Destiny Found

I often hear people talk about how they’d do something differently if given the opportunity to change their past. Most times they say this out of a desire to avoid some negative experience that they’ve had to endure that they wish they could have avoided.

The problem is that without having that “negative” experience, people would never have the chance to realize what they want and don’t want in their lives.

Perhaps John Locke said it best in the Season Five episode ‘The Little Prince’, when he simply told Sawyer, “I needed that pain to get to where I am now.” He said this when Sawyer asked him why he didn’t try to go see himself in the past to “save himself a world of pain”.

For this reason, more than any other, I really don’t believe the LOST gang will end up in LAX without any memory of the things that have happened to them. They needed to experience everything we’ve seen in the first five seasons to become who they are today and to have that wiped clean would be somewhat of a cop-out in my opinion. Of course, this is LOST so perhaps they’d find some way to make it work for me.

It is more likely that they all jumped to 2007 and that either the bomb detonated or the white light we saw was just a flash. If the bomb exploded, fans will undoubtedly question how it’s possible that anyone on the island in 1977 could have survived.

Since I’m not a nuclear physicist nor an expert on super charged electro-magnetic pockets of energy buried beneath moveable islands, I’m not even going to try to come up with an answer. I trust in the fact that while this show is based on real human emotions, it is also a science fiction series and we have to watch with some degree of suspended disbelief…or is that suspended belief?

We won’t know what happened for sure until season six begins in January of 2010, but we do know that the tagline for the final season of LOST is ‘Destiny Found’.

I’m sure we’ll get lots of answers and that a few answers will still be left out there for us to conclude on our own, but I trust we’ll get to find out pretty quickly in season six if the following statements are true or false:

“Whatever happened…happened.” – Faraday
“What’s done is done.” – Sawyer
“Maybe we were never meant to be.” – Juliet
“If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.” – Jack

Personally, I think Miles had it right when he said that maybe the best thing they could do was absolutely nothing and that their attempts to change the past are actually what caused “The Incident” all along. I do not believe that Richard Alpert actually watched them all die in 1977. I believe that he assumed they all died because of their proximity to The Swan at the time of “The Incident”.

So much has been written about the finale already, so instead of recapping and repeating things you may have already read about, I’m going to do what I did at the end of Season Three and try to provide a character-by-character status update.

Jack: His beliefs are still a little misguided, but at least he finally believes in more than just science. The fact that he wants to wipe out everything that has happened to them (FIX THINGS) shows that he doesn’t understand what the experience has given him. Despite that, he still utters the phrase, “If it’s meant to be, it’ll be” in reference to the possibility of being together with Kate if he erases the fact that they met as a result of the crash. In terms of his personal development, he is almost there.

Locke: I don’t know how I feel yet about the fact that he is really dead. It makes much more sense than resurrecting, but it’s still kind of sad. It would seem that he really was a pawn in some kind of game between Jacob and his nemesis.

Sawyer: I personally love where they’ve taken his character. He has truly found happiness with Juliet and now that may have been stripped away from him. The approach he took to sit down with Jack and try to talk things through showed tremendous growth for both of them and it’s something I waited for a long time. The fact that he shared the story of how his parent’s died with Jack to try and put things in perspective for him, showed he really did care. The fact that they got into a fight afterwards doesn’t bother me at all because it was LONG overdue and I’d argue that it has made them even closer. However, now that Juliet is probably dead, he may have those same vengeful feelings he had when his parent’s dies.

Sayid: Shot by Roger Linus, he may likely die. I’m not sure where else they can take his character, but I’m also not loving where he has ended up. Was his destiny to prep the bomb for detonation on impact? He has lost Nadia, Shannon, and then Nadia again (in a scene that rivaled the death of Juliet’s ex-husband). He cannot catch a break and seemingly has nothing left to live for.

Kate: As much as I dislike her character overall, she has definitely made great leaps in terms of changing the way she thinks and acts. I just want to smack her every time she is around Sawyer though, especially when he is with Juliet. Make up your freaking mind already Freckles! Frankly, they could both do better and have with Juliet.

Juliet: Okay, if she detonated the bomb, which I believe didn’t initially explode because it fell into a mud puddle caused by the water used to cool the drill head, then I believe that one of two things have occurred. If it exploded, she’s dead and if she flashed to 2007, she’s dead because she’ll likely be buried beneath concrete used to seal up the opening in the pocket of electro-magnetic energy Radzinsky and crew tapped into. Great scene with Sawyer when she fell and my explanation for her surviving the fall is akin to the bomb itself…she landed in a bunch of mud. Also, let’s not forget that Locke survived and eight story “fall” from an office building.

Hurley: We now know why he came back to the island. He feels like he’s been cursed even before he came to the island because of the numbers. It took a complete stranger (Jacob) to convince him that he’s looking at it the wrong way and that he is actually very special. He has a gift and he is now determined to find a way to use his gift to help others. What in the guitar case? Everyone keeps asking that question, but maybe the answer is simple and it’s actually a freaking guitar!

Miles: It was nice that he was able to learn why his father (Pierre Chang) sent baby Miles and his mother away from the island. I also thought it was great that he helped save his father when his arm was pinned during “The Incident”. Is it possible that his arm was spared as a result of Miles helping him and that he won’t need a prosthetic? I’m not sure where else his story will go now, but I’d like to see him work with Hurley some more.

Jin/Sun (Ji Yeon): They’ve been apart for three years now. If you need a reminder of just how far this couple has changed, go back and re-watch season one. I still don’t completely understand why Sun would leave Ji Yeon knowing that she may never return, but I know I’m looking forward to their reunion. Yes, I believe there WILL be one. Sun played a pretty minor part in the finale, but I am so glad that someone found the ring that Charlie left for turnip head (Aaron). It really bothered me that they never showed Claire finding it.

Rose/Bernard: I’m still LMAO at their welcome back scene. Rose delivered some of the best lines of the finale and Bernard’s savage look was classic. I’d still bet that they will somehow end up as the Adam/Eve skeletons in the caves, but I also think their basic storyline may be over. How much do you think Juliet wanted to just stay with them? It looked like it almost hurt her to walk away from them.

Ben: Oh how the mighty hath fallen! The “what about me” speech he delivered to Jacob was so childlike and primal, that it may have been the most truthful revelation of emotion we’ve seen from his character. Like Locke, it’d be a shame if he is nothing more than a pawn in a game between Jacob and his nemesis.

Jacob: “Anything that happens before that is just progress.” What is he trying to prove to his nemesis? Is it that he believes humanity is basically good? He seems to have somehow drawn everyone to the island, including the crew of the Black Rock, by visiting them off island and touching them both literally and figuratively. See more on my analysis of Jacob and his nemesis in the last blog post (

Jacob’s Nemesis (also possibly The Smoke Monster and others): “They come, fight, destroy, it always ends the same.” He seems to have no faith in humanity and may very well be the puppet master behind the fate of some of our favorite characters. Is it just because he wants to keep proving Jacob wrong or simply because he wanted to find the loophole necessary to kill Jacob? He appears to have succeeded by visually appearing as Locke (as well as others) and by playing with Ben’s emotions. Could he have also been Christian Shepherd, Yemi, Alex, etc.?

Richard Alpert: We discovered that he never seems to age as a result of something Jacob has done to him. I would still love to see an origins story for Richard and think it’d be a great way to start the final season.

Ilana (and Bram): So are they good or bad? They don’t work for Widmore and it seems that Jacob and Ilana have a “past” of some sort. What was up with her face in the flash back where he elicited her assistance? From the way it looks right now, it seems that Ben was definitely not responsible for hiring her to get Sayid to go back to the island. We know very little about Bram and he doesn’t seem all that interesting to me anyway.

Claire (Aaron): When the heck are we going to see her again and more importantly, when is she going to get on the helicopter as Desmond foresaw in season three? C’mon already! Charlie died because he believed that Claire and Aaron would be rescued if he sacrificed himself.

Dr. Pierre Chang: He seems like a pretty decent guy…very uptight, but mostly just misunderstood. Assuming, everything happened as it was always supposed to happen, I don’t think we’ll see much more of his story. The blanks have pretty much been filled in for us with the DHARMA Initiative and as soon as we find out what exactly happened when we saw the flash, I think we’ll have a clue as to how everything else will play out. Of course, if the future has changed, we may have a lot more to see of Dr. Chang.

Stuart Radzinsky: Again, assuming that everything happened as it was always supposed to happen, Stuart is destined to complete The Swan Station and eventually blow his brains out on its ceiling. Farewell, you psychopath!

Desmond/Penny (Charlie Hume): I missed them in the finale and I’m wondering what’s next for my favorite LOST couple and their son? I am certain that their story is not over.

Walt: Is his story really over? The executive producers seem to have brushed him off with the meeting he had with Locke, but they still had him mention the dreams he had of the Ajira folks trying to kill Locke, so who knows!

Charles Widmore: Is he good or bad? I know I haven’t liked him since the MacCutcheon incident with Desmond, but who knows what his real intentions are?

Eloise Hawking: She easily wins the most screwed up mom of all time award! I’m concluding this blog with her to repeat the line she said to Penny, “For the first time in a long time, I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”


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