Kill or Be Killed

Well, I’m sure all the female LOST fans out there loved this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I actually thought it was a good solid episode…nothing mind blowing for me, but solid nonetheless.

The twist at the beginning that revealed “Jimmy” Ford as a cop instead of a con was a lot of fun. They threw the numbers in the scene by having the clock read 8:42 and then used “LaFleur” as the “magic word” to have the cops ambush the wife of the real con man they were after. To top it off, they revealed that Miles as Ford’s partner. Like I said, it was fun, but It didn’t take too long to figure out that this flash-sideways version of James Ford really wasn’t all that different from the one we knew as a con man.

As soon as they showed him calling a list of guys named Anthony Cooper, I knew that this was the same revenge-seeking man we knew from Season One. That version may have been a criminal, but he still struggled with wanting a “normal” and peaceful life as demonstrated with the emotional struggle he had with conning Cassidy Phillips, the woman with whom he had a daughter named Clementine.

This version showed his struggle while being on the other side of the law when he met Charlotte on a blind date and had a whip-free one-night stand with one of my two favorite fictional female archaeologists. C’mon, Lara Croft is right up there. As soon as she got too close by discovering a bit of his past, he snapped and sent her packing.

It was kind of cute to have half-pint’s dad, Michael Landon from Little House on the Prairie, deliver a subtle message to him via television that lives are all about laughing and loving each other. And that no one is really gone when they die; their memory sustains us until we see them again. Of course when Jimmy decides to try and see Charlotte again, she rightfully shuts him down. Perhaps that’ll open the door for a flash-sideways version of Daniel Faraday to hook up with Charlotte sometime.

Anyway, Jimmy still feels bad that he lied to his partner Miles about being in Palm Springs when he was really in Australia tracking down a lead on who the real Sawyer is, so he showed a bit of a character change when he revealed this information to Miles and then enter Kate on the run.

So, this flash-sideways stuff is getting interesting because James, Miles, and Kate are “together”, while Locke and Ben are “together”, and Sayid and Jin are “together”. Everyone’s paths are still crossing in one way or another and they seem to be getting more and more complex as each episode unravels.

Back on the island, nothing too surprising really happened…that is unless you count unLocke’s vicious smack across Claire’s face. Smoke monster or not, someone needs to teach him that that’s not nice!

Let’s see…what else happened?

– They clearly revealed that James Ford is not on anyone’s side, which most of us assumed anyway.
– We got to see squirrel baby again. Weird!
– Claire holds Kate’s hand while unLocke comforts Zach and Emma and then tries to kill Kate later on while Sayid sits silently and watches. Okay, Claire and Sayid are most definitely fucked up!
– unLocke was surprisingly honest with James by telling him that he was the “smoke thing” and that he killed all the people at the temple, but he explained that it was “kill or be killed”, which James understands well with his traditional every man for himself attitude towards life.
– In a not very surprising twist, we find out that all the other Ajira passengers have been killed by the Charles Widmore sub team. I saw the woman trying to con James from a mile away and so did he.
– We have a new question, “what’s behind the bolted doors on the sub?”
– unLocke reveals to Kate that Claire is crazy and tells her that he is NOT a dead man. He didn’t say Locke wasn’t dead, he said he wasn’t, so please don’t post boring comments/theories about how maybe Locke is still alive. He’s gone and this new guy is talking. Yes, Locke’s mom was a crazy and disturbed woman too, so perhaps there’s some memory melding going on , but the point in that scene was to try and show unLocke as a real person and explain that Aaron now has a crazy mother too (Claire).
– One new BIG piece of information we learned is that Widmore and unLocke are not friendly with each other. I’m not sure why Widmore want Locke to go back to the island so badly then, but I assume that there’s some double-crossing going on because Widmore desperately wants control of the island. He’s got portable sonic pylons to keep “smokey” at bay and a lot of fire power.
– Kate and Claire reconcile, but how long before Claire snaps again.
– James plays both sides and hopes to see Widmore and unLocke battle it out while he gets to leave on the sub with Kate.

Again, most of the on-island story was relatively predictable, but also very necessary to move the story forward. My prediction is that we’ll get a lot of giant puzzle pieces next week when we finally learn more about Richard Alpert’s past in a episode title “Ab Aeterno”, which is Latin for “since the beginning of time” or “since a very long time ago.”


8 Responses to Kill or Be Killed

  1. CK says:

    I didn’t even think about this until this morning…Charlotte was working with Miles’ dad at the museum…so Pierre Chang/Dr. Marvin Candle is alive and well in LA too.

    I’m assuming that Jim/Sawyer figured that Kate was on the run in the season opener, and he helped her get away. I was questioning that when we found he was a cop.

  2. cjblost says:

    Excellent catch CK! Just further proof that Jughead didn’t sink the island.

    As for James letting Kate get away at the airport, I think he’s a cop by convenience and doesn’t necessarily follow the same rules as everyone else…he’s not on anyone’s side. He’s on HIS side and makes his own decisions.

  3. cjblost says:

    Oh and how could I forget to mention Liam Pace looking for his brother Charlie in the police station where Jimmy Ford works? Looks like Charlie’s life-X will soon become intertwined with theirs again too.

    And just for fun, here’s the sex count for James Ford (AKA Sawyer):

    1 – Kate
    2 – Ana Lucia
    3 – Juliet
    4 – Cassidy Phillips
    5 – Jessica (The woman he conned in “Confidence Man”, but walked away from when he saw that she and her husband had a son. She was also the woman who pulled Hurley’s winning lottery numbers.)

    6 – Charlotte
    7 – Ava (The woman in this episode who is married to a con man that he is trying to set up since he’s a cop.)

  4. CK says:

    I think you captured all of Sawyers conquests…also, mmm cake

  5. cjblost says:

    hahaha…what the hell is this though? Are the folks from “Ace of Cakes” making another LOST cake?

  6. CK says:

    I’m not really sure what it is or why they’re talking about cake.

  7. Kat says:

    Can either of you tell me why Sayid just sat idly as Claire tried to kill Kate…???

    (squirrel baby gives me freakish nightmares)

  8. cjblost says:

    Hey Kat – Sayid’s body was “claimed” (or possessed) by something when he was dead for two hours. We don’t know by exactly what yet, but he and Claire are obviously both f’d in the head!

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