I Once Was LOST, but Now Am Found

Desmond David Hume is back! He doesn’t look too happy (or healthy) to be there, but he’s finally back nonetheless.

Many people (including me) have speculated that it would be him that Jacob told Hurley was coming to the island, but quite a number of us were confused when we saw Charles Widmore show up in the sub instead. Then once we saw the bolted door, I saw a lot of online speculation that it could possibly be Desmond and I even thought it might possibly be Aaron.

There is so much to recap, but I’m amped for next week already and I’m wondering if it’s a Desmond-centric episode. Okay, I’ll start with the Flash-sideways.

Ms. Sun Paik is NOT married to Jin Kwon, but they do have a hot little relationship since Jin is still working for Sun’s father at Paik Industries as Sun’s bodyguard and Mr. Paik’s messenger boy. Jin definitely doesn’t seem as worn down and angry as he was while married and working for Mr. Paik in the original timeline we saw in Season One and Sun seems to be a lot more confident in herself and appears to be quite the little seductress. Oh baby!

Anyway, it looks like fate stepped in again on LOST, this time in the form of customs, who confiscated the $25,000 that Jin was supposed to deliver to Martin Keamy at a Los Angeles restaurant. Jin was completely unaware that the watch and $25K he was delivering was actually payment for his own execution. D’oh! In the long run, the customs holdup saved his life. It turns out that Daddy Paik knew about Sun and Jin’s indiscretions and even emptied out Sun’s not-so-secret bank account that she was planning to use for the two of them to run away.

Okay, love the way they bought back Mikhail Bakunin (Patchy) to serve as translator (so the Korean stopped sounding like a Godzilla movie to Keamy) and his death by gunshot to his eye was poetic to say the least. Oops, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Okay, so we already knew that Jin was in the kitchen freezer because we saw Sayid find him in an earlier episode, but we didn’t know why until now. Keamy delivered some great little nuggets in English that Jin couldn’t understand by letting him know that he was going to kill him and that “some people just aren’t meant to be together”, referring to Jin and Sun. He also said, “I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.”

Meanwhile, unPatchy was escorting Sun from the bank to the restaurant. Fortunately, Sayid left Jin with a razor to cut himself free and he got the drop on unPatchy as he tried to talk to a wounded, but not yet dead Keamy. A struggle and “bang, bang”…unPatchy gets it in the eye, but Sun is shot in the abdomen and tells Jin that she’s pregnant. Rut-roh!

It’s very interesting how everything is different, but similar in the sideways world!

Things are really starting to happen on the island now as the different teams are becoming more clearly defined. By the way, I’m not so sure that there are only two teams at play here, but I still think that unLocke/MIB is a very selfish evil person.

Widmore’s team knocks everyone out with darts in unLocke’s camp and captures Jin who they lock up in Room 23 on Hydra Island. This is the same room where Karl (Alex’s deceased boyfriend) was watching and hearing subliminal clockwork orange type messages back in Season Three. Zoe, who turns out to be a geophysicist, questions Jin about a map she found of the island with the locations of electromagnetic energy pockets. Apparently Jin’s name is written on the map and she wants to know what he knows. He demands to speak with her boss instead.

Back to Jin later…after the fine folks at Camp unLocke ‘s are knocked out with darts, there is a lot of paranoia brewing. Claire questions unLocke about the names on the cave wall and wonders why he needs her if her name is not there. She seems concerned about leaving the island because Aaron won’t even know who she is. unLocke assures Claire that he needs her and when asked why they need Kate, unLocke explains that they are three people shy of getting off the island and he needs Kate’s help. However, after Kate is done helping, “Whatever happens, happens.” To me, that just screams out, “You can kill Kate once I’m through using her Claire.”

Again, I’m getting ahead of myself. unLocke was away visiting a visibly frustrated Sun in her old beach garden while his camp was getting shot up with poison darts. She had just finished telling Jack that she didn’t want to hear anymore about their purpose or their destiny and she just wanted to be left alone. Can you really blame her? It’s been three years since she saw the freighter blow up with her husband on board and she’s anxious to reunite. Enter unLocke/MIB who promises to take her to Jin. To his surprise, Sun wants nothing to do with him. She is freaked out by what he did to the folks at the temple and runs away from him.

Sun eventually runs into a tree, but we don’t see where unLocke goes. Ben then finds Sun lying on her back with a head injury and suffering from aphasia. Her specific symptom is that she can still understand English, but can only speak Korean.

While Jack tends to Sun’s wound, there is some questions as to whether Ben caused the injury and he asks, “Why don’t you believe me?” Ilana delivers the third best line of the night when she replies, “Because you’re speaking.” What are the two best you ask?

The second best line happened in a scene where unLocke is preparing Sayid, who feels nothing, to infiltrate Widmore’s camp on Hydra Island. James Ford asks unLocke, “Why don’t you just turn into smoke and fly your ass over the water?”

The best line was when team Jacob was debating whether Alpert would return to the beach camp. Ilana spoke up and said that Hurley would bring him back to which Miles replied, “Unless Alpert’s covered in bacon grease, I’m not sure Hurley can track anything.” Sure enough, Alpert does return and tells everyone to pack their bags because they’re leaving. A visibly upset Sun starts ranting for over a minute in Korean and no one understands her, but Hurley accurately concludes, “I don’t think she wants to come.”

Fortunately, Sun calms down a bit and Jack hands her a “stubborn” tomato form her garden and says that it’s stubborn because “no one told it, it’s supposed to die.” She apologizes to Jack via a pen/paper. It turns out that she can still communicate by writing in English, but can’t yet speak it. She doesn’t trust unLocke, but says that she does trust Jack. Then, in typical Jack fashion, he promises to help find Jin and get them off the island. However, there was something different in his delivery. It wasn’t crazy, out of control, I’m going to save and fix everyone Jack. It was a calm, confident, and very believable Jack. She agrees to go with them. Where? Alpert thinks it’s best to head to Hydra Island where the Ajira plane is so they can destroy it and prevent the MIB from leaving. I’m still smiling about the foreshadowing of the runway being built back in Season Three. Love this show!

Back on Hydra Island, unLocke confronts Widmore who are on opposite sides of the high-frequency sonar fence. When Widmore claims that they don’t have Jin, unLockes says, “A wise man once told me that a war was coming to this island. I think it just got here.” The wise man he was referring to is Charles Widmore who told him that when Locke, not unLocke, turned the frozen donkey wheel and got off the island.

Widmore goes to talk to Jin and orders Zoe to take “The Package” to the infirmary. He then proceeds to show Jin pictures from Sun’s camera that was left on the Ajira plane. They are pictures of Ji Yeon, Jin’s daughter, who he has never met or even seen. He goes on to tell Jin that he has a daughter too and that everyone they know will cease to be if “that thing” (MIB) gets off the island. When Jin asks what they can do, he explains that they have a package.

Cut to Sayid who is swimming toward the sub doing reconnaissance work for unLocke (because he doesn’t like secrets) and we see “The Package” for the first time…Desmond, but very sadly without his beloved Penny .

Beautiful promo for next week has Amazing Grace being played with bagpipes and the following words…

Dreams LOST. Lives LOST. Love LOST. A Path Is Found.

The episode is titled “Happily Ever After”, but will there be a happily ever after for Desmond and his constant?


22 Responses to I Once Was LOST, but Now Am Found

  1. Kat says:

    Poor Desmond…
    Seems as though Charles Widmore follows Paik’s mantra~
    “Hands off the boss’s daughter.”

  2. Kat says:

    My bad, that would be Keamy’s mantra…
    But Widmore and Paik are kindred spirits.

  3. CK says:

    They showed what happened to Sun…she was running from unLocke and at some point turned to see where he was, then ran face first into a tree. I’m not sure if the tree was always there, or just appeared suddenly.

  4. Kat says:

    Is it horrible to admit that I kinda chuckled when she ran into the tree…?

    I’m just sayin’.

  5. cjblost says:

    She ran into a tree? LOL I guess that’s the perils of writing notes while watching the show and then blogging before watching again. hahaha

    As for any similarities between the evil dad’s (Paik and Widmore), don’t forget that Paik Industries, Widmore Corporation and the Hanso Foundation all dealt in business together. Who knows what ties they all have to the island and/or DHARMA.

  6. cjblost says:

    I corrected the blog to add that she ran into a tree. Thanks.

  7. Kat says:

    You need to revisit the DVR tonight so you can appreciate the humor that was… Sun running into a tree.

  8. SB says:

    It absolutely has to be a Desmond-centric episode next week. It can’t be a coincidence that they had the bagpipes playing. I’m pretty sure he was just out of it because of the amount of sedative they gave him for the trip to the island.

    I think the “see you in another life brother” line is more than just a line. Jack and Desmond will meet again on the island.

    By the way, I believe Hurley will be the final candidate. He is the only person who is inherently good. Think about it…what is the worst thing he’s ever done…hoard food for himself?

    I don’t know…but this show has gotten great again after a long run of good.

    Can’t wait for the next few episodes…I think a lot will be revealed.

  9. CK says:

    Apparently, next week’s episode is going to change the conversation (according Lindelof).

  10. cjblost says:

    CK – I saw that on Lindelof’s twitter account…just started following him. You on Twitter?

    Steve – I agree with you on how it’s gotten great again after being good, BUT I think we need those “good” episodes in order to make the great ones what they are. Nothing is filler, everything has happened for a reason and got us where we are today! haha

    Desmond IS extremely important! I just know it brother.

    BTW – I’ve been reading non-spoiler reactions from the actors on what they think of the finale script…they are all blown away and very satisfied. I’ve heard, “get the tissues ready”, “I really like what happens with my character”, and “I was worried about being let down and it was better than I imagined”. God, I hope the hype isn’t just hype.

  11. CK says:

    I am on Twitter…I’m a follower not a Tweeter though.

    I’m hoping that the hype isn’t just hype too. I don’t want to build up expectations and then be disappointed.

  12. Kat says:

    If you’re on Facebook, my “friend” Sue claims to know how it all ends… look her up under my page, Kathryn Haelig, send her a friend request/email, and ask her if you wanna know!

    Or, just remain in suspense, which is my personal preference : )

  13. cjblost says:

    I want to find out by watching the show. I love seeing the episode titles and speculating a little bit while allowing the producers to continuously prove me wrong.

    Besides, I’d be careful of anyone out there with supposed “theories” on how it ends right now. Why? because the finale exists. It is written and most of the scenes have been shot. If you want to avoid spoilers, be careful of people who either claim to know how it ends OR have a “theory”. In previous seasons, fans found leaked information about the real finales and posted their “theories” so they could be proven correct when it aired. I am a bit concerned about that happening here and/or on Facebook, but hope my friends know better than to ruin it.

    Also, I hear that they have dummy scripts and are even filming fake scenes to throw set lurkers off the real end result. We’ll see.

  14. Kat says:

    I’m with ya;I know nothin’.
    And that’s the way (“uh-huh, uh-huh”) I like it.

    Can you remind me (us) of when we last saw/ learned anything about Daniel Faraday? He hasn’t been on in awhile, yes?

  15. CK says:

    As in all other aspects of my life, I choose to remain ignorant. I want to guess what the ending will be and then be surprised.

    Isn’t Daniel dead? Or is dead not really dead?

  16. cjblost says:

    Sadly, our favorite guy with a skinny tie was shot/killed by his mother back in 1977 in the episode titled “The Variable”. I suspect we’ll see him in the sideways world soon enough. Maybe even in Desmond’s episode this coming week. It’s definitely a Desmond-centric episode.

    BTW – I know the titles for the remaining episodes, but only know for sure who the centric character is in one other. I can guess at two others. Anyone want the titles listed here?

  17. Kat says:

    Thanks for the reminder; he came up in yesterday’s lunch discussion, hence the inquiry as to your blog web address.

    No, he hasn’t yet come up in the “sideways world”, coincidentally meeting another character… any prediction as to who he’ll run into? Who’s left who hasn’t yet met someone from the island? Sayid and Jin “met” in last night’s episode… I can’t think of anyone untouched in the sideways world at this point.

  18. cjblost says:

    The major (in my opinion) characters we have yet to see in the sideways world include Michael, Walt (doubt we’ll see him), Eko (heard we won’t see him), Libby, Ana Lucia, Shannon, Juliet, Daniel, Eloise, Widmore, and Penny.

    I would guess that we’d see the last four (Daniel, Widmore, Eloise and Penny) in Desmond’s sideways world next week since they were all closely tied to Desmond in previous seasons.

  19. Alyson says:

    usually bagpipes are played at funerals . . . more foreshadowing?

  20. cjblost says:

    As is Amazing Grace and Widmore is heard talking about sacrifice in the preview. I think we will see quite a few deaths before it’s all over.

  21. j. bond says:

    Great blog as usual. Very interesting comments.

    I like the fact that Widmore’s ‘package’ is Desmond (although I had a few of other hopes to what ‘it’ was…mostly involving the children of the candidates.)

    I also dig that all along Widmore has told Desmond he’s not good enough and now he may be the key to destroying the Smoke Thing, or keeping it on island. In essence, the ONLY one that is ‘good enough’.

    This whole storyline reminds me of how I’ve felt about Dr. Shepherd telling Jack, at various ages, that he may not ‘have what it takes. Did either ‘father’ really think their sons didn’t have what it takes or weren’t good enough…or did they somehow know that they might be THE most necessary variables in the equation that is LOST and were constantly having them try harder. Come to think of it, now this reminds me of Eloise and Daniel Faraday as well. They all may have been pushed to focus…so they could be variables in saving the world.

    Something to think about at the very least.

  22. cjblost says:

    Nice perspective Jeff! I don’t buy it with Christian/Jack, but it’s possible that Widmore pushed Desmond away from his daughter because he needed to push him to the island. As for Eloise/Daniel, she’s the worst mom EVER! LOL

    Looking forward to your blog. Love your writing style!

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