I Guess I Better Put Some Pants On

“Hell yes!” This was a great episode and things are really starting to pick up and add up.

Let’s start off island in timeline-X first…here’s what we know:

– Locke and Helen are getting married.
– Locke is on positive terms with his dad (inferring this based on Helen’s comment about getting her parents and his dad to help them elope).
– Locke blew off a conference to attempt to go on a Walkabout.
– Hurley still owns the box company that Locke got fired from and his luck extends to his Hummer not getting dented by Locke’s wheelchair ramp.
– Randy Nations (Locke’s ex-boss) is a huge douche!
– The supervisor at Hurley’s temp agency is Rose Nadler.
– Rose still has terminal cancer in this timeline, but is still accepting of her fate and is a realist.
– Locke is much less of a believer in this timeline and Rose convinces him to accept the life he’s been given.
– Locke’s alarm clock sounds an awful lot like the Swan Station alarm when it’s almost at 0.
– Helen is wearing a “Peace/Karma” t-shirt.
– Locke tells Helen he doesn’t believe in miracles.
– Helen only wants Locke, not a miracle, and tears up Jack’s business card.
– Ben Linus teaches European History and John Locke is now a substitute physical education and biology teacher.

Meanwhile, back on the island…

It was pretty neat to see things from Smokey’s point of view for a change and the dialogue between pseudo-Locke and James Ford was outstanding. It’s late, so instead of getting all deep and stuff, I’m going to bullet point these events as well:

– MIB wants Alpert to join him and explains that he looks like Locke because Locke was a “candidate”.
– MIB seems surprised to learn that Alpert has been following Jacob’s instructions without knowing why.
– Alpert turns down MIB’s offer and a young blond-haired boy appears in the distance that MIB can see, but Alpert cannot. He then vanishes.
– Ilana collects Jacob’s ashes from inside the statue and explains to Ben that MIB is “recruiting”.
– Ford recognizes that MIB isn’t Locke right away and doesn’t seem fazed. I guess he’s been through so much that nothing fazes him now.
– Ilana tells Sun that Jin is most likely at the temple. Too bad he’s actually with claimed/infected, yet still somehow sexy, Claire.
– This blond kid tells MIB that, “You know the rules. You can’t kill him.” Who is “him” now?
– MIB tells the kid in true Locke fashion, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”
– This is NOT a fact – I’m really thinking that the kid is an older-Aaron that can appear in places he’s not like Walt used to do. I also think that Jacob is Aaron’s father. I’m thinking that they just haven’t showed how Claire was “touched” by Jacob off-island yet. More on Claire Littleton later.
– Alpert tried to warn Ford, but with no luck.
– Ford lies to MIB about talking to Alpert and MIB ignores Ford’s question about the kid, by saying, “What kid?”
– Of Mice and Men was a little AFTER MIB’s time. I cracked up at that subtle comment.
– Ilana says that MIB is stuck looking like Locke now. This must only apply to AFTER Jacob was killed. Otherwise, he could not have appeared as Alex to Ben.
– Ben, Frank Lapidus, Sun, and Ilana bury Locke and Ben delivers a “heartfelt” eulogy, “Locke was…a believer. He was a man of faith. He was a much better man than I will ever be and I’m very sorry that I murdered him.”
– Lapidus delivers the line of the night, “This is the weirdest damn funeral I’ve ever been to.”
– Ford and MIB “climb” down a cliff to a cave that MIB claims to be Jacob’s.
– MIB takes a white rock off a scale so that it tips in the black rock’s favor and proceeds to toss the white rock into the ocean. This was very symbolic of light and dark once again (backgammon, stones found in Adam and Eve skeletons, etc.).
– MIB shows Ford a bunch of names written on the cave wall. Most are crossed out, but the ones that aren’t include: 4-Locke, 8-Reyes, 15-Ford, 16-Jarrah, 23-Shephard, and 42-Kwon.
– We don’t know if Kwon is Sun or Jin.
– MIB crosses out Locke’s name and taking one of these six “candidates” off the list could potentially be the “loophole” he was speaking of that he needed to kill Jacob.
– Littleton is one of the names crossed out and I’m guessing it’s crossed out because she is infected, which means that Jarrah will soon be crossed out as well.
– Thanks to my friend (CK), other names crossed out include Troupe, Jones, and Mattingly.
– Troupe is probably Gary Troupe, the author of Bad Twin and the one who was sucked into the plane’s engine in the pilot episode.
– Jones and Mattingly are unknown as far as I’m aware. (see more names in the comments below)
– Interesting to note that we know Jacob touched Kate as a child, but her name was not on the wall from what we could see.
– MIB explained to Ford that Jacob manipulated you and pulled your strings like a puppet in order to convince you to make choices that were never really choices at all.
– Ford’s three choices were Do Nothing, Accept the Job (as the new Jacob to “protect” the island), or Just Go (and get off the island).
– Ford decides on the third choice, which basically puts him in cahoots with MIB.

I’m not sure what all the “rules” are, but if Locke is dead, Jarrah is infected, and Ford is with MIB now, that only leaves Kwon, Shephard, and Reyes as the other potential “candidates”.

Here’s a question for everyone…where the heck is Desmond?

Next week…the 108th episode of LOST: “Lighthouse”


11 Responses to I Guess I Better Put Some Pants On

  1. cjblost says:

    Add “Straume” and “Goodspeed” to the list of crossed off names in the cave, as in Miles Straume and either Horace or Ethan Goodspeed.

    It also looks like “Faraday”, which would be Daniel Faraday, but the beginning is cut off so all I see is “ADAY”.

    I personally did not see “Lapidus”, “Jones”, or “Troupe”, but do see another unrecognizable name, “O’Toole”.

  2. Michele says:

    Any theories on what the numbers mean? Maybe when Jacob “touched” them? Looks like the remaining six have the matching lottery numbers tagged to them.
    And, I’ve just got to say it…will someone please get the actor who plays John Locke either a personal trainer or a bra already!! I can’t stand looking at his man-boobs!

  3. cjblost says:

    Yes, the numbers are definitely the recurring numbers seen in the winning lottery numbers, the hatch door, the code for the Swan Station computer, and countless other places (including my blog banner image).

    As for what they mean, they supposedly represent a mathematical formula (the Valenzetti Equation) that predicts the end of the world and some people believe that if they can change any one number, they can change destiny (the fate of the world). Why those numbers are next to those particular names is anyone’s guess, but the reason should be revealed pretty soon.

    In the meantime, here’s a video to help (the Valenzetti Equation is explained starting at around 1:30):

    As for Locke’s man-boobs, there’s nothing I can do about that. LOL

  4. CK says:

    Just some thoughts/questions… It seems that Locke (alterna-Locke and Flocke) went from being a man of faith, to being a man of reason. Questioning those who would follow someone blindly. Why would you follow someone/something without knowing why?

    Flocke takes on some characteristics of Locke “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Will those two beings merge?

    I don’t know if I believe that Sawyer will follow Flocke blindly and do what he says, when has he ever done that?

    Flocke said he wasn’t sure which Kwon is was Jin or Sun…could it be Baby Kwon? All the names not crossed of are men. Does that mean it has to be Jin?

    If your name/number is crossed off, then does it mean you’re not a candidate any longer or that you’re a goner?

  5. CK says:

    4: Locke
    8: Hurley
    10: Mattingley
    15: Sawyer
    16: Sayid
    20: Rouf
    23: Shepard
    42: Kwon
    55: Burke
    70: Faraday
    90: Troupe
    119: Almeade
    140: Lewis
    195: Pace
    222: O’Toole
    233: Jones
    291: Domingo
    313: Littleton
    317: Cunningham
    335: Henderson (Rose’s maiden name!)
    396: Grant

    Unknown numbers (but on the ceiling):
    ?? – Chang
    ?? – Goodspeed
    ?? – Sullivan
    ?? – Dogen

  6. cjblost says:

    great find CK! of the ones we haven’t discussed in other comments yet…

    Burke = Juliet
    Lewis = Charlotte
    Pace = Charlie
    Chang = Pierre (aka Marvin candle)
    Dogen = Mr. Myagi (haha)

    cool! as for your questions…

    Why would you follow someone/something without knowing why? Well,that’s the basis for most religions isn’t it? Faith. Believing in something even though you can’t see it or completely understand it. You follow because you are compelled to. Naysayers will argue that those people are the ones who are also easily manipulated.

    I saw someone somewhere else talk about Locke and unLocke potentially merging. I think we’ve already seen the full extent of the “merge”. He retains Locke’s appearance, memories, and also language I guess, but not his will or desire.

    I completely agree with you about Ford not following blindly. Let’s not forget that he is a pretty skilled con man and may be tagging along with MIB for selfish reasons so that he can use the knowledge to his benefit.

    Not sure about it definitely being Jin instead of Sun, but MIB was right next to Sun near the statue, so if she was a candidate, why not recruit her right away? This would seem to indicate that it’s Jin.

    I don’t think that your name crossed off necessarily means that you’re a goner. Henderson is crossed off, but Rose is still alive (as far as we know) and so is Dogen. Burke is crossed off, but Juliet died at the same time Jacob did. he couldn’t have crossed off her name and we never saw MIB go to the cave before getting Ford. If he did, he would have crossed out Locke too. What I’m not convinced of is that the cave was only Jacob’s. It could belong to MIB or both of them.

  7. Lauren says:

    First of all, it’s amazing what men find sexy…Claire looked like a raging lunatic. Really Chris?? (kdg)

    It was great to see Peg Bundy again without her high hair and spandex. Question, in Timeline X, they are still very much together…didn’t they break up in the previous timeline (or 2 seasons ago)?

    Gotta love Hurley! I had a feeling that was his Hummer! And I loved the “douche” comment! It’s becoming clear that these people are all intertwined for a reason. Rose is another example. Ben teaching History is another. Another question: how did Locke go from temp work to substituting? Just like that. And was there any indication that Ben had that kind of background to be teaching History? Funny though, I can see it…

    (Real) Locke really is crazy! What parapelegic (spelling) tries to go on a “Walkabout” in the Outback??? It’s a WALKabout! AND tries to fake going to a conference for his own enjoyment! (who would do such a thing :)))

    Somehow, even though Peg (I mean Helen) ripped up Jack’s card, I still don’t think this story is over. I think Locke will eventually see Jack again either voluntarily or will bump into him randomly (or not so random).

    I agree that my theory about the blond boy is he is an older Aaron. I loved the way he pissed MIB off. Yes, there was a bit of the old Locke in that scene. What’s up with Sawyer being able to see him but not Richard??

    I could have bet a million bucks that Sawyer would have chosen to get off the island. I honestly don’t think he cares if MIB is a threat. He’s a tough cookie and we all know he won’t be killed. Please! I do think he truly wants off the island but he’s not stupid either. He’s trying to get as much info as he can at the same time.

    I don’t think they showed us all the names on the wall for a reason. They flashed it really quick. (though I didn’t watch it a 2nd time like some people:) Of the final “candidates,” I’m voting Hurley or Jack. And I think Kwon meant BOTH. I do think they will reunite. Though, I don’t believe those who are crossed out are dead or “taken over.” Perhaps they are just not in the running anymore as a candidate for whatever reasons….Ok, off to bed!

  8. cjblost says:

    Think about Charlize Theron in Monster…she’s “unattractive” yet you know she’s still really very attractive. That’s how I see infected Claire. LOL

    Yes, Peg Bundy (I mean Helen) and Locke did break up in the other timeline because he was obsessed with his dad who stole his kidney.

    I thought the leap from temp work to substituting was a bit odd as well and don’t have a solid explanation, but it was a nice way to integrate Ben into the mix. BTW – If the nuclear blast sunk the island back in 1977, then Ben would be in Davy Jones’s Locker because e was with The Others in the temple at the time, SO I do not believe that Jughead sunk the island.

    I had the same feeling about Locke running into Jack again, but that may be more wishful thinking on our part because we want to see a miracle for John.

    I think Sawyer can see “the kid” and not Richard because Sawyer is a “candidate”.

    Just noticed what time you posted your comment Lauren. Wow! You get no sleep either. 🙂

  9. Steve says:

    The young blonde boy i feel is a young Jacob, not an older Aaron…how would Aaron know the rules or be that old already?

    Substitute teaching is temp work so I didn’t think that was that weird…

    Sawyer is smart but he has also been through a lot. He may just seek the easiest least painful route much toour dismay…

    The whole Helen thing was weird to me too because the X timeline should not have necessarily changed any thing for them…and if Locke is still paralyzed, why is he on good terms with his father unless he is now paralyzed for a different reason, which would be a HUGE stretch in my opinion.

    Just a few thoughts…


  10. Kat says:

    Wait… whaaaaaaat?!?!
    All you did was basically reiterate what we already saw???
    I want your brilliant analysis(es)!!! Please!

    I’m not smart enough to analyze of my own accord.

  11. cjblost says:

    Kat, I was just telling my friend Caroline that my blogs suck this year because I’m in such a rush to get them out that they’re just recaps. LOL

    I promise to try and do better. 🙂

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