“I’m Sick Of Lying. We’ve Made A Mistake.”

June 7, 2007

I apologize for the delay in posting this blog, but despite what most of you might think, I actually do have a life. Seriously though, the real reason I haven’t posted until now is because I really didn’t even know where to start and have no idea how anyone could write anything about this episode that could possibly compare in comparison. So, I decided to first point out a few of the Easter eggs and big questions that this episode left us with and then a character-by-character re-cap, which includes my opinion as to whether each character wants to leave the island or not.

HOFFS / DRAWLAR – is the name of the funeral home Jack went to in this episode. As most LOST fans already know, any time there’s an odd looking name, it’s usually an anagram. In this case, the anagram is Flash Forward. According to show producers, next season of LOST will feature BOTH flashbacks and flash-forwards. By the way, show producers have come out and said that the flash-forward idea has been planned since the very shows inception.

Scentless Apprentice – is the name of the Nirvana song (from the “In Utero” album) that is blaring in Jack’s car on his drive to the funeral home. Kurt Cobain (lead singer for Nirvana) committed suicide on April 5, 1994. A close-up screen capture of the newspaper reveals that it’s the April 5, 2007 edition of the LA Times. So, we can postulate that the song may have been on the radio in memory of Cobain’s death and perhaps we can also make a connection with Jack almost jumping off the bridge and Cobain’s suicide. I doubt it was a coincidence though.

Who’s In The Coffin? – This is one of the biggest questions from the episode and the popular opinion is that the person’s name starts with the letter “J”. A close-up view of the newspaper clipping is very difficult to make out, but if it is a “J”, then out of the people we currently know, it could be John Locke, James Ford, or Jacob. I left Jack off the list because, “duh” and Juliet off because the headline says “Man Found — downtown loft — The body of J — of New York was — shortly after 4 a.m. in the — of Grand Avenue—”. We know from the funeral director that nobody showed up and Jack also said, “Neither” in response to the question, “Friend or Family?” So who is it? Your guess is as good as mine.

Jack On The Plane – The woman directly behind Jack on the plane in first scene of the flash-forward is rumored to be the same woman behind him on Oceanic Flight 815 as seen in the Pilot, Part 1 episode. I checked it out and they are both asian women, but whether they’re the same person or not is inconclusive to me.

Bernard’s Dad? – Dr. Rob Hamill, the new Chief of Surgery at St. Sebastian’s hospital (presumably after Christian Shepherd died), mentions that the surgery for the woman from the car accident would be performed by a Dr. Gary Nadler. Nadler is Bernard’s last name.

Water To The Right, Water To The Left – I noticed this right away. The LOSTies left their beach camp with the ocean on their right and in the very next scene, after commercial break, they were walking with the beach on their left. I’m chalking this up to a rare continuity error on the part of the producers.

Charlie Makes Sign Of The Cross Backwards – He does it as he drowns and I thought this was interesting, but can’t find any information as to whether there’s any religious significance to this that might tie in with the show. Anyone?

Charlie Hieronymus Pace – Perhaps the best way for a main character to be written off a television show ever. He was excellent and even some of the fans I know who didn’t care whether he lived or died, were sad to see him go because his character was finally getting interesting. His final scene…after tapping out Good Vibrations he says, “So much for fate!” and then sees an incoming call from Penny. Charlie asks if she is on the boat and knows Naomi, but she doesn’t. He calls Desmond and Penny gets excited. Mikhail appears at port window with grenade. Desmond runs toward the room with Charlie in it and sees Penny on the screen. Charlie has plenty of time to get out and close door behind him, but locks himself inside instead. (Try to forget that it’s an air tight room and the window is below the ceiling height, which means it shouldn’t flood completely.) Grenade blows. He chose to seal his fate instead of risking the possibility of altering future events that might not help Claire, Aaron, and the other LOSTies get rescued. As water fills up, Charlie grabs the marker from his pocket and writes a note on his palm. He holds his hand up to window with Des on other side looking in and the note says, “Not Penny’s Boat”. Des puts his hand on glass next to Charlies’s. Charlie pushes away from window, blesses himself with his left hand, and drowns. They immediately cut to a scene with Aaron in Claire’s arms and Aaron starts to cry. Naomi approaches Claire and says, “What’s your boyfriend’s name? The rock star who swam down to the station?” Claire answers, “Charlie, why?” Naomi replies, “Charlie just got us rescued.” The satellite phone works. Awesome scene! Charlie will be missed.
Christian Shepherd – I didn’t think I’d need to write about him, but the flash forward almost made us believe that he might still be alive. The facts are that Jack identified his body in the morgue and when he located his coffin on the island, it was empty. The prodcucers said he was dead, but they also alluded to something about different definitions of dead. Perhaps it’s an alternate reality. Perhaps the island brought him back from the dead or perhaps Jack was just so drunk and drugged that he made the comment to Dr. Hamill in jest or a state of confusion. Technically, he said, “You get my father down here, get him down here right now, and if I’m drunker than he is, you can fire me.”. The point is that by “down here” he could have meant down from heaven or whatever. It’s a stretch, but they needed to try to mislead us a little for the flash forward to work and the prescription thing could have simply been Jack’s way of trying to pull one over on the pharmacist. We’ll see.

Tom – Rest in peace, Tom. We started to kind of like you a little and never got to know your last name. I like the way he went out too because it brings James Ford’s character to a whole other level. I’m still wondering if he was gay or not though. I mean, I don’t really like Kate, but I would have watched her shower or at least wanted to.

Danielle Rousseau – She is definitely a whack-job! What would your first words be to your daughter who you haven’t seen since giving birth, “I’ll help you tie him up?” I actually thought that while this was extremely odd, it made total sense because of how weird her character is. I laughed out loud. She probably does NOT want to leave the island.

Alexandra ‘Alex’ Rousseau (aka Alexandra ‘Alex’ Linus) – Dear old fake-dad has delivered her to her new family and was apparently only keeping her from Karl so that she wouldn’t get pregnant and die. Great casting for mother/daughter in terms of looks. I’m looking forward to see where they take her character next season. My guess is that she probably does NOT want to leave the island.

Dr. Juliet (Carlson) Burke – Didn’t have a HUGE role in the episode, but made her presence felt. The kiss between her and Jack was interesting and the banter between her and James Ford was priceless.

James: “Runway, for what?”
Juliet: “The aliens.”
Juliet: “I don’t know what for, do you think they told me everything?”
Sawyer: “Yeah yeah, whatever you say. So you screwing Jack yet?”
Juliet: “No. Are you?”

I think Juliet definitely wants OFF the island.

Rose (Henderson) Nadler and Bernard Nadler – How many of you were cursing at Bernard for spilling the beans? He could have at least bought them time by misleading the Others. As for Rose, her making Bernard tell her that he’s a dentist and not Rambo was great, but the line of the episode was when she told Jack, “If you say live together die alone to me Jack, I’m gonna punch you in your face.” I’m presuming that Rose still does NOT want to leave the island because she’s cancer-free while she’s there. Bernard probably has mixed emotions still.

Jin-Soo Kwon – At least Bernard hit his target with his shot, which is more than I can say for Jin, but at least he was willing to sacrifice himself to make sure that Sun gets off the island. I’m sure he wants to get off too.

Sun-Hwa (Paik) Kwon – She most definitely wants to get off the island because she’s afraid she’ll die in her second trimester otherwise.

Claire Littleton (also Christian Shepherd’s daughter) – What’s she going to do now that Chol-ley is dead? She wants to get off the island, but I’m still wondering about the psychic’s warning that Aaron not be raised by ANY one else and I’m curious to see if they’ll ever disclose to Jack and Claire that they’re half-siblings.

Aaron Littleton – What special purpose does Aaron hold in store for everyone? I have no idea and I’m not sure whether he wants to get off the island or not.

Michael Dawson – The actor who plays Michael apparently turned down an opportunity to appear in this season finale episode. I’d really like to see them piece that story together for us a bit more. He wanted to get off the island and he might have.
Walt Lloyd (Micheal Dawson’s Son) – Welcome back BIG guy! Was he real? Was he a ghost? Was he just an apparition? Who knows, but he’s definitely growing up. I’d say that Walt still wants to stay on the island regardless of whether he’s dead or alive. At least he’s not wet and speaking backwards anymore.

Sayid Hassan Jarrah – He’s definitely someone I’d want on my side in a battle. Great leg sweep and neck snap with his feet. Sayid was willing to lay his life on the line so that his fellow cataways could potentially escape, “I’m willing to give my life if it means securing rescue, but I’m not giving it up for nothing.” I’m not sure if he realizes that Nadia is still alive. I mean, we know he fell for bimbo, err, Shannon, but doesn’t he still truly love Nadia? He’s got a reason to want to get off the island, but I’m not sure he knows it.

Hugo Reyes – Would everyone stop telling Hurley that he’s fat please? Charlie last week and now Sawyer. I personally thought it was awesome that he used Roger Linus’ van to run down the Others and save the day, so Jack could “phone home”. I’m not sure what he wants to do about getting off the island. He probably thinks he’s still cursed, so who knows.

James Ford – The effects of killing Anthony Cooper (AKA the real Sawyer) are taking their toll on James Ford. He was an a$$ to Kate about her possibly being pregnant, he didn’t really contribute anything to the rescue plan, and the only reason he went back to the beach was to kill himself some Others. The fact that he finally got Tom (AKA Zeke) for taking Walt was less than satisfying to me as a viewer, but he’s full of anger and revenge still even after purging the man from his life who runied his life. He is becoming someone who is no better than the man he killed and that’s frustrating to witness cause I think he’s essentailly a really good guy who needs let go of his anger to be who he really is. I think he couldn’t care less if they are rescued or not.

Kate Austen – She’s still annoying, but I like that she saw Juliet and Jack kiss. The last scene with Jack at the airport is confusing for more reasons than it just being a flash forward. She’s supposed to be a fugitive, but she is pretty easily reachable and also received a Golden (travel) Pass from Oceanic according to Jack. Was all forgiven because she was written off as dead? Why was she driving a Volvo? Doesn’t seem like a Kate car. Based on the conversation with Jack, she is happy that they get off the island, so I think she wants to, but don’t really know why.

John Locke – Definitely doesn’t want to leave the island and is quickly becoming Ben’s replacement. My guess is that he’s going to find his way to the Temple that Richard Alpert referred to and meet up with the other Others there. I have to give credit to Brian Ostering, who replied to my blog and suggested that perhaps John survived the gun shot wound because he was shot where his kidney USED to be. Good theory. If anyone’s wondering why he thought he couldn’t move his legs again or why he almost killed himself, he lost his faith again. It’s just like right before he sacrificed Boone for the island. He was giving up hope and found it from the island. This time hope came as the appearance of Walt. Looking forward to this explanation.

Desmond David Hume – He knows Penny was on the other end of the call with Charlie. He knows for certain that she looking for him, but thanks to Charlie he also knows that Naomi and the boat aren’t friendlies. My theory is an obvious one, they are with Charles Widmore and have been trying to get back to and find the island again since the DHARMA purge. He wants to see Penny. If that means getting off the island, he’s going, but if it means staying, he’s staying. He may have been a coward before, but he’s learned his lessons and just wants one more chance to be with his beloved Penny. I am SO glad he’s still alive. However, now he’s going to be haunted by the thought of hw his premonitions prompted Charlie to sacrifice himself. Would Charlie have sealed himself in the door if Desmond hadn’t told him what he was going to do? Also, will he have any more “flashes”?

Penelope Widmore – I’m trying to forget about the fact that she just happened to place a call to the Looking Glass at the time Charlie cut the blocking signal. Perhaps there was some sort of alert on her end to tell her a communication line was open or something, but it just seemed odd. Regardless, her appearance was excellent and she knows that Desmond is alove and okay.

Charles Widmore – As a reminder, Penny’s dad is in charge of Widmore Construction who partnered with the Hanso Foundation to create the DHARMA Initiative. The rumor is that they built/constructed the hatches on the island. I think him and his group will play a bigger role in Season 4.

Naomi Dorrit – Dead? My guess is yes. She got a knife to her back by Locke who couldn’t kill his dad. I guess when it comes to finding ways to prevent everyone from getting off the island, he stops at nothing – Boone, The Flame, The Sub, and now Naomi. Still though, he couldn’t shoot Jack. I think Naomi’s time is done and we’ve seen the last of her.

Marvin Candle (AKA Mark Wickmund) – Why not mention Dr. Candle who has appears in numerous Orientation and other black and white DHARMA videos. The guy has only one arm and there’s a story there that we haven’t been told yet, I just know it.

Vincent the Dog – I hope someone took care of Vincent when Hurley went back to help James and Juliet. Remember, the funniest theory about the show is that everything is taking place in his mind. He probably wants to stay on the island.

Cindy Chandler – Who is she? Come on people. She’s been on ALL three season. She’s the flight attendant from Flight 815, who was with the Tailies and was taken by the Others moments before Ana Lucia shot Shannon in Season 2. Then she appeared when Jack was in the cage earlier this season and locke helped her put up her tent later on in Season 3. My guess is that she wants to be able to come and go, to and from the island.

Jacob – I have no idea other than what I said two blogs ago. I’m taking a wait and see attititude on “him”.

Benjamin Linus (aka Henry Gale) – How the mighty hath fallen! He’s a liar, but he’s undoubtedbly speaking the truth about trying to make them stay on the island. Why? We don’t know yet, but it’s obvious from the final scene that Jack thinks that leaving was a mistake. He DEFINITELY does not want to leave the island.

Dr. Richard Alpert – The never-aging man is leading whatever is left of the Others to the Temple. I’m guessing the Temple is an ancient place built by the original island inhabitants and that the four-toed statue may even be explained by virtue of visiting this place. If Locke does meet up with them, Richard will most likely convince the rest of the Others to follow him now instead of Ben.

Karl – The horny young man in love with Alex doesn’t say much does he?

Mikhail Bakunin (Eye-Patch Man) – Will this guy ever die? I’m guessing that the grenade had to at least blow his hand off, but who knows. He’s had his brain fried and a spear through his chest. We’ll see!

Cassidy and Clementine Phillips – I figure they’re worth mentioning because they might end up being people that James Ford wants to leave the island for. His one true off-island love and his daughter.

Ms. Hawking – She is the jewelry store lady from Desmond’s time travel flashback episode. I hope we’ll see more of her in the future, or present, or past, whichever.

Annie – Did she die in the purge? Who was she on the island with? Did Ben and her get it on and then she died while pregnant? Perhaps that’s even more of a reason why he wants to stop Alex and Karl from getting horizontal. Maybe it happened to him and we haven’t seen it yet.

Jack Shepherd – Matthew Fox continues to impress me and his character is so simply complex that I can’t get enough of him. He is a good guy and he wants to do the right thing, but he doesn’t know how to get out of his own way, trust other people to get information, and he always acts on his first instinct rather than thinking things through or allowing things to just happen. I believe his heart is in the right place, but his natural instinct to FIX everything doesn’t work for everyone including himself all the time. I can relate and it’s the toughest thing to not DO anything about a situation when you feel that you can make a positive change. He needs to though. He needs to stop and make sure that he’s acting from his heart and in the best interest of everyone who his decisions might affect. Ben may have said it best to him, “Let me ask you something, Jack. Why do you wanna leave the Island? What is it that you so desperately want to get back to? You have no-one. Your father’s dead, your wife left you, moved on with another man. Can you just not wait to get back to the hospital? Get back to fixing things?” Jack identifies who he is by what he does to affect the lives of others. He is too focused on what he can see instead of what he can’t see though and that is why he fails. His last lines of the episode were probably the biggest question marks we were left with, “I’m sick of lying. We’ve made a mistake. We have to go back!” Lying about what? What mistake? Why does he want to go back SO badly?

Well, that’s it. Probably a let down after the wait for this posting, but if nothing else I hope it helps everyone think about and remember the status of each character. Please feel free to reply with your own thoughts and theories. It’s going to be a long eight months until Season 4 begins.

Last thing – Ken and J9, thanks for a terrific dinner. Nuno, thanks for the Apollo Bar!


When Are We?

May 20, 2007

At the very end of the pilot episode, Charlie said, “Where are we?” The more we experience what’s happening on the island through Desmond, the more I think someone needs to say, “When are we?” I’ve said before that perhaps Desmond is able to see the “flashes” because he has already lived what is “currently” happening and we’re actually seeing the past. However, just as in the Back to the Future movies, his actions can potentially change events and create an alternate future reality.

There have been too many hints on the show about time travel to ignore the possibility and we know for a fact that Desmond went (further) back in time when he turned the fail-safe key in the Swan station. Now Desmond says that he sees Claire and Aaron get on a helicopter and we assume they are rescued. Well, if everything we are seeing is actually in the characters past, then isn’t it possible that the ENTIRE show is a flashback just like each of the individual character flashbacks?

No, I haven’t been drinking, but thanks for asking. Speaking of drinking though, remember when Juliet drank the tranquilizer before boarding the sub and coming to the island? Well, just as Alice swallowed a pill to go through the looking glass and followed the white rabbit down the hole to her wonderland, Juliet and possibly other island residents may have gotten to the island through some portal (maybe located in Portland) that transported them to the Looking Glass Hatch where the DHARMA logo just happens to be an image of a white rabbit with a hole in it’s neck (I added the logo above). The season finale is titled “Through the Looking Glass”, so even though I may be stretching a bit, at least I have “some” evidence to support my theory.

If you’re me, you were probably telling the characters on your television to just get the darn axe and cut the cable on the beach. Then after you realized how absurd it was to be talking to your television, you became frustrated that these intelligent people didn’t think about doing this themselves. Well, the nice people on the Internet helped once again by providing close-up views of the Looking Glass schematics that Sayid took from the Flame. They show that the cable is actually an anchor to the land and may not have been providing any power.

Wikipedia identifies the two characters in the Looking Glass as Greta and Bonnie, but I’m guessing that “Bonnie” is the blonde and is actually named Annie, Ben’s little girlfriend. The other woman looked like Cassidy to me, which would have been a HUGE twist, but the actresses name doesn’t match. We’ll see. I have to say that I thought Charlie was very good in this episode and I liked who his character has become. I don’t think he needed to knock Desmond out, but I was holding my breath hoping that Desmond wasn’t going to be the one who died. I’ll still be holding my breath (pun-intended) in the finale. Also, maybe I’m getting too sappy, but I really liked that he left the “DS” ring for Aaron.

Oh yeah, for those who missed it, the woman Charlie helped in the alleyway who called him a hero was Sayid’s girl Nadia.

Okay, now for the really good stuff. Jack is back to his old form, but I’m still aggravated that they all don’t communicate more. I said a couple of blogs ago that the problem with everyone on the island is that no one trusts anyone else and that’s what causes the kind of friction that has been growing out of control. As soon as Jack revealed what he knows and everyone started sharing information, they bonded as a community, utilized their strengths as a team, and seem to have a pretty good game plan. I was happy to see that Danielle is involved too and that we found out why she was taking the dynamite from the Black Rock.

It also seems as if there is more of a power struggle between the Others than between the LOSTies. Alex was somewhat symbolically skinning a white rabbit, tells Karl to go help Austen (Kate) and Ford (James), and verbally questions whether Ben is really her father. Juliet, Tom, and Richard seem to be questioning Ben’s leadership. Mikhail wasn’t exactly given any support when Locke kicked the crap out of him and Locke will hopefully reappear in the finale. Perhaps Ben will be one of the people to die and Locke will become the new leader of the Others because he doesn’t want to leave the island and continues to sabotage all possible routes of exit. Maybe he’s headed to the Radio Tower too.

As for their plan, I like it and I actually like that everyone is rallying around Jack’s leadership, but if he doesn’t learn to trust the other LOSTies, he’s going to cause even more problems. I’m glad Rose told him that she likes him more since he’s back and I’m glad that Sayid “put him in his place” by telling him where he’s needed more, but also basically telling him to be a leader by listening to the ideas of the smart and capable people around him. Where does that leave James Ford? I think they HAVE to touch upon the impact that killing Cooper must be having on him in the finale. He was almost a non-factor in this last episode except to protect Karl when he came to warn them.

Speaking of Karl, my favorite line from the episode wasn’t necessarily funny, but I laughed at the way it was delivered by Juliet in response to when Karl pointed at her and told the LOSTies she was a spy, “They know Karl, but thanks!”

I’m looking forward to “Through The Looking Glass” and the finale party at Ken and J9’s house. Thanks for hosting it guys!

We’re Off To SEE The Wizard – For a Nanosecond

May 14, 2007

Back in Season 2, we met the man formerly known as Henry Gale when he lied to the LOSTies and told them that he had crashed on the island in a hot air balloon. This was a somewhat obvious nod to the Wizard of Oz, but many folks missed it. It was a bit more difficult to miss the references this time around, particularly since the episode title was “The Man Behind The Curtain” and Locke and Ben had a very direct conversation that prompted Locke to accuse Ben that there was no Jacob and that Ben was the man behind the curtain.

As the episode progresses, it would seem that Ben was lying all along and may even be a bit crazy. That’s until Jacob’s presence is heard, felt, and even seen for a single frame. I’ll admit that I didn’t see him when I watched it and haven’t yet watched the episode again to try and catch a glimpse, but fortunately there are plenty of LOST fanatics that have done the work for us and took a screen capture of the moment. Meet Jacob:

Jacob at lost.cubit.net

I thought this was a great scene and so was the scene when young Ben meets the never-aging Richard Alpert in the jungle just after hearing the whispers. What are the whispers? Who is Jacob? Why are some people “too limited to see” him? I can’t answer for sure, but I can sure as heck try.

Quite a number of fans have hypothesized about a collective consciousness on the island that “controls” or “manipulates” the thoughts of the LOSTies and attempts to steer them in the direction they feel they should go in terms of their physical actions. This has led some LOSTies toward opportunities to change their lives and start over with a blank slate (tabula rasa) and some have succeeded to certain extents while others have failed. Well, what if it’s not a collective consciousness, but some spiritual beings or entities that are trying to guide the island inhabitants. The strong magnetic attributes of the island might make it easier to connect with the spirit world then in other locations throughout the world. This could explain the dead people and other things that a number of characters have seen on the island. It could also explain the whispers.

Okay, I know what you might be thinking, but I really haven’t “lost” it. Going way back to an early season one episode, you may remember a very subtle scene where Claire is trying to find a hairbrush:

CLAIRE: “You haven’t found a hairbrush in there, have you?
KATE: “No. Sorry.
CLAIRE: “I must have looked through 20 suitcases. I can’t find one. It’s weird, right? When you think that everyone packs a hairbrush.

This seems like an insignificant scene, but there doesn’t seem to be anything insignificant with this show. Theoretically speaking, brushing your hair would create static electricity that could potentially interfere with the magnetic spiritual connection that helps to both heal physical ailments and communicate through the senses of sight (dead people) and sound (whispers and Jacob’s “Help me”). And this might be a stretch, but Locke is bald which might give him an even stronger connection.

I’m not making this stuff up. Do some Web searches and read about the endless theories and beliefs with relation to these kinds of spiritual entities. I could write for hours about this, but there’s too much other stuff to get to. However, I will share the fact that the very first link I clicked on when looking for information on “spiritual entities” also contained a philosopher’s name I didn’t expect to see – John Locke!

Philosopher Locke’s theory of mind states that everyone is born with a blank state (tabula rasa) and that data is added and rules for processing the data are formed based on each person’s sensory experiences. He was also the first philosopher to define the “self” through a continuity of consciousness. The same link also mentions that this definition of “self” is also featured in the works of philosophers David Hume, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Immanuel Kant. Any of those names sound familiar? Perhaps Immanuel will be introduced in season 4.

Information found on Wikipedia also states that the “Lockean self” is a self-aware, self-reflective consciousness that is fixed in an “empty” mind body that is shaped and gradually unfolded based on our experiences. Locke also suggested that “the little and almost insensible impressions on our tender infancies have very important and lasting consequences.” I included this thought because of the impact each character’s past experiences have had on their lives and how they define themselves. The island has given them all a chance at redemption by giving them a tabula rasa of sorts or at least an opportunity to start over even with the mind influences of the past experiences.

I would be neglecting a big part of this episode if I didn’t mention that we learned that even Ben had a “daddy issue”, like almost every other character on the show. His obsession in the previous week’s episode to have Locke purge the pain from his past by killing his father makes a lot more sense now since that’s how he handled his “daddy issue”.

Other observations/questions:

Annie’s fate? I believe we’ll see a lot more with regards to the purging of the DHARMA folks in other flashbacks, so I hope they explain whether or not Ben’s little girlfriend (Annie) was one of the people smart enough to make sure she didn’t end up in the ditch. This brings me to…

Is Locke dead? The popular guess is no. Funny thing it that a co-worker of mine stated, “If I was a betting person, I’d say he’s not dead.” Two days later I hear the Executive Producers say the same exact thing on this week’s podcast. Locke IS special! Ben knows this and that’s why Ben shot him. By the way, I think that Alex knew her “dad” was going to try and kill Locke when she handed him the gun. She said she was giving it to him because he was going to see Jacob, but I think she’s smarter than that.

Mikhail is alive! Apparently the pylons weren’t set to a lethal level. I didn’t really like this explanation cause it seems like a cop-out, but I’ll let it slide unless the reason that Locke survives the gunshot to the stomach is explained to us by them saying that the bullet wasn’t set to a lethal level.

Tom sips coffee while Locke kicks Mikhail’s a$$. There’s most definitely a little upheaval in the Others group. Great little scene.

The Richard Alpert and Ben Linus dynamic. I’m really curious to find out more about this because Richard doesn’t age at all and since he was a hostile prior to Ben joining them, why does he seem to report to Ben? Is it because Richard let Ben join them because HE was special and could hear the whispers and see his dead mother?

Jack’s Ego Trip! What the heck? He hasn’t decided what to do yet? Sure, perhaps he can rationalize that he felt that keeping the information to himself was in the best interest of everyone because he didn’t want to cause a panic or something, but if I’m one of the LOSTies, I am thoroughly aggravated.

Roger “Workman” Linus was a jerk! That was perhaps one of the toughest “daddy issues” presented thus far. He actually accuses Ben of killing his mom in childbirth because he was born early. Ouch!

Ben was born in Portland, not on the island. Fate stepped in to have Horace Goodspeed and his volcano-eruption teaching wife (or girlfriend) drive by as Ben’s mom Emily dies during childbirth.

Jacob doesn’t like technology and is located in an island location that is close to where the volcano erupted a long time ago. I’m making an assumption that the line of gray powder that Locke touched and sniffed on the way to see Jacob was volcanic ash. I could be wrong. Doubt it though.

Only 50 episodes left until the SERIES finale in 2010. Enjoy!

Huck Finn Was Already Taken

May 3, 2007

So, James Ford was finally able to face the man who ruined his life and help John Locke get rid of his father in the process. First of all, wow! Josh Holloway (James Ford) was incredible. The scenes with him and Locke (also excellent) and between him and Cooper were perfect. My guess is that James Ford (I feel like I need to call him that now) will have other demons to deal with now that he’s gotten his revenge. Something tells me that killing Cooper won’t ease his pain or suffering any more than it would have for Locke if he had been able to kill his father himself.

In no particular order, here’s some of what we learned. The name of this episode was “The Brig”, which is obviously the Black Rock. I looked it up before the show aired and according to Wikipedia, a brig is a vessel with two square-rigged masts. They were considered fast and maneuverable back in the day and were used as both naval war ships and merchant ships. I almost forgot about the Black Rock until I looked up that definition and guessed that someone would be visiting it again in this episode. The seemingly most random part of the entire episode was when Danielle Rousseau came to pick up a crate of dynamite. I’m sure that’s a story waiting to unfold.

Parachute girl finally tells somebody her name and it’s Naomi (“I moan” backwards) Dorrett. She claims that her company was hired by Penelope Widmore to find Desmond at coordinates that seemed to be in the middle of the Pacific. She also claims to have taken off in a helicopter from a freighter that is only 80 miles from the island and that she bailed out when the copter’s instruments freaked out over the island. When asked to clarify her knowledge of Flight 815, she said that the entire plane was found off the coast of Bali in a trench 4 miles deep and that underwater robots were able to scan the plane and saw all the bodies. When Sayid starting questioning her truthfulness, she acted pissed off and said, “Remind me not to rescue you, Sayid.”

Dr. Richard Alpert, from Mittelos (Lost Time) Bioscience and now an Other, tells Locke that Ben was trying to embarrass him in front of everyone when he tried to coerce Locke into killing his father. Apparently, the Others all think Locke is special because he was paralyzed and can now walk. Based on what Alpert said, Ben might be a bit jealous or something. He said that Locke is important because he helps remind everyone that they’re on the island for “more important” reasons. My guess here is that there is a group of Others who want to split off from Ben and get back to whatever it was that they were doing before Ben became obsessed with the fertility stuff. This may very well include Juliet who is obviously keeping a secret WITH Jack and FROM Jack. Based on the strange conversation they had with Kate when Juliet said “We should tell her” and Jack said “Not yet”, I’d say that Jack may be in a bit over his head and is perhaps thinking with the wrong part of his anatomy.

Regardless, we’re missing a big piece of the puzzle and when James brings back the tape-recorded message, all hell is going to break loose. (By the way, I don’t agree with Cooper. I don’t think they’re in hell.)

I don’t trust Juliet, but I don’t think she’s a bad person, but she’s too focused on protecting herself. I don’t trust Jack because he keeps way too much to himself and always claims that he does it for everyone else’s benefit, but that only seems to put people in more danger. I don’t trust Ben because, well, he’s a liar. I don’t trust Locke because he’s a follower and just wants to be liked by someone/anyone. I don’t trust Kate because she’s annoying and doesn’t know what the heck she wants. If I’m James, I’m starting to get real annoyed at her, but he seems pretty blinded by love right now. Speaking of James, he might be the trustworthiest right now, but he IS a con artist and hasn’t exactly earned anyone’s trust yet. So, the problem with everyone on the island is that no one can trust anyone else and that’s what causes the kind of friction that is growing out of control. Then you got Sayid, Claire, Jin, Sun, Hurley, Charlie, and Desmond. Out of that group, there are a couple of people I like, but only one I’d stay close too and that’s Desmond (because he can tell the future). Yes, he almost sacrificed Charlie’s life, but the key word there is ALMOST.

There were a few good quotes in this episode, but one I really enjoyed was when Cooper said, “You’re wasting your time, bug eye!” when he referred to Ben as he was coercing Locke to kill him.

Next week, we’ll get a Ben flashback and learn all about the DHARMA initiative. Well, I hope ALL about it. Then it’s a Charlie flashback and then the two-hour season finale. If the next three episodes are nearly as good as this one, we’re in for a great finish to season three.

Every Sperm Is Sacred

April 27, 2007

I’ll tell you what. I’m staying the hell off that island! I knew Kate was going to get pregnant. I know it’s not confirmed, but Juliet will be checking her out next. Look at it this way, if Jin can succeed with amped up versions of his previously low (off-island) sperm count, then Sawyer, who already has a kid with Cassidy (Clementine), is sure to have Olympic quality swimmers.

So, what’s the deal with all the languages the parachutist (her character name is Naomi according to TV Guide) is speaking? If I knew multiple languages and needed help, I know I’d definitely try them all until someone understands, but she had no reason to go on after she spoke Spanish and Hurley was able to translate. She goes on to speak in Chinese and then Italian, which Patchy (yes, Mikhail is alive) understands, and then says, “I am not alone” in Portuguese, which Patchy translates to the group as, “thank you”. Perhaps she was just delirious or maybe she was waiting for someone in a DHARMA uniform to understand her, so she could tell him that she wasn’t alone. My guess is that Mikhail was waiting until she saw her flair, which Hurley shot, to go and get her. However, she did have that photocopied picture of Desmond and Penny with her, so who knows for sure. I think we’ll find out soon, I hope.

Thanks to Lostpedia, here’s what she said:
– Me estoy muriendo” is Spanish for “I am dying” (from the captions).
– She mutters in an “asian language” (from the captions) which Jin claims is Chinese, not Korean. “chu le shen me shi” is Chinese for “What happened?” or “What’s going on?”.
– “Aiutarmi sto morendo” is Italian for “Help me I’m dying” (from the captions; partially incorrect, but comprehensible).
– After Mikhail and Desmond treat Naomi’s wound, she says something in Portuguese not spelled out in the captions. It is not “Thank you” as Mikhail claims. Instead, it sounds like “Eu não estou só” which is Portuguese (spoken with a Brazilian accent) for “I am not alone.”

By the way, since the island has these amazing powers that can heal people rather quickly (like a punctured lung in a day and a half), the whole pregnant women dying thing does make sense. The island must amp up the antibodies that help fight infections and heal wounds, but we learned that when a woman is pregnant, the immune system treats the baby as a foreign body and tries to kill it, which also kills mom in the process. However, this doesn’t explain why Ben has a tumor or why he is still in a wheelchair. You’d think that he’d have a direct channel to the healing powers of the island.

It was kind of interesting to find out that the reason why Jin rose to an “executive” position within Paik Industries may have had more to do with Sun borrowing money from her dad then with Jin asking Mr. Paik for permission to marry his daughter, which I originally thought. You could make the connection that this was the reason why Jin became a much nastier person to Sun during their marriage and that her actions were really the cause. At least we know that the baby is Jin’s. What we don’t know is if Jin’s dad is his biological father because like Sun, Jin’s mother likes sleeping with other men; a lot of other men. Not that it matters at this point, but I thought it was an interesting similarity.

For the second week in a row, we had a Catch-22 situation. Last week, Desmond was basically in a “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” predicament because he felt that he probably needed to let Charlie die in order for things to work exactly as he had envisioned they would, but he saved Charlie and maybe he altered other events in the “space-time continuum” as a result. This week, Sun was in a no win situation as well. She was either going to discover that the baby wasn’t Jin’s or learn that she was going to die. She learned the latter and based on her reaction, I think she was happier knowing the baby was Jin’s. So now the questions are, can the recurring premonitions that Desmond is having about Charlie’s death be erased by some other action and can Sun actually become the first pregnant woman on the island to survive, at least past her second trimester?

Really quickly with regards to Juliet, she mentioned that they’ve been on the island for approximately 90 days, but she also said that it was Saturday during her recording, which would make the date December 18, 2004. Oh yeah, she also hates Ben!

I don’t know if anyone else is picking up on this, but there’s definitely an undercurrent of a power struggle that is building up more and more. A power struggle between Jack and Sawyer has always existed and there have been power struggles between other LOSTies since the very beginning, but there are a number of things that seem to be coming to a head. The episode when Hurley positioned Sawyer as the new leader came an episode before Jack’s return and he returned with an Other. Charlie didn’t want to trust Jack when he brought Juliet over to help Claire and Sun questioned Kate as to whether or not they can trust Jack anymore. Sawyer seemed to enjoy the way he felt when stepping up a bit to be a leader and he “finally” beat Jack at something – ping pong, not to mention sleeping with Ana Lucia and Ms. Austen, both of whom Jack expressed an interest in.

As soon as Juliet’s purpose for being there with the LOSTies is revealed, there’s going to be some major divisions amongst the beach dwellers and I envision a bit of Lord of the Flies action heading our way. Who is going to side with who will be the big question and my gut tells me that most of the castaways will gravitate toward Sawyer simply because they won’t trust Jack. I don’t really think that anyone has any reason to not trust Jack, but he makes poor decisions when it comes to trusting people himself and that puts them at risk. With Sawyer, they already know that he’s a con artist and can never be completely trusted, but when it comes to confronting the Others, he has always stepped up with the group to fight against them. He also has street smarts and his manipulation skills might come in handy when trying to protect himself and those close to him. He was even willing to sacrifice his own life to save Kate when Pickett had a gun to his head.

I forgot to include one of my favorite lines from last week’s episode when Sawyer a approaches Jack and Juliet at her tent. He said, “You guys fighting over who’s your favorite other?” Classic! Also, I came across a post on the Internet that reminded me that Ruth (Desmond’s ex-fiancé) and Penny both said the same line to Desmond, “Have the decency to admit that you’re a coward”.

According to the latest podcast, the executive producers indicated that we would find out where that mysterious wire leads in an upcoming episode. My guess is that it leads to the underwater sonar Mikhail referred to in a recent episode that hasn’t functioned since the hatch imploded.

I haven’t mentioned the final scene for a reason. I basically had the same reaction as Hurley did when he heard that Flight 815 had been found and that there were no survivors. There had better be a really good explanation for this new revelation that seems impossible. Yeah, I fully realize that a lot of what happens on this show seems impossible, but this almost seems ridiculous. I can only think of two possibilities – a second plane or time travel. I’ll refrain from commenting further until we learn more.

Faith, Hope, and Sacrifice

April 19, 2007

I’ve always had a personal problem with the story of how God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on the mountain in the land of Moriah. My feeling has always been that it was such a horrible thing for God to ask for and put someone through. I remember that Isaac actually asked his father a couple of times where the animal was for the offering they were going to make on the mountain and Abraham replied that God would provide them with what they needed. Then, when it was time for the actual sacrifice, an angel came down and stopped Abraham from killing his son. Abraham was then “rewarded” for his obedience. Whatever!

So, Charlie asks Desmond quite a number of times what the heck is going on and Desmond lies to him over and over again, but when it comes time for the sacrifice that he thinks he has to make, he chooses to save Charlie for the fourth time. Desmond still seems to be fighting the idea that he can choose his destiny and make his reality the way he wants it to be. He’s getting there though because he did decide to save Charlie again even though he wanted nothing more than to follow the visions he saw so that he could be with the woman he loves. In a way, he did make a huge sacrifice. He consciously decided to help Charlie at the risk of losing Penny yet again.

Then we find out that it’s not Penny, but it’ll be fun to learn more about this new character because she knows him and was probably sent by Penny to find him. How will Desmond respond to this? Well, his faith is being tested again. He wants to believe that they will be together again, but his past has shown that he’s not a man of courage and “runs away from things in his life instead of recognizing what he might be running to”.

It’s probably the toughest thing for anyone to do. To just let things be and take no action in trying to make something that you want so very badly to happen. He is finally in a place where he can’t really run away from anything, but will he be able to just allow things to happen without trying to force it to happen (sacrificing another person or something else)? I think that depends on letting his fear go and having unwavering faith in Penny. If he truly believes that she still loves him and will never stop until she finds him, then it will work out for him. He just has to be patient and give it time. In the meanwhile, he should do the best he can to help himself, which will in turn help those around him.

This wasn’t exactly what I had expected from this episode, but I still liked it. The campfire scene with the Korean ghost story had me laughing out loud.

By the way, the episode was called “Catch-22” and the book they found in the backpack with Penny and Desmond’s picture in it had the Portuguese title “Ardil-22” on it, so I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the Portuguese guys in the tent surrounded by a blizzard in Season 2’s finale know the girl and so does Penny.

Only Five Season Three Episodes Left:

D.O.C. (Jin/Sun-centric): I think this stands for Date of Conception.

The Brig (Locke-centric): This was supposed to be “Dharma-centric”, but that’s misleading because it seems that Locke’s flashbacks are all very recent and explore the time he’s spending with the Others and his dad. This could be the episode where we also find out if Locke’s dad is indeed the man that Sawyer has been looking for all his life.

The Man Behind the Curtain (Ben-centric): If you’re not looking forward to this one, you’re crazy!

Greatest Hits (Charlie-centric): This could be the episode when Charlie’s fate is finally determined. Save the junkie, save the world!

Through the Looking Glass (Jack-centric): 2-hour Season Finale. I love the title. You may remember the fifth episode of season one was titled “White Rabbit” and was also a Jack-centric episode. As Alice chased the rabbit down the rabbit hole, Jack pursued his father’s ghostly figure through the jungle until he found the cave, the black and white stones, the corpses they called Adam and Eve, and the empty coffin that his father was supposed to be in. “Feed your head. Feed your head.” If you don’t know what that means, go ask Alice. I think she’ll know.

“See You In A Week”

April 13, 2007

It was pretty obvious to most that Juliet was a plant, but I think that she’s playing both sides and looking for her best options. If I were Ben, I would have a lot of doubt about what her intentions might be. She can’t be trusted by anyone, but I think the real Juliet is the one we saw with her sister and the one who broke down when she got to see her sister via satellite from The Flame station.

Answers, answers, we got answers AND they made perfect sense. The lives of all the pregnant women on the island are at risk because their body’s immune system treats the fetus as a foreign body and fights it. Why the island has this effect hasn’t been answered, but I can suspend my desire for that answer as long as they continue to answer other big questions.

Good stuff with Juliet’s back-story. The tranquilizer, the trip, the failed attempts at saving other pregnant women, her relationship with Goodwin, her desire to get home and see her sister Rachel and nephew Julian, the dynamic between her and all the beach dwellers, and the relationship between her and Jack. I’ll tell you this much, she’s good at adjusting her personality type to match the situation she’s in and Elizabeth Mitchell is a very good actress. The scene with Sayid and James Ford approaching her, how she turned things around on them, and her face as she was walking away that looked to me like a huge nervous sigh of relief – Excellent!

We also heard Jacob mentioned again. Apparently, Jacob saw to it personally that Rachel was taken care of. I can’t wait to see how Sun reacts to the news about what happens to pregnant women on the island. Oh, and how about the scene with Kate and Sawyer. It definitely looked like love to me and I’m guessing we’ll learn that Kate is pregnant sometime in Season 4. I don’t think there were any condoms in the cage.

This was definitely one of the better episodes of this season. Both the story and the acting were really good and we got more answers then questions. As a bonus, we get another Desmond-centric episode next week called Catch-22.

Thanks to Patty for pointing out something that was too obvious that I didn’t pick up on it – Hurley told Juliet that it was Charlie who killed Ethan. There’s a good chance that the Others didn’t know who did it until now and this could be foreshadowing for how Charlie will die.