Don’t Forget the Variables

Variables and Constants, Free Will versus Fate. LOST is an entire television novel that centers on those main themes. Tonight’s episode raised the bar even further if we stop and ask ourselves these questions…

Can you imagine going through your entire adult life with the knowledge that the son you are raising will someday travel back to a time before he was born when a younger version of yourself would shoot and kill him not knowing who he was? Can you imagine consciously making decisions that lead your son toward that eventual fate when you have the opportunity to change it?

As of right now, the show is still sticking to the idea of whatever happened, happened. Daniel eloquently speaks about relativistic physics and explains that he spent so much time focusing on the constants that he forgot the variables. People are the variables with their ability to make their own choices because of free will.

Why would Eloise choose to lead Daniel to his ultimate fate? His dying words to her were so sad, “You knew this was going to happen and you sent me here anyway!” Ouch! Forgetting about why for now and just accepting the fact that she did what she did, we now also understand more clearly why she tried to make sure that Desmond didn’t buy the ring for Penny in ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’ (Season 3). She knew everything that would happen. She knew Desmond had to be the Swan Station button pusher so that he would mistakenly crash Oceanic Flight 815 and eventually implodes the hatch causing an electromagnetic anomaly that helps Widmore’s freighter people (including Daniel) find the island.

So many little pieces of the puzzle are in place now and it’s all leading to a climactic eight month hiatus when we’ll be pulling our hair out wondering if the future can in fact be changed.

What We Learned:

– Daniel Faraday is the son of both Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore, making him Penny’s half-brother.

– We now have a better understanding as to why Daniel was crying when he saw the fake Oceanic 815 wreckage and how he was talked into getting on the freighter.

– Daniel’s memory loss began when he performed tests on himself before rendering his research assistant/girlfriend, Teresa, comatose. We also know that the island was healing Daniel’s memory loss.

– Jack is going to think his destiny is…to detonate Jughead in an effort to negate the electromagnetic energy under the Swan Station to change the future.

– We saw an extended Season 5 opening scene from a different perspective and know that Pierre Chang has knowledge that Daniel and Miles (at a minimum) are from the future. Yes, he said he doesn’t believe, but he will.

– Eloise uses a mother’s secret weapon on Daniel, even when he’s an adult…the guilt trip. He even asks her, “when will it be enough?” and she just continues to push him. He just wants to make his mother proud of him.

– I thought the message inside the notebook Eloise gave Daniel was very reminiscent of the letter from Penny that Desmond found in his book. Eloise’s note read, “No matter what, remember, I will always love you.”

– Juliet and Sawyer are in big trouble with the DHARMA folks and I’m guessing that Miles and Hurley will be too. I hope someone looks in the guitar case before the season ends.

– Despite his intention to NOT warn young Charlotte about coming back to the island, Daniel does so anyway because he believes he’s found a way to change the future.

– There are only four hours remaining until “The Incident” at The Swan.

– “The Incident” is the catalyst for the entire chain of events that leads to cementing the electromagnetic energy with concrete, diffusing it’s build up every 108-minutes by pushing the button, and all of the events that we have seen in the series thus far.

– Desmond is alive and my favorite couple on TV is still together. He represents the one variable that gave Daniel hope. Daniel changed the future by talking to Desmond in the past and it became a new memory for Desmond. There is hope left for free will.

– Erasing everything that happened is insane, but so is disappearing off a plane and ending up in 1977.

Eloise said it best, “For the first time in a long time, I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

Next week we “Follow the Leader”. It’s supposed to be somewhat Richard Alpert-centric. Then…the season five finale.


5 Responses to Don’t Forget the Variables

  1. Caroline says:

    Great recap…the scene with Daniel and a young Eloise really got me. It still confuses me, but it killed me.

  2. Jeff says:

    Great episode.

    A few thoughts.

    -This show seems like it’s becoming divided by two distinct groups of people. One group that knows what happened in the past and are doing everything in their power to CHANGE IT and another group that knows what happened in the past and are doing everything in their power to make sure it STILL HAPPENS the same way. Almost like the debate over ‘pushing the button’ or ‘not pushing the button’. Do we keep sending these people to the island so that history keeps happening the way it always did….or do we just sit back and let fate work it out.

    Should people like Daniel just be left alone to learn to be great piano players and settle down and raise a family with the ones they love when their fate is already supposedly etched in stone? Or should the powers that be be making sure Daniel becomes a scientist and reject all other extraneous activity?

    -Yes, the island WAS healing Daniel’s noggin’. I guess that’s why when he and Charlotte first landed on the island last season she was testing his basic memory skills and saying he was getting better. I thought she was testing some kind of latent psychic abilities. Wrong-o!

    -Was I the only one yelling at the TV when the nurse suggested that lil Charlie could be left with her in the waiting room while Penny went in to see Desmond. I thought for sure Mrs. Hawking was gonna snatch him right up. That couple has been through too much.

    Why the hell did Mrs. Hawking even go visit Penny and Desmond in the hospital? Did I miss something?
    -Is Desmond and Penny’s ‘Lil’ Charlie’ & ‘Charlie Pace’ the same Charlie? Is he Charles Whidmore..and infact his own grandfather? Is he both? Am I certifiably insane? I’ll keep asking every 5 episodes. That being said…………

    -Fine I’ll admit it! I was completely wrong about Hawking and Whidemore being sister and brother and they really were a hot item at one point. My question now becomes ‘Who is Penny’s mum?’…does it matter?

    -Now Faraday has got Jack and crew trying to detonate an H-BOMB to make sure the incident doesn’t happen. I’m starting to think them detonating the H-BOMB will wind up being THE incident and that it always was.

    -Once and for all, can everyone just STICK TOGETHER and communicate with each other! Now Sawyer and Juliet, Hurley and Miles are on one side of the island while Kate, Jack and probably Sayid are gonna be on another side….and where did the decision to stay (with a tied up Phil in his closet no less) get Sawyer anyway?…probably running into the jungle after ‘Team Jack’. Not to mention ‘Team Locke’ whose in a completely different decade.

    -Jack, Daniel, and Kate got a chance to be part of a great shoot-out. Fun!

    -What’s gonna change Dr. Chang’s mind and make him believe Faraday was telling him the truth about having to evacuate the island? Once he realizes…what will become of his relationship with adult Miles? Is adult Miles’ days numbered? When is
    Dr. Chang/Halliwax/Candle gonna lose that arm? I want answers!?

    Maybe I say it every week, but I mean it when I say last night’s episode was one of THE best ever!

    Can’t wait ’til next week. It looks action-packed!


  3. cjblost says:

    Great additions Jeff. Caroline, I’m right with you. it really got me too. I liked Daniel Faraday’s character a lot and feel really badly for him, but his destiny was to fill up that notebook and i think it’s going to come in very handy!

    One thing I forgot to include was that we learned where Charlotte’s last words came from. Right before she died she said something along the lines of, “I’m not allowed to eat chocolate before dinner.” This is exactly what she said to Daniel when she was just a young child on a swing. Awesome writing and tremendous acting once again.

  4. Dana says:

    What about the guitar case?

  5. cjblost says:

    In listening to the LOST audio podcasts, I heard we’ll learn what made Hurley change his mind and get on the plane as well as why he’s carrying what looks like Charlie’s guitar case.

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