There Will Be No Paradox

I am well aware that it looks like Sayid has killed the 12 year old Benjamin Linus, but I am 99.9% sure that he will survive. As my brother and I were watching the episode and debating what would happen, I predicted correctly that Ben would help Sayid escape and he predicted that Sayid would try to kill Ben. I didn’t disagree, but I thought that the gun would jam if he tried to shoot him, similar to what happened when Michael tried to kill himself a few times.

The fact is – each character on this show has a purpose and if Ben was to die at the age of 12, it would cause too many paradoxes. The executive producers have said as much and they base their time travel theory on the basis that “What Happened, Happened.”

Interestingly enough, that’s also the title of the next episode. Of course the following episode is titled “Dead is Dead”, so that’s where the 0.1% chance of me being wrong comes in.

I’m glad we got to see how Sayid came to be on the plane. Of course, if Ilana kicked me in the face with those boots, I don’t think I would have woken up for at least a week. Sayid can sure take a beating.

Being that I’m a big fan of his character, I’m conflicted with his life path. Obviously he doesn’t want to be a killer and is conflicted himself, but when he questions Ilana on the plane about whether she is working for Ben after describing what type of man Ben is, she simply replies, “Why would I want to work for a man like that?” That line sums up Sayid’s guilt and his internal struggle because he DID work for Ben after the love of his life, Nadia, was murdered. Let’s not forget that he once said, “The day I trust him is the day I sell my soul.” See my blog from February of 2008 for more information –

The scene with Oldham, the guy who gives Sayid what we presume to be sodium pentathol, was hysterical to me. He references Sawyer, the incident, the fact that the DHARMA folks are all going to die and that he is from the future all in one scene. They obviously didn’t believe any of it based on their reluctant unanimous decision to kill him later on.

A couple of my favorite lines from this episode:

Sayid: “A twelve year old Benjamin Linus just brought me a sandwich, how do you think I am doing?”

LaFleur: “Sweet kid, huh?”

Roger Linus: “You got caught by a bunch of idiots”

Sayid: “I’m the idiot and yet you mop the floors.”

LaFleur: “Three years, no burning buses. Y’all back one day…”

Sayid: “Are you sure we’re going to Guam?”

Other tidbits:

– The book young Ben handed to Sayid was titled, “A Separate Reality” written by Carlos Castaneda.

– Based on what young Ben said, he must have met Richard Alpert in the jungle in 1973 when he was only 8 years old. This is based on the fact that Sayid said he’s 12, they are currently in 1977 and Ben said he’d been waiting patiently for four years.

– When Sayid executed the last man on Ben’s list in Moscow, he walked outside a building with a sign that read, “Олдхэм Фармасьютикалс”. The sign translates to “Oldham Pharmaceuticals”. Oldham is the psycho DHARMA guy who gave Sayid the drug…pretty funny! [Credit LOSTpedia]

If you want some spoilers for next week, check out the special guest stars listed in TV Guide and other. Hint: I think we’ll finally learn what Sawyer said to Kate before he jumped off the helicopter.


2 Responses to There Will Be No Paradox

  1. Jeff says:

    I feel like we’re getting alot of ‘straight-forward’ episodes that come down to the last 5 minutes of action. Makes me kinda just commentless and what we saw. But here’s a few things.

    There was alot of laugh-aloud-funny lines though!

    -I don’t believe for a second that Ilana is working for the family of Sayid’s victim. Maybe SHE thinks she is but my guess is that Ben is behind it somehow just as he was behind everyone else’s ability to end up on that Ajira flight. Hurly’s escape from prison, Kate’s baby woes, Locke’s murder….etc.

    -Sayid drinks ‘MacCutcheon’

    -Ilana is smokin’ hot.

    -Should anyone be bothering to figure out how that VW van got itself on fire. That was all Little Ben’s doing, no?

    -That guy ‘Phil’ creeps me out.

    I remain immensely skeptical about this ‘Ben’s dead’ bit.

    Leading up to the moment where Sayid plugged him up I started saying to myself…’No way this is going to happen…Ben’s gonna say something sweet that makes Sayid put his gun down…’ etc.

    Some thoughts on how this whole Ben situation may play out.

    A) LITTLE BEN IS NOT DEAD-Sayid always has a tendency of shooting all his victims twice…it’s his moniker of sorts. BEN he shoots once?? The man whose murder is Sayid’s destiny on the island in his own opinion? Ben’s just not dead and ‘Dead is Dead’ is going to be more of someone’s angry line of questioning rather than a statement as in “Ben’s alive? C’moooon..Dead is Dead, no?”. Maybe someone will find Ben in his final moments and Jack will be called upon to save him…testing Jack’s hypocratic oath once again. He couldn’t let adutl ben die of that spinal tumor…surely he won’t let a 12 year old Ben die.
    B)LITTLE BEN IS DEAD-He always died and therefore the Adult Ben Linus that we know is not the real Ben Linus…he’s someone that took up little Ben’s identity same as he did the real Henry Gale’s identity. Kinda makes Ben’s line from a few seasons ago ‘…I was born on the island’ seem a little more realistically possible and not such a ‘spiritual rebirth’ type of statement. That Little Ben sure as hell looks and sounds exactly like the Ben we know though. Sheesh!
    C)LITTLE BEN DIED SO THAT ADULT BEN COULD LIVE-I dunno what paradox this may cause but I was buying into the thought that Ben and Sun didn’t jump to the 70s like the rest because there was another version of themselves already existing there. If that is true than Adult Ben is now free to jump to that time period if he still has the means to do so.

    Kinda feels a little like the creation of the runway to me. I got the feeling that maybe in another timeline Ajira crashes and Ben somehow went back in time a few years to make sure a runway was created for his safe landing. If this is true, surely he’d travel back to 70s somehow to stop his own death if he could. Or atleast make sure Sayid doesn’t make it to the 70s to be able to kill him…surely Adult Ben remembers being killed by Sayid if ‘what happened always happened’. Unless he knows Little Ben’s death makes Adult Ben more powerful than we can ever imagine…than maybe he made sure Sayid got there to kill him!

    Sorry for all the specualtion…but these tiny tidbits of ‘answers’ and no questions just leads me specualting more than a full hour of questions and no answers that previous seasons used to have.

    Thanks for the recap and the info.

    hey…BTW that Russian dude’s name that Sayid killed, his name is ANDROPOW (as per Lostpedia)…surely that’s a word that calls for some word unscrambling.
    ‘PAWN DOOR’…
    ‘POOR WAND’…
    ‘DOOR PAWN’ …I give up. Throw that thru your de-scrambler site will ya!

  2. cjblost says:

    Agree on:
    – Ilana’s hotness
    – That Ben is probably behind her working to get Sayid
    – Creepy Phil
    – That Jack will have tough time with the save Ben situation and assuming he helps, it will kind of “out” him with everyone that he’s much more capable than just being a “workman”.

    – Young Ben set fire to the VW Minibus like Walt set fire to the first raft in season 1
    – Ben is NOT dead and I really believe the events around the shooting and him being saved will play a HUGE role in molding him into the man he eventually becomes. (Great call on Sayid only shooting him once as opposed to his other victims)
    – That Ben was probably told by Jacob to build the runway. Not a lot of Jacob talk this season yet.
    – That there are NOT multiple time lines or multiple versions of anyone, BUT that there is the potential for a potential future outcome after 2007 IF Desmond gets involved.

    BTW – I didn’t come up with anything good for ANDROPOW. It might just be a name.

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