I Watched Them All Die

First things first…according to the latest LOST Podcast, there was a scene cut out from last week’s episode which better explains why Faraday was so convinced that he could change the future. In the scene, he dropped a pebble into a stream and explained how small changes don’t really affect things too much. Then, he dropped a huge stone into the stream. The water splashed onto the side banks and there was even enough displaced water to start a new stream off the first one. Faraday’s theory is that the small choices that people make in the past can easily be course corrected and follow the rules of relativistic physics, but if drastic choices are made that have an extreme change on the past, then they could affect the future.

It would seem that since he is now dead, the future is still set in stone and perhaps the things that we see Jack, Sayid, Eloise, and Richard working on (trying to detonate Jughead) all actually happened already and we still won’t see a changed future.

Richard Alpert made it clear to Sun and Locke in 2007 that he watched “them” all die. He was speaking about Jack, Kate, Hurley, and the rest of the gang stuck back in 1977. It would seem that Sawyer, Juliet, and surprise, Kate, are heading to safety on the sub, but the preview for the finale clearly shows them back on the island trying to stop Jack.

My feeling is that everything is still happening exactly as it always has, BUT something will change during the 2-hour finale that will set the stage for the ultimate cliffhanger and then eight dreadful months of waiting for the final season.

Here are some of the things we learned:

– Eloise and Charles have a complicated love relationship.

– Eloise believes Jack completely, BUT she may be using the information for her own interests. Widmore does not seem happy about the decision.

– Stuart Radzinsky is an asshole and Phil is no better. I predict that Sawyer will eventually kill Phil for hitting Juliet.

– Sayid and Jack are in this together because Sayid feels that the worst thing that can happen is that they will be out of their misery. Kate does not think it’s a great idea and went back to the others.

– Sawyer and Juliet seem to really be in love and I kind of like their relationship. Sawyer even told Juliet that he should have listened to her three years earlier and gotten on that sub, but if he had they may never have fallen in love.

– Damn Kate for getting on the sub! She did have a good line tonight though, “Since when did killing kids and blowing up hydrogen bombs become okay.”

– Miles, Hurley and Jin are trying to get to the beach and Chang now knows the truth about them and his relationship to Miles. I love the way Change questioned Hurley into submission, especially the “who is the President” part because Hurley was actually worried someone would ask him that question when they first joined the DHARMA Initiative.

– It was nice that Miles got to see the real reason his dad “abandoned” him and his mother. He was only trying to protect them and had to yell at his wife in order to get her on the sub and save her.

– How crazy is it that Jughead is actually buried below Dharmaville in “the tunnels”?

– Absolutely LOVE the scene where Locke tells Alpert to help the other Locke, ummm, you know, the same Locke, but different time, ummm, well actually same time, but different linear time Locke. You know what I mean…the Locke when his leg had been shot and he told him to tell Locke that in order to bring everybody back, he’d have to die. Closing the gaps and filling in the pieces. Now we know how Alpert knew where and when to find him.

– It was great that Alpert seemed so relieved that Locke didn’t have to die until he told him that he actually did wind up dying.

– The island and Locke seem completely in tune with each other now and I guess Jacob is in trouble once The Others “see” him. Locke is definitely a changed man because he died and is alive again, I guess you can make a case that his transformation may be the biggest one of all the characters, but I’d argue that with one other character.

– When Jack said, “this is our destiny”, it was like the circle completing itself. What a transformation! I’d argue there is no other character on the show that has changed more than he has. IF he wipes out everything that happens in the future though, he will never go through the misery he needs in order to experience that life altering change. Remember that Locke said earlier this season that he needed to experience the pain he went through in order to become who he is today? It’s the same with all of the characters.

That thought that everyone needed to experience everything they’ve gone through ultimately leads me to believe that they will not be able to change whatever happens with regards to “The Incident”. Bear in mind that the “incident” could have always been the H-bomb or it could have been the electromagnetic energy escaping from The Swan site.

This show is so heavily steeped in philosophical mind fucks that it makes me think about the crap I have gone through in my life and actually appreciate it more. Books have done that for me before and I have walked out of movies feeling like what I just witnessed somehow changed my way of thinking. Now I can say the same thing about a bloody TV show!


5 Responses to I Watched Them All Die

  1. jack says:

    will john locke kill jacob? When Jacob tells john “help me” maybe he means set him free from whatever is trapping him there? In sense killing Jacob will set Jacob free. That could be why Ben looks terrified at the end of the episode, because he knows the power jacob has if were to be set free. main character is suppose to die maybe jacob kills locke personally i hope jack ass gets the boot

  2. Caroline says:

    I think you’re right…I think the H-bomb is the incident. It will set everything in motion. The thing that they are going to do (detonnate the bomb) will be the thing that does change their lives forever, for the better. Why would Sawyer want to go back to what he was pre-island? Why you Kate want to go back to being in custody? Why would Locke want to go back to the wheelchair? They don’t. The thing that Jack thinks is causing all this misery in his life is probably the best thing that ever happened to him so far.

  3. Ken says:

    I agree with your Sawyer prediction… when he makes that kind of statement he seems to mean it. See “You and me, we ain’t finished, Zeke”.

  4. Jeff says:

    Great recap as usual.

    Totally agree with you and your friends that the 815-ers probably won’t be able to change what’s already happened and negate what they’ve learned about themselves and others from the island and after being rescued. Jack forgets sometimes that he’s really the only one that can go back to a normal life if this all never happened. Kate goes to jail, Rose and Bernie go home to Rose’s worsening cancer, Sun and Jin never reconcile and therefore never have a child. Claire has to give her baby up for adoption. The list goes on and on. Stop and think a second Jack-o!

    Just 2 thoughts from me this time around.

    -I keep letting it slip my mind that Locke is…umm…, well he’s DEAD. I tend to take it for granted since he’s walking around the island again talking to people and they, in turn, are responsive to him. This makes him appear to be reincarnated on the island somehow….but for all we know he’s as dead (on the island and off) as Dr. Christian Shepherd. Locke just chooses to interact with larger groups of people and more frequently than Shepherd chooses to. Mark my words…he dead! All of the island’s dead rules apply.

    -Locke becoming leader, to me, seems akin to the origins of that not-so-very elusive compass. With the compass, we’ve seen Alpert hand it to Locke…Locke hand it to Alpert…than back to Locke and so on…but really it’s just an item floating in time. Locke is leader right now because he went back in time and told Richard he was going to be. Later Alpert allows him to be leader because Locke told Alpert he would be. John’s leadership exists because of the thought he planted in time, much like a compass.

    If you recall, he’s also gone back in time and uttered things about Jacob. I think that Locke has just figured out what I also suspect to be true ….that there is NO Jacob, and there never was! The thought of Jacob exists because he planted that thought there with everyone…. In the 50’s…and 70’s…and wherever else he time-traveled to and mentioned Jacob’s name. John finally had that corroborated for him when he double checked with Ben that they had never seen or heard this ‘Jacob’. Look for Locke to ‘Kill Jacob’ by killing everyone’s preconceived idea of who/what Jacob really is without ever seeing or hearing him, when he reveals that there never was a Jacob. Just a voice in a cabin that whispered ‘Help Me’ to a disoriented Locke…and a silhouette in a rocking chair that could have been a figment of anyones imagination..or on this kooky island a mere smoke-monster manifestation perhaps.

  5. Simone says:

    As far as Locke was told he had to die in order to bring the Oceanic & back and save everyone by Alpert and now we discovert that Alpert had instructions by a fake John Locke-Esau, it seems that Sawyer was right: there was no need to come back to the island because everyone was doing fine. And for the second time in his life John is conned by someone (the kidney before, a supposed salvation now) because he’s a man of faith and believed it was supposed to do so.

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