We Did Exactly What He Wanted

I’m quite certain that there were many tears shed during tonight’s episode and I imagine that the emotional highs and lows will continue as we view these final three episodes. There was so much straight forward action in this episode that I feel a recap is more appropriate than a deep philosophical analysis.
Let’s get right to it.

Do you ever feel like you’re running around in circles?

After Sawyer provides some humor by disarming the “dough boy”, Widmore threatens to kill Kate (who is NOT on the list) and our heroes find themselves back in the cages at the Hydra station just like in Season Three. While Sawyer and Kate experience some déjà vu in the cages, Jack wakes up in the outrigger and finds himself on the shores of Hydra Island with unLocke and Sayid. UnLocke explains that they are here to rescue Jack’s people, so that they can all leave the island together. When Jack tells unLocke that they are not his people and that he doesn’t want to leave, unLocke says that he hopes he changes his mind and tries to convince Jack that he should trust him because he could kill them all, but he hasn’t. As we come to find out later in the episode, he can’t kill them because it’s against the rules to kill a candidate. He can kill Kate though and I thought for sure he’d use her as leverage to get Jack to leave. I still believe that Jack will be faced with the decision of saving Kate or sacrificing her…maybe in the finale.

I’m Not Meant To Go

Sayid cuts the power to the pylons, which allows unLocke as Smokey to wreak some havoc on Widmore’s men. Jack frees everyone from the cages and Sawyer thanks him for coming back, but Jack makes sure they realize he’s only there to help them leave and that he’s not meant to go. The group heads to the Ajira plane where bulletproof unLocke takes out a couple of guards, steals a watch, and disconnects some C-4 that Widmore had rigged to the overhead bins of the plane. He decides it’s not safe to try the plane and that they should take the sub instead. There is a brief mention of Alpert who set out with Ben and Miles to blow up the plane and sub, but all they say is “Screw Alpert”.

4 Minute Warning

Sawyer privately asks Jack to help get everyone on the sub and to keep unLocke off because he doesn’t trust him. Jack agrees and shoves unLocke into the water off the dock, but when Kate is shot by Widmore’s men while boarding the sub, Jack has to help her get in. Claire and unLocke are the only two left on the dock and now Mr. Bulletproof is using Widmore’s men for target practice. Sawyer comes up to get Claire, but he makes the choice of leaving her because he doesn’t want to risk having unLocke get on board too. They quickly dive while Lapidus has the sub captain by gunpoint and Claire is left on the dock watching her “friends” leave her again. UnLocke comforts her by simply saying, “You don’t want to be on that sub.” He secretly stashed the C-4 in Jack’s backpack with the watch he stole as a timer. When Jack tries to retrieve some first aid materials from his backpack he finds the bomb instead and the countdown is just under 4-minutes.

Nothing’s Going To Happen

As Sayid examines the bomb, everyone is in a panic except for Jack who realizes that this was exactly what unLocke wanted all along. He wanted to get all of them in an enclosed space and leverage their emotions against each other. Jack tries to tell everyone that unLocke can’t kill them and that nothing’s going to happen as long as they leave it alone. Jack explains that since unLocke can’t kill them, he’s trying to get them to kill each other. Sawyer does not want to hear any of it and when Jack says, “Trust me. We are going to be okay”, Sawyer replies, “Sorry Doc, I don’t.”

Desmond is Alive and (in the) Well

Sawyer’s emotions get the best of him and he detaches a couple of wires that seemingly stop the countdown, but then it starts again and is even more rapid than before. Sayid then proves that he is just like Anakin and that there is still good in him. He grabs the bomb and tells Jack that Desmond is trapped in the well and that he’s going to need him. Jack asks him why as Sayid starts running away with the bomb and he replies, “It’s going to be you.” He quickly gets through a couple of doors and the bomb goes off, blowing a hole in the side of the sub. Sayid dies a hero and just like Charlie he manages to deliver an important message before he dies (that Desmond is alive in a well on the island). I imagine that “it’s going to be you” means that Jack is the replacement for Jacob.

I Will Never Leave You Again

Soon after the sub starts to sink, water is flooding everything and Lapidus is seemingly killed when a door blows open and knocks him on his back. Meanwhile, Sun is trapped behind a heavy cabinet and some steel that bent to trap her against the wall. Kate is hurting from the wound and Jack hands Hurley some oxygen and tells him to help her escape. Jack, Sawyer, and Jin all try to free Sun, but even once they move the cabinet, they can’t pry her free from the steel. Then Sawyer gets hit in the head by a pipe and is knocked unconscious. Jin convinces Jack to leave with Sawyer and the other oxygen tank while he stays behind to try and free Sun. She protests and wants him to go, but he just keeps repeating that he won’t leave her and that he loves her. They hold each other as the familiar “Life and Death” music composed by Michael Giacchino plays in the background and as the sub sinks deeper in the ocean, a close up shows their hands grasping each other and then slowly drift apart as they drown.

Finish What I Started

Hurley, Kate, Jack, and a still unconscious Sawyer reach the beach and their emotions overwhelm them as they realize what has happened. Meanwhile, back at the dock, unLocke tells Claire that the sub sunk. She is dumbfounded and asks if they’re all dead to which he replies, “Not all of them.” As he leaves, she asks where he is going and he simply says, “To finish what I started.”

You Can Let It Go

In the sideways timeline, Locke wakes up in the hospital and Jack says he’s going to be okay, but also tells him that he’s a candidate for a new surgical procedure that can help him walk again. Very interesting words used since the episode is called “The Candidate” and we all assumed that we’d be talking about the person that replaces Jacob. Anyway, Locke politely rejects the offer. Jack protests and says, “I can fix you.” Locke repeats, “No thank you” and we come to find out later on that he doesn’t feel he deserves to be fixed because he was piloting a small plane when it crashed and ended up crippling his father, Anthony Cooper, who seems to be in an almost vegetative state. Before Jack discovers any of this, he does some research trying to find out how Locke came to be paralyzed.

This leads Jack to Bernard Nadler, the dentist and husband or Rose Nadler, who jokingly tells Jack that he remembers him from Oceanic Flight 815 because Jack was flirting with his wife. Bernard gave Anthony Cooper’s information to Jack and that’s how Jack was able to see what happened to him. In the final scene between Jack and Locke at the hospital, Locke becomes very emotional while telling Jack what happened. Jack reminds Locke that he told him that his father was gone and he returned the favor by expressing that Anthony Cooper was also basically gone and that Locke can’t bring him back (fix things) by punishing himself. Jack tries to convince Locke that he has to “let it go” and that while he has trouble letting things go himself, he thought that maybe Locke could go first. Locke says goodbye and as he rolls away, Jack says, “I can help you. I wish you believed me.” The last words definitely made Locke pause for a moment.

I Wish You Had Believed Me

You may remember that we first saw these words back when Jack read the note that Locke had put in the envelope for Jack to read after his death. It was at that time that Jack finally started to believe and we heard these words spoken a couple of times tonight as well. Locke mumbled a couple of things in his sleep like, “Push the button” and “I wish you had believed me.” These were both sure signs that he is having some memories of the island as well now. There should be no doubt that island-Jack is a true believer now.

Catch a Falling Star

I’m not quite sure what the purpose was for the awkward scene between Jack and Claire at the hospital. Jack eats an Apollo bar and Claire wants to know why Christian, whom she never even met in the sideways timeline, wanted her to have the music box so badly. The music box plays the song, “Catch a Falling Star”, which has been referenced in Claire stories since Season One, so maybe it was just another reference to that and a way to set up the fact that she’ll be staying with Jack at his place now.

Next week’s episode is titled “Across The Sea” (Two players. Two sides. One is light. One is dark). Finally, the Jacob and MIB back-story we’ve been waiting for.

After that, we’ll see “What They Died For”; the penultimate episode before LOST weekend begins. The finale (The End) is now scheduled to run 2.5 hours from 9 to 11:30 because so much material has been shot and they just couldn’t cut it down. Yes!


7 Responses to We Did Exactly What He Wanted

  1. jeff says:

    MIB DID use Kate as leverage for Jack to get on that sub! Jack wasn’t going on it until Kate was shot. MIB could have killed HER episodes ago…but he kne she was leverage for both James’ & Jack’s futurre actions. Kate being shot one she did was not exactly a coincidence. Search your feelings, Chris, you know this to be true.

    Sayid has indeed been redeemed, thanks to Desmond who may have told Sayid about Nadia happy life with his brother and Sayid’s eventual happiness with a certain blonde….in the flashsideways.

    Jun & Jin’s

  2. cjblost says:

    Well that’s what I’ve been saying, but MIB didn’t shoot her or even threaten her to get Jack to get on board. I still suspect that he will try to manipulate Jack more directly by threatening Kate before it’s all over. I actually do think her getting shot was a coincidence and that if she hadn’t been shot, unLocke would have held her at gunpoint until Jack got onboard. Specualtion though.

    LMAO about the happiness with Shannon!

  3. Jeff says:

    (Sorry sir, typing thru a dieing phone…but I’m so excited I have to get my response out)

    ….Sun & Jin have also died on the island because, much like Sayid…but without his insight, they will have a better life in their flashsideways. Both Sideways Sun AND JIN will be present for the birth of their new daughter and will experience her development together…..with conscious thoughts of the 2 that died on the island.

    I’m not sure if I’ve read you to be one on the writers on the ‘Useless Kate’ committee. I don’t think so…but mark my words either way, her final role will be as HUGE as Desmond’s who is also no longer a candiate.

    Next week’s episode will be the clincher…..I have been staying far away from any spoilers but I think you know what my views are in regards to MIB and Jacob…or shall I say MIB/Jacob.

    What a phenominal episode….all things seem to be in high gear. Things that should have taken 10 episodes to unfold normally, are now being wrapped up in 1 episode. I wanted to be the one to break that INCREDIBLE news to you about the extra 1/2 hour of LOST finale…but again…you are way to ontop of your game.

    Thanks for always getting these blogs out as fast as possible and still loading them with everything necessary for us to relive each moment and interact with eachother (I choked up a second time when I read your description of the deaths of Sun, Jin…not to mention Frank, & Sayid) …and Thanks for all your great recaps the past few years. Hopefully you’ll stick with me for the ‘Grande Rewatch’ I have planned for all 6 seasons after this is all over so that we can talk about the things we spot in older episodes that we can finally express as fact.

  4. Mickie says:

    I am still crying …

  5. cjblost says:

    Absolutely sir. I’m saving my re-watch for when my kids are a bit older and I can enjoy it with them, but I look forward to your discoveries while watching again.

    I’m not so much of a “useless Kate” person as I am a “I don’t care about Kate” person. I love Evangeline Lilly though. We’ll know everyone’s role very soon.

    It’ll be interesting to see if your Jacob/MIB theory pans out. I agree that there’s good/evil in everyone regardless of what they reveal next week though. I’m just not sure that they’re two sides of the same person. Again, we’ll soon see.

    This show has never disappointed me and as long as the finale is emotional and a typical LOST ending, I will be thrilled and satisfied. We will all still have questions when all is said and done, but I’m confident that the BIG questions will be answered. I just wish we could see skip non-LOST days between now and the finale.

  6. CK says:

    I was just saying to my friend that I wished it was next Tuesday already…not to wish away time or anything.

    I liked the scene with Claire, Jack, the Apollo bar and the music box. He offered her the Apollo bar like Jacob did with him. His offer of a place to stay means they will be living together now…instead of dying alone.

    Can’t wait to see MIB next week!

  7. cjblost says:

    CK loves Titus! haha

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