What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue?

I consider this one of those set-up episodes. It was a necessary precursor to prepare us for the events of the three final episodes of season five, which begins in two weeks with the 100th episode of the series called, ‘The Variable’. This next episode will undoubtedly focus on Daniel Faraday who made his return from Ann Arbor, Michigan, along with other scientists. The episode promises to follow in the footsteps of my all-time favorite episode from Season 4 titled, ‘The Constant”. You may remember that the episode ended with Daniel writing, “Desmond in my constant” in his notebook.

Enough jumping ahead though! ‘Some Like It Hoth” contained plenty of information and hints as to what’s ahead and lots of Easter Eggs for the diehard fans to enjoy…

– The episode starts with a digital clock showing 3:16, which just happens to be the number of the Ajira Flight.

– Young Miles hears a dead man calling out to a woman named Kimberly from behind room #4 (one of the numbers).

– Miles enters room #4 by using a key hidden under a White Rabbit, which is another Alice in Wonderland reference and also a season one episode title. Not to mention we’ve seen time travel experiments done with the fury, oops need my spell check, furry little animals.

– Sawyer asks Miles to erase video #4 to hide that he helped Kate bring Ben to the Hostiles (Others).

– The dead man that Miles has to bring to Pierre Cheng at The Orchid was killed while digging a ditch near The Swan construction site. The electromagnetic force in that area yanked a filling right out of the man’s tooth and through his skull.

– Miles and Hurley swap stories of their communications with dead people. Well, Hurley shares a lot more than Miles, but we see a lot more of what Miles can do via his flashbacks.

– Miles felt bad for Mr. Gray and told him that his dead son, Russell Gray, always knew that his father loved him. Later on, because he was upset about his own father, Miles returned to tell the man the truth and that he should have told his son that he loved him while he was still alive.

– Naomi Dorritt makes a flashback return to show how and why Miles was recruited by Widmore. The scene where Miles spoke with the dead body (Felix) in the restaurant would seem to prove that Charles Widmore is indeed the person responsible for staging the fake Oceanic Flight 815 crash since he was delivering pictures of empty graves and a purchase order for an old Oceanic airplane. Some people still believe it was Ben who staged the fake plane recovery and technically it could still be either one if perhaps Ben was blackmailing Widmore or something.

– We find out where the $3.2 million comes from. Half of it, $1.6 million, is offered to Miles by Widmore via Naomi and when Miles is taken into the van he says that he’ll side with them if they pay him double.

– The guy in the van who speaks with Miles is named Bram and he is the same guy on the beach with Ilana in the previous episode. They both ask the same question, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” Very interesting indeed. Bram also says that Miles is playing for the wrong team and that his team is going to win.

– Pierre Cheng threatens Hurley with polar bear poop weighing duty (no pun intended) on Hydra Island if Hurley talks about the dead body. I came very close to naming this blog post, “That douche is my dad”, but resisted the temptation.

– “Love Will Keep Us Together” and “It Never Rains in Southern California” are the two songs playing in DHARMA mini bus as Hurley and Miles cruise around the island. Just thought I’d mention that.

– There seems to be some Egyptian history lessons being taught at DHARMA Elementary. I got this much before Jack erased it all:

    – Old Egyptian – 2600 BC to 2000 BC
    – Middle Egyptian – 2000 BC to 1300 BC
    – Late Egyptian – 1300 BC to 700 BC

– Roger Linus is on to Kate’s involvement in “kidnapping” Ben and I don’t think Jack defused the situation at all. Now that Phil has the tape showing Sawyer helping Kate and Sawyer and Juliet are tying him up after knocking him out, the polar bear shit is about to hit the fan!

– Great scene showing “the numbers” stamped on to the hatch door of The Swan station during construction and Hurley explaining that there will be some sort of accident (The Incident), which will require them to build a computer that will require them to enter the numbers in every 108 minutes (the sum of 4+8+15+16+23+42). No, Hurley didn’t say that last part.

– Sci-fi geeks everywhere have to be cheering about the conversations surrounding ‘Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back’. Sure, it’s pretty funny that Hurley wants to help George Lucas with the sequel to the original Star Wars, but let’s not forget that Hurley wanted to add in a few improvements. He lectured Miles and said that if Luke (Skywalker) dropped his attitude and had simply communicated with his dad (Darth Vader) to gave him a second chance instead of acting all immature and eventually getting his arm cut off, then maybe we wouldn’t have had to deal with the Ewoks in the next movie and we all know that “The Ewoks sucked, dude!” What’s even more interesting about this is that we know that Pierre Cheng is going to lose HIS arm at some point because as Marvin Candle in The Swan Orientation video, he was wearing a prosthetic. The plot thickens.

– I was glad to see that Miles saw his dad sitting with baby Miles on his lap reading.

Okay, so no new episode next week, but I will be posting another blog. I actually have it written already and it’s all about Egyptian gods and goddesses. I’ve read (and seen) some interesting stuff lately and feel like sharing. In the meantime, I leave you with this cool theory on the whereabouts of Rose and Bernard in case you haven’t seen it already:

– Remember the “Adam and Eve” skeletons in the cave with the black and white gemstones from Season 1? Perhaps Rose/Bernard sought refuge there after the flaming arrow attack and eventually died. It doesn’t explain the black and white gemstones (unless you count that Rose is black and Bernard is white), but it’s still an intriguing thought. So where does this theory stem from?

In season three episode ‘Not in Portland’ when Karl (Alex’s boyfriend) was in Room 23 enduring a Clockwork Orange kind of torture, a voice can be heard, which played backwards says, “Only Fools are enslaved by space and time”. That’s pretty old news, BUT this could be an anagram for “Bones of Nadler’s may lay lost deep in cave.” Nadler is Rose and Bernard’s last name.


7 Responses to What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue?

  1. Steve says:

    I guess it was Tom Friendly who got to Felix before Felix got to Widmore with the photos. That is probably how he got the photos to show Michael in the NYC apartment just before getting it on with his latin lover…

    I too have thought about Adam and Eve being Rose and Bernard but do not have a fancy anagram to back it up.

    What lies in the shadow of the statue? I would really like to know.

    Kate is still an asshole.

    I miss Sayid.

    When the f*ck did Daniel leave the island? Am I mistaken of wasn’t he in the same time as Sawyer(LaFleur) and crew?

    Great show…and go easy on the Ewoks…the rebels didn’t stand a chance without their rocks and logs.

  2. Ken says:

    Pretty good episode, but as a Star Wars geek I must protest. Vader cut off Luke’s hand BEFORE delivering the news that he (Vader) was Luke’s father. And Luke’s communicating in Jedi was pretty much completely responsible for overthrowing the whole Empire – so Hurley kinda missed the point ; ) Geek out.

  3. LOTGK says:

    The clock displaying 3:16 can also be from the bible, John, 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  4. cjblost says:

    I’m loving the comments… : )

    Steve, I’m assuming Daniel left the island in 1974 about a week or so after “LaFleur” had his discussion with Alpert. Remember that Juliet was going to leave too, but Sawyer talked her into staying for a little while. The little while turned into three years! Sorry about the Ewoks, but that was damn funny.

    Ken, great point about Luke’s forearm being cut off B4 the daddy news. I guess I’m allowing myself to think like Hurley a bit much. he just wants everyone to get along and wishes Vader and Luke had done so much sooner so they could avoid all the destruction that was to follow (and the Ewoks).

    LOTGK, yes 3:16 could be from the bible, which was speculated prior to the episode titled 316, but after that it seems to refer primarily to the Ajira Flight. I like the idea of the double-meaning though, especially once we discovered that “John” Locke resurrected.

  5. Jeff says:

    Great recap as usual….

    It’s going to be too long of a wait for me for another new episode of Lost so i figured I’d leave a few extra thoughts.

    -Mr. Gray was a name I remember from both the Stephen King novel/movie ‘Dreamcather’ and his other work ‘It’. ‘It’ is only about 1 of 3 Stephen King films that I actually enjoyed (and hear the books are always so much better) but I still couldn’t tell you if there’s any hidden meaning there besides just another of 100s of ‘Lost’ Stephen King nods.

    -The name ‘Bram’ immediately reminded me of ‘Bram Stoker’ famous horror/thriller writer most known for his ‘Dracula’ stories. I googled the name ‘Bram’ and scattered in with Bram Stoker I found the name ‘Bram Cohen’ a computer programmer who came up with a computer file sharing program called ‘BitTorrent’. Incidentally born in 1975. Not much there, just made my mind wander to the idea that maybe that Lost’s Bram was also born in the mid to late 70s..on our island. Very ‘straw-grasping’ of me…. I know.

    -I’m with you on that ‘Rose/Bernhard are the skeletons in the cave’ theory. For the longest time I have been trying to concoct a theory in which Rose & Bernhard some how became trapped in time when the time travel flips occurred and therefore are a time enomally that never existed in the real world but I keep hitting a wall when I recall they did have a flashback from the ‘real world’ which would put them off the island at some point.

    -I’m also still peddling the idea that Hurly will be responsible for his own tainted ‘numbers’ once this is all over. Try to bear with me on this one. We alrjust learned that he was in 1977 to see the numbers first stamped on the hatch door. I got the feeling that the worker dictating those numbers might have been ordered to mark that hatch with them than committed them to memory. My theory starts at the numbers being the island’s geological coordinates…that were than used for that hatch door, and subsequently the computer password inside said hatch. Hurly sees the numbers being etched on the door in 1977 and also on the finished hatch in present day…not only that, he also hears Rousseiu’s coordinate transmissions which were also overheard by those guys Sam & Leonard ( the latter..Hurly’s nutjob friend from Santa Rosa) when they were monitoring radio transmissions. None of those instances are very odd at all..they’re all related for a reason. The only coincidences than become Hurly’s lottery winnings due to using said numbers and the numbers appearing in strange places like his gas gauge et. al. I do know from my own life, though, that if numbers become important to me for some reason they just start ‘popping up’…mostly because I’m, subconsciously looking for them to. The numbers 911 never had any significance for me, but since the towers came down…I swear to you I can’t look at a clock from 9am -10am or from 9pm – 10pm without seeing 9:11 on it. Meaningful bunch o’ creepyness or am I just accidentally seeing those numbers now that they mean something to me?

    Whew….thanks for posting, and letting me check in with some dopey ideas.


  6. cjblost says:

    Great insights Jeff! I’m counting the seconds until next week’s episode. I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one!!!

  7. BMW 740 says:

    Wonderful insight:-)

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