Our Mutual Friend

That was one of the most informative episodes of LOST in five seasons. The pieces were flying together and the best piece of information is that the Hume family seems to be intact. Obviously Desmond was shot, but I’m assuming it wasn’t much more than a flesh wound.

The fact that they named their boat “Our Mutual Friend” is why I love this show so much. I’m sure most of you will recall that Desmond has read everything written by Charles Dickens except for “Our Mutual Friend” and that Penny had written a love letter to Desmond and hid it inside the book prior to him going off to prison. He actually never started to read it until that desperate moment in The Swan station that occurred seconds before he heard Locke banging on the hatch door above. It all comes together.

The episode opens with a 1977 version of Charles Widmore riding a horse to the Hostiles camp in order to confront Richard Alpert about trying to heal 12-year old Benjamin Linus. He is angry until Alpert tells him that Jacob wanted it done. When Ben and Charles speak for the first time and Ben says he wants to be one of them and doesn’t want to go back to his dad and the DHARMA Initiative, Widmore says something along the lines of, “Just because you’re living with them, doesn’t mean you can’t be one of us.” This is very similar in meaning to Jack’s tattoo, which means, “He walks among us, but he is not one of us.” I’m not sure if that was done on purpose, but I thought it was a pretty cool coincidence.

So what did we learn?

– Ben talked Locke out of killing himself so that he could get information out of him, but says he knew that Locke would “resurrect”. He explained his look of shock by telling Locke that it is one thing to believe, but another thing to see it.

– Ben was actually sent to kill Danielle Rousseau, but decided to spare her when he saw she had a baby. He took the baby (Alex) and told Rousseau to be grateful that she was alive and to run the other way anytime she heard whispers. When Widmore became upset that Ben didn’t kill Rousseau or the baby, Ben challenged him by asking if that’s what Jacob wanted. Alpert seemed very pleased by Ben’s decision. This scene showing that Ben spared the lives of Rousseau and Alex was great foreshadowing for the scene when he was about to shoot Penny and spared her when he saw little Charlie Hume.

– Locke has now assumed the leadership role from Ben, but not before Ben shoots and kills Caesar while taking a boat to get to the main island. Before Ben was even told to listen to everything Locke has to say, he starts to do so anyway and it is driving him mad because, for once in his life, he didn’t have the answers.

– Ben and Locke find Sun and Lapidus in Ben’s house and now Locke and Ben know that the rest of the LOSTies are in the DHARMA Initiative circa 1977. Sun and Lapidus are understandably freaked out that Locke is even alive, but were told by Christian to wait for Locke. Sun decides to stay, but Lapidus goes back to the Hydra Island where we have a new question being asked by the new Ajira leader, Ilana – “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” We can presume she’s talking about the four-toed statue, but who knows right now.

– We saw how Ben supposedly summoned the monster back when he called it to get the men from the freighter. Crawl into a tunnel with Egyptian writing on it, reach into the mud, turn some sort of drain and empty the water. The monster didn’t come, but I’m sure that’s because it needed to judge Ben near the temple grounds, or more precisely, under the wall that is providing protection to the temple only a half mile away.

– Ben banishes Widmore from the island for “breaking the rules”, which he also did himself. He accused Widmore of repeatedly leaving the island and fathering a child (Penny) with an island outsider. Widmore asks Ben what right he has to take what is his, but Ben uses Jacob and the island to justify his actions and says that he won’t make the same mistakes as Widmore because he will sacrifice anything.

– Ben tells Sun that he’s never seen the island do anything like it has with Locke (resurrecting him) and that it scares the living hell out of him.

– Ben asks Sun to do him a favor and tell Desmond Hume that he’s sorry if she ever gets off the island. He does this before going to face the monster while we still don’t know what happened on the docks. Even though the monster doesn’t kill him, I feel that Ben will definitely die before the series concludes next year. He needs to fulfill his purpose first and that is to serve Locke or be killed by the monster.

– The monster appears as smoke AND as Alex similar to the way it appeared as Yemi to Mr. Eko before killing him. We also see the location where the monster originates from and the hieroglyphs above show an Egyptian god (same one as the statue) summoning the monster.

Look, I know a lot of people are turned off by the smoke monster, but while this show is a very character driven drama, it is also science fiction that is based on scientific theories and ancient religious beliefs. We still don’t know the name of the Egyptian god, but we are getting closer.

With the show wrapping up Season Five in only 4 more episodes and next year being the last season, I can finally see the light. I want to speculate about who is in the body bag shown in the previews, but I actually think I know who it is and don’t want to spoil anything if I’m right. I’ll say this though…if I’m right, the female fan base may severely diminish.


3 Responses to Our Mutual Friend

  1. Kat says:

    Hey Speedy Gonzalez~
    How didja get this done so faaaaaaast?!?!

  2. Jeff says:

    Great Great.

    Good call on the ‘Our Mutual Friend’ boat nickname…book relationship…and unread note. We never heard what was in that note, correct? Somethign to look foreward to I’m sure.

    This show’s twists and turns never let me down. Sucks to think we have less than 20-25 episodes left in the whole series.

    I LOVE the healthy balance of Religion, Faith…Sci Fi, and Sci Fact in this show! Wouldn’t change a thing..it keeps me guessing.

    -Locke is back to acting like the cool omnipotent wizard I thought he was in the first few episodes of season 1. I love him when he’s not cowering and begging before anyone that’ll hear him out.

    -This is the first time we’ve seen Ben’s manipulations at work. If I’m not mistaken. He told Sun something completely different than he told Locke about how surprised he was with how things turned out upon their arrival on the island. I’ll have to review that scene…but it all seemed kinda contradictory to me.

    I have absolutely no clue who’s in that body bag…and I’m totally excited to see it unzipped, more so now that you’ve specualted a bit.

    -Ilana sounded pretty ‘island native’ when she was yapping to Lapidus about ‘…what stands in the shadow of the statue?’…either that or it’s just a coincidental password. Damn this show!

    speculation: Ilana and her friend are working with Whidmore to get him back to the Island…..maybe HE’s what’s in the box…haha.

    These last two episodes have held such wealth of information. So much so that I don’t feel so clueless.

    As of this week I have grown overwhelmingly curious as to what the season finale mindf*ck will be. Remember getting hit out-of-left-field with flashforwards (2 seasons ago) and the turn of the ‘donkey wheel’ (last season). WTF could they possibly have to hit us with this season. The possibilities are endless.

    Only 5 episodes left 😦

  3. cjblost says:

    Penny’s Letter To Desmond:

    Dearest Des,

    I am writing this letter to you as you leave for prison. And I’ve hidden it in the one place you would turn to in a moment of great desperation.

    I know you go away with the weight of what happened on your shoulders. And I know the only person who can ever take it off is you. Sorry to be so dramatic, but these are dramatic times, are they not?

    Please don’t give up, Des. Because all we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us. And you have her.

    I will wait for you. Always.

    I love you, Pen
    I think the box may just contain guns/weapons, but perhaps it was Widmore who sent Ilana.

    I agree about Locke being back to Season 1 form. Love it!

    The season finale is called “The Incident”, so I’m pretty sure that will be what they hit us with. We know it has something to do with The Swan station, but what exactly happens is still unknown. I’m guessing it gets the LOSTies back to 2007, BUT at what cost?

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