann Arbor Michigan who was a part of the Dharma Initiative. He is also known as Dr. Marvin Candle, Dr. Mark Wickmund, and Edgar Halliwax. These are the names he used in the various Orientation videos where he appeared both with and without a prosthetic arm. During this summer a video was “leaked” when someone infiltrated the new Dharma Initiative and in the video he says his real name is Pierre Cheng and that he’s sending the video from 30 years in the past. Both of his arms seem to be functioning in the video and he says that he and his colleagues all die in a violent Purge that they are powerless to escape. I guess we’ll see where this goes.

Sayid Jarrah – His reunion with Nadia lasted less than a year. We know that the O6 washed up on Membata 108 days after the crash of Flight 815. That puts us into January of 2005 and we know that Nadia was killed in October of 2005 because that’s when Ben teleported to the Tunisian desert. The work he’s doing for Ben is taking a new path now that they are going to try and get back to the island. It’ll be interesting to see how he works with Hurley in toe.

Hugo (Hurley) Reyes – While he still may be wearing a bathrobe from Santa Rosa Mental Institute, he’s now Sayid’s ghost-seeing sidekick. Who knows who else he’ll see and speak with from the beyond in Season 5?

Kate Austen – She wants absolutely nothing to do with going back to the island and knowing what a strong-willed person she is, it’ll take quite a bit to convince her to even try to go back, especially with Aaron.

Aaron Littleton/Austen – He’s known to the world as Kate’s son, but we know he’s really Claire’s and of course he’s also Jack’s nephew. He’s also probably “special” like Walt, but that’s yet to be seen.

Claire Littleton – From what I understand, we’re not going to find out what’s up with her abandoning Aaron with Sawyer in the middle of the night or if she’s dead or alive, for quite some time. From what I have heard, she may not even appear in any Season 5 episodes. That’s not too frustrating, is it?

James (Sawyer) Ford – We know that he asked Kate to do a favor for him and that it has something to do with his daughter (Clementine Phillips), but other than that we’re not sure where or when he is. Regardless, one of the first decisions he will be involved with is whether the beach crew join Locke’s crew of Others. What a combination of people left on the beach though – Sawyer, Miles, Charlotte, Rose, Bernard, Vincent (the dog), and Juliet.

Juliet Burke – This complicated woman is enough to drive any man crazy, but she and Sawyer should make for some comical dialogue as they both constantly lie and try to con each other. All the while there’s sure to be some sexual chemistry between the two. Will she be willing to rejoin the Others and will they accept her back after everything that has happened?

Walt Lloyd – Our “special” little boy is growing up. Since it’s been over three years since the crash for the O6, it no longer seems odd that Walt has grown and I believe he (and maybe Aaron) will be key players in getting everyone back to the island.

Frank Lipidus – His story may be done or perhaps since he left with the O6, he needs to go back as well. This adds an interesting spin to the “Ben wants to kill Penny” scenario because Desmond may need to go back too. Who knows, but my gut tells me Frank’s story is over.

Cindy/Zach/Emma – Three Others worth mentioning because they were on Flight 815 and now that Locke is running the show, perhaps we’ll see more of them.

Matthew Abaddon – With a full-time role on the new TV hit ‘Fringe’, I’m not sure how much we’ll see him, but he seemed to be shaping up as a major off-island character. I guess we’ll see is the answer to this one.

Libby (No Last Name) – We still have yet to see what her back story is all about. Why was she in the Mental Institute? Was she paid to give Desmond her boat? Why was she on Flight 815? Was she a part of the Dharma Initiative? Has she always been a chubby-chaser? Okay, the last question is a joke, but you get the idea. We WILL find out some of these answers at some point in the final two seasons.

Danielle and Alex Rousseau – Yes, they are both definitely dead, but we have been promised a Rousseau back story and we’re apparently going to get it soon. We know she was with her lover, Robert, on a six-person expedition when they came to the island sometime in 1988 (16 years before the crash of Flight 815). That means she was on the island during The Purge, but we don’t know how she survived while her other companions died. Alex will most likely appear as an infant who is stolen by The Others in the back story.

Dead Flight 815 Passengers – Charlie Pace, Michael Dawson, Shannon Rutherford, Boone Carlyle, Ana-Lucia Cortez, Eko (Mr. Eko) Tunde, and Nikki & Paulo.

Christian Shepherd – Technically, he was aboard Flight 815 as well, but he was already dead. What is the deal with him? We know he’s dead, but he’s one mighty cognizant apparition! Why was his body NOT in the coffin? Why is Claire hanging out with him? What’s his relationship to Jacob?

Jacob – I don’t know who he is, so don’t even ask.

The Monster – Quite possibly the most hated part of the show for many fans, the monster’s name is probably Cerberus, who was the three-headed dog responsible for guarding the gates to hell in Greek mythology. Most fans theorize that there are Underground Vents throughout the island and the blast door map from Season 2 did show a note that said Cerberus Vents Underground. It’s also referred to as the island’s security system, but alas, we won’t know what it is until the end of Season 6, the show’s final season.

I could go on and on (and I already have) with a listing of Others and others who have died or have been seen in Flashbacks and may reappear. Most notably, Cassidy and Clementine Phillips (ex-GF and daughter of Sawyer), Helen (Locke’s ex-GF), and so on, but this is getting long enough. Just remember that anyone can come back at any time on this show in one form or another though it should be noted that the producers say they will be steering away from flashbacks.

Until January/February of 2009, we can only speculate, but this much we know – the season premiere is titled, “Because We Left”. Namaste!


“Whoa. Wait. What?”

June 4, 2008

There’s WAY too much to write about this episode, so I’m going to break it into two parts instead of trying to fit everything into one blog. I figured if they can break the finale into multiple parts, then why not me.

First off, the blog title/quote above was spoken by Hurley back in Part 1 of the finale when Ben was explaining to Locke how to get down the elevator into the Orchid station. I figured it was a fitting quote to explain our reactions to the entire finale/series.

Mind blowing to say the least! This television show is legendary. My bet is that anyone who has never even seen the show would still have felt for Sun at the moment the freighter exploded with Jin frantically waving and desperately hoping that they’d come back for him. Her screams were the most realistic sounding screams I’ve ever heard on TV or film. I almost felt as if I was right there on that chopper.

The second part of my blog will be posted sometime in the next few weeks and will include a character-by-character analysis in terms of what they are feeling and what I feel their next steps will be on, off, and “around” the island. In the meantime, here’s a look at the biggest finale moments, as I see them.

Through The Looking Glass (Parts 3 and 4) – I loved the way this episode began. Replaying the final scene of last season’s finale and continuing from that point was brilliant. BTW – Kate’s evolution since her island days may be the best thing that has happened to her character because I’m really getting tired of her in general.

Sayid versus Keamy – Awesome fight. Yes, Sayid may have been moments away from losing the fight, but Alpert came along and saved the day. That entire sequence was one of the better fights I’ve seen in a television drama.

Locke and Jack/Faith and Science – In a continuation from a conversation they had back in Season One, Locke and Jack still can’t agree on why they are on the island, but Jack ends up believing Locke enough to realize that the Oceanic 6 (O6) would have to lie to protect those who were left behind.

Ben the Botanist – The anthurium conversation between Ben and Locke was classic. Anyone who thought, “How the hell is Locke going to remember all of Ben’s directions and what do anthuriums even look like?” had to appreciate the humor in that scene.

DHARMA Fish Biscuits – Okay, so this had nothing to do with the finale, but since there were 13 people in my little condo watching the show while enjoying DHARMA Fish Biscuits (thanks Nuno and Teresa) as well as Island Fruit Shish Kebobs (thanks Patty and Scott), I figured it’s worth mentioning and thanking those who came to enjoy the finale. 

Miles versus Rose – She’s got her eye on him and will continue to do so since they are both still on the island. The two characters had no other impact on the finale and I didn’t see Bernard at all, but I believe their presence will be felt next season. BTW – If you’d like to see a deleted scene featuring Miles, go here to check it out –—more-sea.php.

The Orchid Station/Orientation Video – Just how deep does that elevator go? According to Ben, “Very deep.” The Orchid station brought with it another comical scene as we watched Ben loading the “vault” with metallic objects while Locke watched the Orientation video where a two-armed Edgar Halliwax explained that they should keep all metal objects away from the vault. The “vault” was explained as a chamber that seemingly holds the power to travel space and time. Why is it interesting that Halliwax has two arms? Well, in the Swan and Flame Orientation videos, he appeared to have a prosthetic arm and in the Swan and Pearl Station videos he had two different names – Dr. Marvin Candle and Dr. Mark Wickmund.

Charlotte’s Mysterious Past – My brother Steven thinks she may be Ben’s long lost love, Annie. While this may be possible, I think it’s obvious that she at least had some involvement with the DHARMA Initiative. Maybe she even worked with Libby there at one point? Yes, I know she seems a bit too young to have been the same age as Ben, but perhaps she’s similar to Alpert and either travels time or never ages. Dan is obviously concerned for her and points out that staying on the island “for now” could mean “forever”.

Sawyer Takes A Dip – I have to write this for the all of the women out there who are in love with Sawyer. I totally understand why the heroic leap from the chopper and subsequent swim onto the beach must have gotten you all hot and bothered. Now take a deep breath and try to compose yourselves. While you’re at it, try to come to grips with the fact that Juliet and Sawyer are going to hook up next season. I don’t know this as fact, but there’s definitely chemistry between them and they both think that the folks on the chopper must have died in the freighter explosion. BTW – some audio geeks on the Internet have enhanced the whisper that Sawyer told Kate before his leap and it confirms what I expected (May 5th blog) Kate must have been doing for Sawyer in the future. The whispers were something along the lines of, “I have a daughter in Albuquerque. You have to find her. Tell her I’m sorry.”

The Frozen Donkey Wheel – It was the code name used by the producers for the super secret scene and it turned out to actually be something that was really in the episode. What? You missed it? The wheel Ben turns in order to dangerously and unpredictably “teleport” (move) the island was in fact a frozen donkey wheel.

Daniel Faraday – Where, when, and how is he? He was on a raft with a bunch of extras when we last saw him, so did he get left behind when the island “moved” or did he move along with the island. There’s a third possibility that may also explain why DHARMA PRDs (periodic ration drops) still occur 12 years after the purge. Since the raft wasn’t ON the island at the time it moved, but rather “around” it, it could have traveled forward in time and will suddenly appear on the island at some point in the future – much like his rocket test. My guess is that the ration drops were from a plane that was also “around” the island when it was “moved” the last time, presumably right around the time of the purge. If I had just wiped out a whole bunch of DHARMA people, I would have found a way to prevent any outsiders who knew the island’s location from coming back. I’m assuming that Ben must have had someone else move the island with the Frozen Donkey Wheel shortly after the 1992 purge. BTW – An island move may also explain how Yemi’s (Mr. Eko’s brother) drug plane that took off from Nigeria ended up on an island in the South Pacific.

Island Inhabitants – By my count, the remaining island dwellers include – Sawyer, Rose, Bernard, Miles, Charlotte, Juliet, Locke, Alpert, Cindy (flight attendant), Zack & Emma (the tail section kids), and a bunch of other Others. There should also be a few other “nameless” Flight 815 survivors remaining like Scott (or Steve – I can’t remember which one died), Neil Frogurt, and Craig (who may be on the raft with Daniel according to some fans). I purposefully left Claire off this list because I’m not sure if she’s alive or dead (more on that in my next blog).

Penny and Desmond – There was supposed to be this amazing kiss in the finale and most everyone thinks it was Kate/Sawyer. While that kiss was nice and all, it was more impactful because of Sawyer’s leap afterwards and not the actual kiss. The big kiss, in my opinion, was between Desmond and his beloved Penny. It was simple, sweet, and LONG overdue. It reminded me of when Rose and Bernard were reunited after spending 48 days on opposite ends of the island. I’m still worried about both of them though. Penny because Ben has threatened to kill Charles Widmore’s daughter and Desmond because…

Sun and Charles Widmore – When Sun went to see Charles, she clearly stated, “Yes, you do know, Mr. Widmore… just like you know we’ve been lying all this time about where we were and what happened to us there. You and I have common interests. When you’re ready to discuss them… [She hands him her business card]…call me. As you know, we’re not the only ones who left the island.” It’s clear to me that Sun is talking about Desmond when she says, “we’re not the only ones who left the island.” What’s her motive though? Is she seeking revenge? I have a strong suspicion that Paik Industries has some connection to the island just as Widmore Construction does.

Kate’s Dream – During Kate’s dream in which she sees Claire who warns her to never go back, she also answered the telephone and heard whispers. The whispers played in reverse say, “The island needs you. You have to go back before it’s too late.” There’s definitely a conflict there, but Kate only understood the clear message from Claire so perhaps that’s just another reason why she’s so angry with Jack.

The Big Lie – Up until the moment Jack said that they’d have to lie, I have assumed that there was some group involved that got to them and convinced them all to lie. I was a bit surprised by this, but I guess it makes a bit of sense and I’m guessing that they learned even more about Charles Widmore and what his intentions with the island are during the week they spent on Penny’s boat. I assume that she and her dad are not seeing eye-to-eye and that Penny was able to warn them all.

Jeremy Bentham/John Locke – This connection was made after the Season 3 finale when close up screen captures of the newspaper article revealed that the man in the coffin was Jeremy Bentham. A lot of fans made the connection that it must have been Locke in the coffin and that he must have been using an alias. They made this connection because there is a real-life historical Jeremy Bentham and he was a philosopher who was greatly influenced by another more famous philosopher, John Locke. Knowing or predicting this did not take away from the final moment for me at all because with the way the show was unfolding, I started doubting it was Locke even though I would have put money on it before the show began.

The “Elizabeth” or Another “Vault” – I’m sure that people are wondering how Locke must have gotten off the island and why he left, but there are few different possibilities worth mentioning – 1) Maybe there is possibly another “vault” on the island, 2) He may have taken the “Elizabeth”, which the Others stole from Sayid, Sun, and Jin back in Season Three, 3) He could have turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel. I guess we’ll have to see.

Season Five will probably be all about how the O6 (plus dead Locke) and maybe Walt get back to the island, where the island moved, what has happened to the people left on the island during the last three years, and I’m assuming we’ll learn a lot about the island’s history (the temple, the foot statue, the hieroglyphs, etc…).

Stayed tuned for part 2 of the season final blog – coming soon!

Desperate Straits and Disparate Locations

May 26, 2008

Okay, so I stole this title from the latest podcast, but thought it very accurately describes the situation each of the LOSTies face at the end of “There’s No Place Like Home” – Part 1.

Season Four has been outstanding thus far and I don’t expect anything less from parts 2 and 3 of the finale. We’re finally going to learn who is in the coffin, how they get off the island, why they are lying about their time on the island, why Aaron is with Kate, what happens to the non-Oceanic 6 LOSTies, and we’ll get to see a couple of characters we haven’t seen in quite some time. If you want to be “spoiled”, go view the listing of guest stars on IMDB.

LOST is “only” a television show, but it’s the closest thing to reading a really good novel that I’ve ever seen in a television show or a movie. It’s also such an amazing journey into human experiences that I personally can’t watch it without somehow relating to the experiences and hopefully learning an important lesson in the process.

So where are we and when are we? Here’s a recap:

• The Oceanic 6 hold a news conference and we hear the fake story of their time on the island and their rescue. Watch the re-run of part 1 before parts 1 and 2 for an extended version of this episode where we’ll see a couple of additional questions being answered by the Oceanic 6 Liars.

• Kate has no one for her back home…except Aaron who has her.

• Jack has his mom and eventually Kate until he starts to “lose it”. He also finds out that Claire is his half-sister, which makes him Aaron’s Uncle. What an excellent little scene. I think it’s safe to assume that he told Kate afterwards.

• Sayid had no one until Nadia finds him after the news conference and he’ll eventually have no one again when she is murdered by Bakir and he starts to work for Ben.

• Hurley has his family, a surprise party, and the return of the numbers on his cars odometer. I love that Cheech is his dad and loved the island theme for his party including the “whispers”.

• Sun will eventually have Ji Yeon, but what a surprising scene between her and her dad. I didn’t see that one coming at all – using her Oceanic money to buy a majority share in Paik Industries. Whoa!

• Daniel uses his nifty notebook to conclude that they all need to get the hell off the island, but does he really understand what The Orchid station will do? Remember, moving the island could mean to another time, not necessarily another place. Also, if they move it, won’t they move Keamy and his men as well?

• There’s a HUGE bomb on the freighter that everyone’s being shuttled to. Umm, WTF?

• Sun and Aaron are on the freighter.

• Kate and Sayid are being held at gunpoint by Ageless Alpert and the Others (sounds like a good band name to me) and they are all heading to The Orchid to presumably assist Ben in some way.

• Jack and Sawyer are heading to help rescue Hurley, but they’re going to find out that they’ll be rescuing a few other folks as well.

• Locke needs to take an elevator down into The Orchid and move the island, but has no idea what that means.

• That pretty much puts the Oceanic 6 ALL over the place – disparate locations and the desperate straits should be pretty obvious.

The most interesting emotion for me after watching this episode is how I feel about Ben. Anyone who reads this knows I love the actor and the character is awesome, but I found myself rooting for him and his survival even though he’s the “bad” guy. Perhaps he really is the “good” guy.

I debated even writing a blog this week; especially since the 3-part finale will air back-to-back-to-back on Thursday, but I figured why not try and add to the excitement a little. I have lots of speculation as to what might happen, but little to no idea if my theories will come to pass or how the writers are going to unfold the story and fit everything into these final two hours.

We will undoubtedly also be left with MANY more/new questions along with a killer cliffhanger in order to keep us frustrated and anxious to see the Season Five premiere in January 2009. How can you avoid the frustration? Anticipate that you won’t learn the answers to EVERYTHING and that there will only be 34 episodes remaining until the SERIES finale in 2010.


“Destiny is a Fickle Bitch”

May 11, 2008

John Locke and Benjamin Linus seem to be in agreement about one thing for sure; that they are not alike. They’re both wrong. John doesn’t want to believe that he is capable of making some of the decisions that Ben does. Ben is jealous of John and has been reluctant to admit that his time as the island’s chosen one is coming to an end.

Ben seems to come around in this episode and says things to John like; “I used to have dreams.” “I was told a lot of things too. That I was chosen, that I was special.” and “My time is over.” Ben is angry though and seems to be losing his faith as we have seen happen to John on occasion. I guess that’s what happens when you end up with a tumor on your spine and your daughter’s blood on your hands. As he says, “Destiny is a fickle bitch!”

Locke’s flashback was very revealing and brings to mind the journey of self discovery. Any Buddhist will urge you to “remember the journey” as you are living your life so that you can better understand how you came to be the person you are in the present. The next time he loses faith, he needs to remind himself of everything that he has overcome.

I have to tell you that more than any other LOST episode; this one had my head spinning.  I watched it again this morning and couldn’t believe how much there was going on. Here’s my best attempt at a re-cap:

• Emily Locke gave birth to Locke when she was only 6 months pregnant after she was hit by a car. She was dating an “older man”, who we assume is “Sawyer” (not James Ford), but are later led to believe that Richard Alpert might possibly be his father. I don’t think this is true though. I just think the “never-aging” Alpert was there to watch over baby Locke.

• A young backgammon-playing Locke is paid a visit by Alpert and fails a little game of “pick what already belongs to you”. He correctly selects a compass and what appears to be a vial of sand (or something like that), but then he picks a knife and Alpert tells him that it’s not his and that he’s not ready. I personally think he was supposed to choose the ‘Book of Laws’. He may not have been “ready”, but he was quite the little artist with that excellent drawing of the smoke monster.

• A teenage Geronimo Jackson listening Locke gets beat up in school and stuffed in lockers. When one of his teachers encourages him to go to science camp at Mittelos (lost time) labs and tells him he can’t be the prom king or quarterback, he replies in typical Locke fashion by saying, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

• A crippled Locke is led back to his room via wheelchair by Matthew (I’m a lot more than an orderly) Abbadon who encourages him to go on the Australian walkabout (journey of self discovery), which eventually leads him to take doomed Oceanic Flight 815.

• Horace Goodspeed appears in Locke’s dream wearing a DHARMA Arrow station patch and keeps cutting down the same tree. Apparently, Horace had built Jacob’s cabin for himself and Olivia (his wife).

• I almost named this blog ‘Backgammon and Mallomars”. Why Mallomars? Because when Locke wakes up from his dream and wakes up Hurley, Hurley mumbles, “Mallomars”. Maybe next episode we’ll get to see what Hurley was dreaming. Just kidding.

• So, what is strapped to Keamy’s arm? LOSTpedia says that it appears to be a modified metronome, which is any device that is used to measure a beat or pulse. Perhaps it’s like a heart rate monitor and if Keamy is killed, something will blow up. By something, I mean whatever he’s bringing back to the island in order to “torch it”. I say this because right after Keamy kills the doctor and the captain pulls out his gun, Keamy holds out his arms and says, “I don’t think you want do that, Captain.”

• I used to think the captain was a bad guy, but now I have to lump him in with Lapidus and the other four because of the help he gives to Sayid/Desmond and the fact that he stood up to Keamy.

• The secondary protocol documents that Keamy opened up with Captain Gault’s key had the same DHARMA logo as the logo on the jacket Ben was wearing in Tunisia. I still believe this to be the Orchid station logo.

• Just a thought – Michael should start taking advantage of the fact that he can’t die.

• You have to wonder if Walt and Aaron are the next “chosen ones”. It would make sense, especially in the case of Walt.

• I like Frank Lapidus a lot. He may very well be the reason why the LOST beach dwellers end up surviving, assuming most of the non-Oceanic 6 survives.

• So…Christian Shepherd is Jacob’s spokesperson now? Interesting. Is he dead or is he alive? I know Jack identified his body in the morgue, but I’m not convinced he’s a ghost. And what’s the deal with Claire looking very content in the cabin and not at all concerned about Aaron’s whereabouts? We’re just supposed to accept that Aaron is “where he’s supposed to be” and that it’d be better that Locke not anyone that he saw her. I guess that’s all part of Locke keeping his faith.

• Perhaps the biggest question in this very mythological episode is, “how do you move an island?” Before we question whether or not it’s even possible to physically move any land mass, you can check out this link with regards to continental drift – Yes, it’s possible; however it would take thousands of years to move the island even a few feet. This answer should be interesting, to say the least. Maybe Locke and Ben need to click their heels three times and chant, “There’s no place like home.” Hey, isn’t that the name of the two-part, three-hour finale?

Finally, I think I may have witnessed my favorite comical scene throughout the first four seasons and there was no dialogue at all. We’ll just call it, “The Hurley/Ben Apollo Bar scene”. I’m still laughing.

There’s no place like home!

“Ah, that’s the Great Puzzle”

May 5, 2008

As Jack reads Alice in Wonderland to his Nephew on the evening of August 31, 2007, he seems so happy and at peace, however the words he is reading really summarizes what everyone on LOST Island (and most of us) has been going through since the show began. The words he reads are:

“I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is ‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle!”

Life experiences have a way of changing people, however not everyone has the self-awareness to truly learn from those experiences and help themselves from having the same emotional reactions to events that keep repeating in different ways throughout their lives.

Jack is a prime example of this type of person. There is probably no greater life-altering experience someone can have than to survive a plane crash, be stranded on an island, and eventually return back to the world you once knew. That return is the equivalent of crossing the Rubicon or the point of no return, where you make a conscious choice to “save” yourself.

The second chance that comes with an experience such as that is an opportunity that most people never receive. Jack seems like he’s got it all together and then suddenly the old reactions to similar experiences start to rear their ugly head. The biggest examples of these for Jack include turning to alcohol (and pain killers) like his father before him as well as the jealousy that comes from not trusting in the love of someone he cares very deeply for because he “can’t let go” of the past.

True self-awareness is not only knowing who you are, but also knowing who you are becoming and why you feel and act as you do. That awareness provides the opportunity to change and create the life you want.

I really feel for Jack and I’m rooting for him to find himself. The pre-season 4 promos said, “Find Yourself”. Perhaps Jack will finally do so in season 5.

Here’s a re-cap of other events from this outstanding episode:

• I was thinking exactly what Rose ended up saying to Bernard about Jack’s illness, “Why did he get sick? Here, they get better.” I’m sure we’ll find out some logical reason why and it will hopefully explain how Ben got his tumor as well.
• I found it interesting that Jack told everyone to be patient when he reminded them that he promised he’d get them all off the island.
• In the opening off-island scenes, I loved the millennium falcon toy, the newspaper headline, which helped us establish a date, and the appendix scar that you can see in Jack’s mirror reflection. Details!
• The new timeline established by the actual game between the Yankees and Red Sox tells us that Jack’s breakdown that we watched in the season 3 finale must occur in the fall of 2007, three years after the crash of Flight 815. It was originally speculated that that flash-forward was in April of 2007, but there’s been much online debate about the accuracy.
• Sawyer really does seem to be taking on much more of a big brother role with his island friends lately and with no obvious benefit to himself.
• I like the character of Miles. I don’t like him, but I like the character. I just hope that finding the dead bodies of Karl and Danielle Rousseau doesn’t mean that we’ll never get a Danielle flashback or at least see what happened to her fellow castaways who “got sick”.
• I liked Jack’s line to Hurley, “Just because I’m happy doesn’t mean that this isn’t real.” Hurley’s reply, “I was happy too Jack, for a while anyway.”
• When Hurley delivers Charlie’s message to Jack, “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack”, we’re finally reminded of the season one episode titled ‘Raised By Another’. In that episode, we learn that Claire went to a psychic (Malkin) who warned her that danger surrounds her baby if he is parented by anyone else and that, “There is no happy life for this child, not without you.” Eventually Malkin sets Claire up on Flight 815 by telling her a family in Los Angeles is willing to adopt the child, but there really was no family in Los Angeles and Malkin knew the plane would crash and she would be forced to raise her own child.
• On top of that eerie message from Charlie, Jack and Claire are both visited separately by their father who sets off into the jungle with Claire and Aaron only to leave Aaron for Sawyer to find. Now, my first conclusion was that this was how they were going to explain the separation of Claire from Aaron instead of killing her off, but the preview for next week clearly shows Claire sitting back on the beach with Rose, Sun, and Aaron.
• There was a subtle comment made between Charlotte and Daniel that I found interesting when they are in the medical station (The Staff). Dan says, “Where do you suppose all this power comes from?”
• I was glad to see that Lipidus seems to be a good guy and I still think that even though Miles, Daniel and Charlotte are somewhat shady characters, they aren’t anywhere near as dangerous as the other folks on the freighter.
• Charlotte speaks Korean. I didn’t see that one coming, but how about Jin making sure that Sun and their baby get off the island even if it means he doesn’t. He may still be alive in the future!?
• The title of the episode was delivered by Bernard to Jack during the surgery when he says, “wouldn’t you rather be dreaming about ‘something nice back home’?”
• It seems pretty obvious to me that Kate must be doing something for Cassidy and/or Clementine (Sawyer’s daughter) and promised Sawyer that she wouldn’t tell anyone else about what she was doing, including Jack. I can understand Jack’s suspicion, but Kate’s plea for him to trust her should have been enough considering everything they have been through.
• How about Juliet’s conversation with Kate post-op? She says Jack kissed her because he was trying to convince himself that he doesn’t love someone else (Kate). To me, it was even more significant that Juliet knew Jack was awake to hear it.

Okay, this next episode is called ‘Cabin Fever’. The preview shows a blue schematic map that includes the word CABIN on it and the preview also shows us Horace Goodspeed who says that he may not be making any sense because he’s been dead for 12 years. To remind you, Horace is the one who helped deliver Ben and eventually brought Ben and his father Roger to the island to join the DHARMA initiative. He was killed during the purge, which we now have a timeline for. Subtract 12 years from the crash year and it happened in 1992. That’s assuming that a dead person speaking to Locke in a preview understands time in the afterlife.

The preview also seems to show Sayid sitting next to Juliet on the beach, which means he’s off the freighter.

Hold on over the next few weeks because we’re going to find out a LOT, but we’re also going to be furious about the eight month hiatus we’ll have to endure.


The Hunt Is On

May 1, 2008

I apologize for the delay in posting this blog. I have a pinched nerve in my upper back and it’s actually painful to sit at the computer and type for more than a few minutes at a time. So as a result, I’m going to just give a bulleted re-cap of last week instead of a philosophical analysis of the dramatic events. Wait? Did I just hear a sigh of relief?

– A new station, presumably The Orchid, can transport “things” off the island to certain destinations (and through time). In this case, it was Ben to Tunisia wearing a parka that belongs to Edgar Halliwax (AKA – Marvin Candle/Mark Wickmund). This most likely explains the polar bear skeleton from a previous episode. You have to wonder if there are other off-island locations that “things” can be transported to/from.

– Claire is still alive…for now.

– Ben’s secret room has a secret room with hieroglyphics on its door.

– Ben can control, or at least beckon the smoke monster.

– Ben REALLY cared about Alex.

– The freighter doctor is dead (island time), but still alive (freighter time).

– “When” is a kind of a relative term.

– James Ford (Sawyer) is really becoming very protective of people he would never have cared for or called friends before coming to the island, even at the risk of his own life.

– Sayid found and married Nadia after being rescued only to help bury her less than a year later. This starts to explain why he’s working for Ben in the future.

– Ben, Locke, and Hurley are off to see the wizard (Jacob). I say wizard because the two-part, three-hour finale is called, “There’s No Place Like Home”.

– The “rules” have changed.

– Ben is going to hunt down and kill Charles Widmore’s daughter Penny, also known as Desmond’s constant, while Charles continues to hunt for the island.

– Bernard knows Morse code.

– Jack is sick. Maybe it has something to do with not having any episodes that focus on him yet this year. Seriously though, he is very sick and this next episode IS Jack-centric and should reveal more about why he’s popping Oxycodone like Lay’s potato chips in the future (April 2007).


The Shape of Some Nice Things to Come Back Home

April 15, 2008

If you consider information such as episode titles and which character is having a flash back/forward/other to be spoiler information, then you probably won’t want to read this post. Please note that I always look at this information and it has not diminished the show for me or ruined any plot twists at all.

In any event, here is some non-spoiler news of great interest: thanks to a heads up from my brother, I looked online and confirmed that there will now be six hours of new episodes coming as opposed to only five. That’ll bring us only two episodes shy of the originally intended 16 episodes for Season Four.

One of the more exciting reasons for this additional hour is that there are going to be so many big reveals by the end of the season; they couldn’t cram it all into only five episodes. Things we’ll find out include who is in the coffin and how the Oceanic 6 get off the island.

The other good news is that the finale will be a two-hour episode again instead of being split into two as originally planned. That means we’ll have the following air dates:

April 24th – The Shape of Things to Come (Ben and/or Sayid-centric)
May 1st – Something Nice Back Home (Jack-centric – unconfirmed)
May 8th – Title Unknown (Locke-centric – unconfirmed)
May 15th – Title Unknown (this is the additional hour)
May 22nd – Will NOT be on – Grey’s Anatomy two-hour finale
May 29th – Two Hour Finale

So, as you probably figured out, my blog title is a combination of the two episode titles that are currently known. The best news of all may be that April 24th is next week already! That didn’t seem like too long of a wait, but I’m not looking forward to the eight month wait we’ll have until Season Five.