I Once Was LOST, but Now Am Found

March 30, 2010

Desmond David Hume is back! He doesn’t look too happy (or healthy) to be there, but he’s finally back nonetheless.

Many people (including me) have speculated that it would be him that Jacob told Hurley was coming to the island, but quite a number of us were confused when we saw Charles Widmore show up in the sub instead. Then once we saw the bolted door, I saw a lot of online speculation that it could possibly be Desmond and I even thought it might possibly be Aaron.

There is so much to recap, but I’m amped for next week already and I’m wondering if it’s a Desmond-centric episode. Okay, I’ll start with the Flash-sideways.

Ms. Sun Paik is NOT married to Jin Kwon, but they do have a hot little relationship since Jin is still working for Sun’s father at Paik Industries as Sun’s bodyguard and Mr. Paik’s messenger boy. Jin definitely doesn’t seem as worn down and angry as he was while married and working for Mr. Paik in the original timeline we saw in Season One and Sun seems to be a lot more confident in herself and appears to be quite the little seductress. Oh baby!

Anyway, it looks like fate stepped in again on LOST, this time in the form of customs, who confiscated the $25,000 that Jin was supposed to deliver to Martin Keamy at a Los Angeles restaurant. Jin was completely unaware that the watch and $25K he was delivering was actually payment for his own execution. D’oh! In the long run, the customs holdup saved his life. It turns out that Daddy Paik knew about Sun and Jin’s indiscretions and even emptied out Sun’s not-so-secret bank account that she was planning to use for the two of them to run away.

Okay, love the way they bought back Mikhail Bakunin (Patchy) to serve as translator (so the Korean stopped sounding like a Godzilla movie to Keamy) and his death by gunshot to his eye was poetic to say the least. Oops, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Okay, so we already knew that Jin was in the kitchen freezer because we saw Sayid find him in an earlier episode, but we didn’t know why until now. Keamy delivered some great little nuggets in English that Jin couldn’t understand by letting him know that he was going to kill him and that “some people just aren’t meant to be together”, referring to Jin and Sun. He also said, “I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.”

Meanwhile, unPatchy was escorting Sun from the bank to the restaurant. Fortunately, Sayid left Jin with a razor to cut himself free and he got the drop on unPatchy as he tried to talk to a wounded, but not yet dead Keamy. A struggle and “bang, bang”…unPatchy gets it in the eye, but Sun is shot in the abdomen and tells Jin that she’s pregnant. Rut-roh!

It’s very interesting how everything is different, but similar in the sideways world!

Things are really starting to happen on the island now as the different teams are becoming more clearly defined. By the way, I’m not so sure that there are only two teams at play here, but I still think that unLocke/MIB is a very selfish evil person.

Widmore’s team knocks everyone out with darts in unLocke’s camp and captures Jin who they lock up in Room 23 on Hydra Island. This is the same room where Karl (Alex’s deceased boyfriend) was watching and hearing subliminal clockwork orange type messages back in Season Three. Zoe, who turns out to be a geophysicist, questions Jin about a map she found of the island with the locations of electromagnetic energy pockets. Apparently Jin’s name is written on the map and she wants to know what he knows. He demands to speak with her boss instead.

Back to Jin later…after the fine folks at Camp unLocke ‘s are knocked out with darts, there is a lot of paranoia brewing. Claire questions unLocke about the names on the cave wall and wonders why he needs her if her name is not there. She seems concerned about leaving the island because Aaron won’t even know who she is. unLocke assures Claire that he needs her and when asked why they need Kate, unLocke explains that they are three people shy of getting off the island and he needs Kate’s help. However, after Kate is done helping, “Whatever happens, happens.” To me, that just screams out, “You can kill Kate once I’m through using her Claire.”

Again, I’m getting ahead of myself. unLocke was away visiting a visibly frustrated Sun in her old beach garden while his camp was getting shot up with poison darts. She had just finished telling Jack that she didn’t want to hear anymore about their purpose or their destiny and she just wanted to be left alone. Can you really blame her? It’s been three years since she saw the freighter blow up with her husband on board and she’s anxious to reunite. Enter unLocke/MIB who promises to take her to Jin. To his surprise, Sun wants nothing to do with him. She is freaked out by what he did to the folks at the temple and runs away from him.

Sun eventually runs into a tree, but we don’t see where unLocke goes. Ben then finds Sun lying on her back with a head injury and suffering from aphasia. Her specific symptom is that she can still understand English, but can only speak Korean.

While Jack tends to Sun’s wound, there is some questions as to whether Ben caused the injury and he asks, “Why don’t you believe me?” Ilana delivers the third best line of the night when she replies, “Because you’re speaking.” What are the two best you ask?

The second best line happened in a scene where unLocke is preparing Sayid, who feels nothing, to infiltrate Widmore’s camp on Hydra Island. James Ford asks unLocke, “Why don’t you just turn into smoke and fly your ass over the water?”

The best line was when team Jacob was debating whether Alpert would return to the beach camp. Ilana spoke up and said that Hurley would bring him back to which Miles replied, “Unless Alpert’s covered in bacon grease, I’m not sure Hurley can track anything.” Sure enough, Alpert does return and tells everyone to pack their bags because they’re leaving. A visibly upset Sun starts ranting for over a minute in Korean and no one understands her, but Hurley accurately concludes, “I don’t think she wants to come.”

Fortunately, Sun calms down a bit and Jack hands her a “stubborn” tomato form her garden and says that it’s stubborn because “no one told it, it’s supposed to die.” She apologizes to Jack via a pen/paper. It turns out that she can still communicate by writing in English, but can’t yet speak it. She doesn’t trust unLocke, but says that she does trust Jack. Then, in typical Jack fashion, he promises to help find Jin and get them off the island. However, there was something different in his delivery. It wasn’t crazy, out of control, I’m going to save and fix everyone Jack. It was a calm, confident, and very believable Jack. She agrees to go with them. Where? Alpert thinks it’s best to head to Hydra Island where the Ajira plane is so they can destroy it and prevent the MIB from leaving. I’m still smiling about the foreshadowing of the runway being built back in Season Three. Love this show!

Back on Hydra Island, unLocke confronts Widmore who are on opposite sides of the high-frequency sonar fence. When Widmore claims that they don’t have Jin, unLockes says, “A wise man once told me that a war was coming to this island. I think it just got here.” The wise man he was referring to is Charles Widmore who told him that when Locke, not unLocke, turned the frozen donkey wheel and got off the island.

Widmore goes to talk to Jin and orders Zoe to take “The Package” to the infirmary. He then proceeds to show Jin pictures from Sun’s camera that was left on the Ajira plane. They are pictures of Ji Yeon, Jin’s daughter, who he has never met or even seen. He goes on to tell Jin that he has a daughter too and that everyone they know will cease to be if “that thing” (MIB) gets off the island. When Jin asks what they can do, he explains that they have a package.

Cut to Sayid who is swimming toward the sub doing reconnaissance work for unLocke (because he doesn’t like secrets) and we see “The Package” for the first time…Desmond, but very sadly without his beloved Penny .

Beautiful promo for next week has Amazing Grace being played with bagpipes and the following words…

Dreams LOST. Lives LOST. Love LOST. A Path Is Found.

The episode is titled “Happily Ever After”, but will there be a happily ever after for Desmond and his constant?


The Cork in the Bottle

March 24, 2010

140 years! That’s how long Richard Alpert has been on the island. During that time he has been carrying the guilt of not being able to save his dying wife, Isabella, and the guilt of accidentally killing a doctor while trying to obtain the medicine necessary to save his wife. Nestor Carbonell was simply brilliant portraying the mysterious never-aging character and this was one of the better episodes I have seen in six seasons.

I’m going to hop off what is remaining of the tiny fence I’ve been on and definitively say that Jacob is “good” and the MIB (Man in Black) is “evil”. I said in the character analysis of my season finale post last year that Jacob is a believer in the basic good of humanity and that MIB is not. This episode provides a bit more clarity on exactly those characteristics and goes on to say that MIB believes that all men are corrupt.

So this “game” going on between Jacob and MIB might be frustrating because we want answers and clarity of all that is going on, but doesn’t that mirror all of our real lives every single day? We are constantly given choices to make and encounter obstacles and challenges that we must overcome. Our dark side seems so much more blatantly obvious because so many of our decisions are based on the path of least resistance or the path that will provide us with selfish gain. The good choices are often the tougher choices and always seem to require quite a bit of faith in positive outcomes that we cannot clearly define.

Enter Richard Alpert who accidentally kills a man in Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, while trying to save his wife. His wife dies anyway and he is sentenced to be hung but is spared when he is sold to the crew of the Black Rock. Coincidentally, the Black Rock is captained by Magnus Hanso, great grandfather of Alvar Hanso who is the founder of the Hanso Foundation. The Hanso Foundation provided financial backing for the DHARMA Initiative.

The Black Rock is caught in a major storm at sea with waves that actually toss the ship into the statue of Tawaret (thus destroying it) and into the middle of the island known as the Dark Territory. When Richard wakes up, one of the crew members (Mr. Whitfield?) is shown stabbing the other chained slaves on the ship until the black smoke appears and kills him along with the other crew members. Richard is spared.

From that point on, Richard is being manipulated by the evil MIB who tells him that they are in hell, that Jacob is the devil, and that the only way to save Isabella and to be with her is to kill the devil. It would seem that MIB scanned Richard’s memories so that he could appear as her and help convince Richard that he was in hell. MIB was banking on the fact that Richard was corrupt and would kill Jacob in order to save his wife.

Choices are becoming more and more of a high profile theme on this show. They have always been there and we have seen countless episodes when characters have had opportunities to redeem themselves. Some have succeeded while others have failed. Richard almost failed, but Jacob got the drop on him and was able to convince him that they were not dead and not in hell. It may have seemed extreme that Jacob to keep pushing Richard under the ocean water, but I thought the scene was very spiritual and likened itself to a baptism and rebirth. Jacob simply asked, “If you’re dead, why should I stop?” and Richard replied, “Because I want to live.”

This is when Jacob and Richard have a heart-to-heart and while we still don’t completely understand the origins of Jacob and MIB, we are provided a nice analogy as to what the island actually is. The island is basically the cork in the bottle that keeps evil trapped inside and its Jacob’s job to keep things in order. When Richard asks Jacob the simplest of questions, “Why don’t you just tell people what the right choices are?” Jacob says that would be cheating and that he trusts in the good of humanity to make the right decisions without his intervention, but he also says that it would be nice to have an intermediary; a representative who can speak for him without his direct interference. That’s when Richard gets the job.

When asked what he wants in return for acting as his intermediary, Richard first asks for his wife back and then for his sins to be absolved, but Jacob cannot offer either of those things. Since Richard does not want to die without his sins being absolved, Jacob touches him and makes him into the ageless wonder we have gotten to know over the years.

Once this deal is made, Richard travels to where MIB is waiting and hands him a white rock; a gift from Jacob that we recently saw unLocke remove from the scale and toss into the ocean. It was basically Jacob’s way of gloating that good prevailed and unLocke’s disposal of the rock was his touché. Never to be completely beaten, MIB hands Richard the cross that Isabella had given to Richard when she was dying. It symbolized that they (Richard and Isabella) would always be together. Then he said, “If you ever change your mind, my offer still stands.” MIB leaves and Richard symbolically buries the cross.

Flash forward 140 years later and Richard digs up the cross and seems to be choosing the dark side after all those years spent blindly believing in and following Jacob. Enter Hurley with a message from Isabella which was very reminiscent of Whoopi Goldberg’s role in “Ghost” (thanks CK for that analogy). She tells Richard to close his eyes and that they have been and always will be together. It was a truly beautiful and emotional scene, which also helped restore Richard’s faith.

Then Hurley added one more thing that Isabella said to tell Richard…that he must stop MIB from leaving the island or we’ll all go to hell.

Great cutaway scene showing unLocke looking on from a distance and then we’re back in 1867 with MIB looking on from a distance. Jacob sits beside him and they chat about how badly MIB wants to kill Jacob and leave. Jacob reminds him that he can’t and that even if he found a way, someone would take his place (referring to one of the candidates). Jacob hands him the bottle with the cork in it so that he has something to pass the time and says, “see you around”. MIB turns the bottle upside down and proceeds to smash it open on the rock he’s sitting on.

I can’t wait to watch this emotionally charged and extremely symbolic episode again. I’m sure I missed so many things, but the essence of what I love about this show was there in full force tonight.

Based on the very short preview, it looks like Sun will have a big choice to make in next week’s episode titled, “The Package”.

Kill or Be Killed

March 16, 2010

Well, I’m sure all the female LOST fans out there loved this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I actually thought it was a good solid episode…nothing mind blowing for me, but solid nonetheless.

The twist at the beginning that revealed “Jimmy” Ford as a cop instead of a con was a lot of fun. They threw the numbers in the scene by having the clock read 8:42 and then used “LaFleur” as the “magic word” to have the cops ambush the wife of the real con man they were after. To top it off, they revealed that Miles as Ford’s partner. Like I said, it was fun, but It didn’t take too long to figure out that this flash-sideways version of James Ford really wasn’t all that different from the one we knew as a con man.

As soon as they showed him calling a list of guys named Anthony Cooper, I knew that this was the same revenge-seeking man we knew from Season One. That version may have been a criminal, but he still struggled with wanting a “normal” and peaceful life as demonstrated with the emotional struggle he had with conning Cassidy Phillips, the woman with whom he had a daughter named Clementine.

This version showed his struggle while being on the other side of the law when he met Charlotte on a blind date and had a whip-free one-night stand with one of my two favorite fictional female archaeologists. C’mon, Lara Croft is right up there. As soon as she got too close by discovering a bit of his past, he snapped and sent her packing.

It was kind of cute to have half-pint’s dad, Michael Landon from Little House on the Prairie, deliver a subtle message to him via television that lives are all about laughing and loving each other. And that no one is really gone when they die; their memory sustains us until we see them again. Of course when Jimmy decides to try and see Charlotte again, she rightfully shuts him down. Perhaps that’ll open the door for a flash-sideways version of Daniel Faraday to hook up with Charlotte sometime.

Anyway, Jimmy still feels bad that he lied to his partner Miles about being in Palm Springs when he was really in Australia tracking down a lead on who the real Sawyer is, so he showed a bit of a character change when he revealed this information to Miles and then enter Kate on the run.

So, this flash-sideways stuff is getting interesting because James, Miles, and Kate are “together”, while Locke and Ben are “together”, and Sayid and Jin are “together”. Everyone’s paths are still crossing in one way or another and they seem to be getting more and more complex as each episode unravels.

Back on the island, nothing too surprising really happened…that is unless you count unLocke’s vicious smack across Claire’s face. Smoke monster or not, someone needs to teach him that that’s not nice!

Let’s see…what else happened?

– They clearly revealed that James Ford is not on anyone’s side, which most of us assumed anyway.
– We got to see squirrel baby again. Weird!
– Claire holds Kate’s hand while unLocke comforts Zach and Emma and then tries to kill Kate later on while Sayid sits silently and watches. Okay, Claire and Sayid are most definitely fucked up!
– unLocke was surprisingly honest with James by telling him that he was the “smoke thing” and that he killed all the people at the temple, but he explained that it was “kill or be killed”, which James understands well with his traditional every man for himself attitude towards life.
– In a not very surprising twist, we find out that all the other Ajira passengers have been killed by the Charles Widmore sub team. I saw the woman trying to con James from a mile away and so did he.
– We have a new question, “what’s behind the bolted doors on the sub?”
– unLocke reveals to Kate that Claire is crazy and tells her that he is NOT a dead man. He didn’t say Locke wasn’t dead, he said he wasn’t, so please don’t post boring comments/theories about how maybe Locke is still alive. He’s gone and this new guy is talking. Yes, Locke’s mom was a crazy and disturbed woman too, so perhaps there’s some memory melding going on , but the point in that scene was to try and show unLocke as a real person and explain that Aaron now has a crazy mother too (Claire).
– One new BIG piece of information we learned is that Widmore and unLocke are not friendly with each other. I’m not sure why Widmore want Locke to go back to the island so badly then, but I assume that there’s some double-crossing going on because Widmore desperately wants control of the island. He’s got portable sonic pylons to keep “smokey” at bay and a lot of fire power.
– Kate and Claire reconcile, but how long before Claire snaps again.
– James plays both sides and hopes to see Widmore and unLocke battle it out while he gets to leave on the sub with Kate.

Again, most of the on-island story was relatively predictable, but also very necessary to move the story forward. My prediction is that we’ll get a lot of giant puzzle pieces next week when we finally learn more about Richard Alpert’s past in a episode title “Ab Aeterno”, which is Latin for “since the beginning of time” or “since a very long time ago.”

He Was Hoping He Was Wrong About You

March 10, 2010

The debate as to which side is “good” and which side is “evil” continues, but I have this to offer…Jacob seems to believe in the good of humanity and that the characters will ultimately make decisions that are unselfish and positive for others around them. UnLocke still seems to be manipulating characters and preying on their weaknesses to coax them into joining him and doing negative things.

Seeing that Widmore is coming to the island at the end threw me for a loop because we were led to believe that Jacob wanted to help whomever it was that was coming, to get there by having Hurley and Jack turn the mirrors in the lighthouse. Maybe, in knowing that Jack would destroy the mirrors, he was attempting to slow him down. After all, it was Widmore who told Locke in the episode titled, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” that a war was coming and that if Locke did not get back to the island, the “wrong side” was going to win. Since Ben has always (except when he killed him) been on Jacob’s side, we should probably assume that Widmore is on UnLocke’s side, especially since they decided to proceed as planned instead of stopping at the beach.

I’m out of superlatives for Michael Emerson and his Emmy-worthy performances. He was brilliant once again and showed how multi-dimensional his character is through the choices Ben made on the island and in the flash-sideways.

While he may have looked extremely sad, beaten and even a little outcast at the end of the episode, he discovered via Miles that Jacob really did care all along and was hoping until the very end that he was wrong about Ben.

When Ben stabbed Jacob, he felt very much like Richard Alpert did in this episode. Alpert felt that Jacob had lied to him all of those years and that his entire life had no purpose. Jack is able to sit and convince Alpert, very dramatically, that they are both there for an important reason. He felt that Jacob wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble he did if he wanted the two of them to die while sitting with a stick of dynamite between them.

While Jack was displaying his ability to believe again and Alpert was having his faith renewed, Ben was digging his own grave and waiting for Ilana to kill him. With the information Miles gave him about Jacob’s last thoughts before he was stabbed fresh in his mind, unLocke gave Ben a choice. It appeared that Ben was going to follow unLocke, in the hopes that he’d become the new leader of the island, and was going to kill Ilana, but all he really wanted was a chance at redemption and to explain himself. He tried to justify his actions (killing Jacob) to Ilana by detailing how he sacrificed everything in Jacob’s name and even chose the island over his own daughter. He had been so angry, confused, and terrified at losing his power that he didn’t realize that what really mattered to him was already gone.

He couldn’t find a way to forgive himself and explained that he just wanted to leave and go join unLocke because he was the only one who would have him. Ilana simply replied with, “I’ll have you.” Upon hearing those words, Ben had very little hesitation and decided to follow her instead. To me, this story is setting itself up for Ben to make a huge sacrifice at some point down the line in a way we haven’t figured out quite yet.

Similarly, Ben’s flash-sideways showed him making a power-play to try and oust the high school principal from his position via black mail. However, when faced with the choice of following through on the threat which would move him into a position of power as the new principal or sacrificing the opportunity so that the current principal would write a letter of recommendation for one of his prize students to get into Yale, he chose the student over himself. In a great twist of fate, the student was none other than Alexandra Rousseau. He even ended up giving Arzt his parking spot and seemed very happy to sacrifice himself for the benefit of the others.

Miscellaneous Notes:

– Just when we thought we’d never hear the names of Nikki or Paulo mentioned, enter Miles who digs up $8 million worth of diamonds.
– Ilana discusses why she wants to find Jin as much as Sun does by telling her she’s not sure which of them is the candidate written by Jacob.
– We were given, what I feel is, definitive proof that either the island did NOT sink when Jughead detonated OR that the flash-sideways did NOT begin when Jughead detonated. An aged Roger Linus expressed to Ben that he wanted so much more of a life for him and he imagined what their lives would have been like if they had stayed in the DHARMA Initiative. In the season finale, the sub had already left when Roger shot Sayid and I have stated previously that I believe Ben was still in the temple’s healing pool at that time. Therefore, the island could not have sunk when the bomb exploded because they would have drowned. Either they got off sometime after Jughead exploded because it didn’t cause island to sink OR another event prompted them to leave before “The Incident” ever even took place. Go ahead; please find a hole in my logic.

I was really moved by the character of Ben Linus tonight and was left feeling sad, yet hopeful. The final scene (before the sub) on the beach showing the reunion of Jack, Hurley, and Alpert with Sun, Lapidus, Ben, Ilana, and Miles was so reminiscent of season one episodes at the same location and even the music was a throwback to those episodes. Speaking of music…

Special congratulations to Michael Giacchino for taking home the Academy Award for Best Original Score for the movie “Up”. For those of you who don’t know, he has produced the music for every character and episode of LOST and I even “borrowed” some of his music for my 2008 Christmas Card. His Oscar acceptance speech was the most inspirational of the evening. Here it is:

“Thank you, guys. When I was… I was nine and I asked my dad, “Can I have your movie camera? That old, wind-up 8 millimeter camera that was in your drawer?” And he goes, “Sure, take it.” And I took it and I started making movies with it and I started being as creative as I could, and never once in my life did my parents ever say, “What you’re doing is a waste of time.” Never. And I grew up, I had teachers, I had colleagues, I had people that I worked with all through my life who always told me what you’re doing is not a waste of time. So that was normal to me that it was OK to do that. I know there are kids out there that don’t have that support system so if you’re out there and you’re listening, listen to me: If you want to be creative, get out there and do it. It’s not a waste of time. Do it. OK? Thank you. Thank you.”

Next week’s episode is titled “Recon”. Anything with the word “con” in it sounds like a possible Sawyer-centric episode.

I’m Not That Man Anymore

March 3, 2010

First of all, I apologize for this blog post being a bit later than usual. I didn’t watch ‘Sundown’ until midnight when I arrived home from a Muse concert. It was definitely worth it!

Anyway, this episode was clearly about the balance of good and evil and how everyone has potential for both within them. Making deals or bargains with others or being manipulated toward a decision that you inherently know is wrong, doesn’t always make you evil…at least not in your own mind.

It’s the ability to make those kinds of “difficult” choices that make us human. Take Dogen’s back story; his child dies due to an accident he caused due to a serious lapse of judgment (drinking/driving). A man (Jacob) offers to save his son, but tells Dogen that he will never see his son again (presumably to come to the island and become the protector of the temple). That doesn’t seem like an evil decision to me, but he does give up his freedom in return for something selfish.

Now take Sayid’s bargain with unLocke; he has the opportunity to be with the only thing he ever loved and wanted in his life, Nadia. Dogen has already “tortured” Sayid during the good/evil test, had Jack try to poison him, and sent him out believing that he’d be killed by unLocke. Now unLocke offers Sayid the chance to be with Nadia again if he kills Dogen. This seems a little more cut and dry when it comes to determining whether it’s an evil decision Sayid makes by following through and drowning Dogen before slitting the throat of Lennon, the interpreter. Not to mention that “something” brought Sayid back from the dead and he almost seems possessed ala Claire. Sayid is definitely, “not that man anymore.”

Who are we to believe? One minute Sayid is trying to prove that he is “good” by going to kill unLocke and the next minute he’s drowning Dogen after unLocke promises him Nadia. He acted like a manipulated puppet as much as anyone else I’ve seen on this show, which is somewhat unlike him. But who is good?

The battle of good versus evil resembles more of a battle to determine WHAT is good and WHAT is evil. I believe that free will and self-sacrifice are the keys to “good”, but who has displayed that characteristic on the show? Everyone has had their weak moments and it’ll come down to who can redeem themselves to determine which side everyone is really on.

By my count, the Man in Black has three (or four) of the final six candidates on his “side” right now…unLocke, Sayid and Ford. The fourth could be Jin who is currently Claire’s captive, but we don’t know which Kwon it is. Jack and Hurley are safe at the lighthouse, so that leaves Sun as the potential swing candidate. It seems to be boiling down to a showdown between Jack and unLocke, though we can’t forget this mysterious person that is still coming to the island.

My friend Caroline posted a great status on her Facebook page. It read, “Confusion Incarnate”. As much as I love this show, it really does take a lot of effort as a viewer to follow what is going on and it’s very tiring. I think they run the risk of alienating viewers who get frustrated and angry with all the questions and convolutions. With only ten episodes left before the series finale, this episode felt like it hit a turning point for me and I can’t help feeling like things are going to really start moving toward answers and conclusions now.

Miscellaneous Notes:

– Sayid’s flash-sideways was intriguing and the cliff-hanger when he finds Jin in the storage freezer was a nice twist. The scene with him and Nadia when he told her he didn’t deserve her was sad.

– Loved the appearance of Martin Keamy as the maker of “good eggs”. You just knew Sayid was going to kill all of them as soon as he was taken.

– The fight between Dogen and Sayid and all of the action sequences in this episode made it the most physically intense episode I’ve seen to date and I though the fights were excellent.

– I like that Miles concurs with my opinion of Claire still being “hot”.

– Claire looked like she was going to tear Kate in two when Kate told her that she raised Aaron and that he was beautiful. I think she should mention that he’s with Claire’s mom so she knows her mom is out of her coma and that Aaron is in capable hands.

– What will be the implications of Aaron being “raised by another”?

– I’m not sure what to think about the moment when Kate and unLocke saw each other. She was obviously surprised to see him “alive”, but his look toward her was very dismissive; almost like she didn’t matter at all. Perhaps she doesn’t.

– Sayid did not seem surprised to see Ben at all, but then again he seemed very numb to everything going on by the end of the episode. I couldn’t help thinking of Anakin Skywalker when watching Sayid’s “turn” to the dark side. Anakin’s first mission was to go to the Jedi temple and destroy all of the Jedi, even the kids.

– I find it very interesting that Cindy Chandler (stewardess) and the kids (Zach and Emma) are now following unLocke. It’s almost like the producers want to make sure that they know we haven’t forgotten about them.

– Where the hell is Desmond?

– Where was James Ford during this showdown at the temple?

– The “eerie” music Claire sang in the hole and that played at the end of the episode is “Catch a Falling Star”, which Claire first mentioned back in the Season One episode, “Raised By Another”. She had wanted to make sure that the family adopting Aaron would sing that to him.

– Curious about the Egyptian symbol that both Ilana and Hurley have now used to secretly leave the temple? Follow this – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shen_ring.

Next week’s episode is called “Dr. Linus”.