There Will Be No Paradox

March 26, 2009

I am well aware that it looks like Sayid has killed the 12 year old Benjamin Linus, but I am 99.9% sure that he will survive. As my brother and I were watching the episode and debating what would happen, I predicted correctly that Ben would help Sayid escape and he predicted that Sayid would try to kill Ben. I didn’t disagree, but I thought that the gun would jam if he tried to shoot him, similar to what happened when Michael tried to kill himself a few times.

The fact is – each character on this show has a purpose and if Ben was to die at the age of 12, it would cause too many paradoxes. The executive producers have said as much and they base their time travel theory on the basis that “What Happened, Happened.”

Interestingly enough, that’s also the title of the next episode. Of course the following episode is titled “Dead is Dead”, so that’s where the 0.1% chance of me being wrong comes in.

I’m glad we got to see how Sayid came to be on the plane. Of course, if Ilana kicked me in the face with those boots, I don’t think I would have woken up for at least a week. Sayid can sure take a beating.

Being that I’m a big fan of his character, I’m conflicted with his life path. Obviously he doesn’t want to be a killer and is conflicted himself, but when he questions Ilana on the plane about whether she is working for Ben after describing what type of man Ben is, she simply replies, “Why would I want to work for a man like that?” That line sums up Sayid’s guilt and his internal struggle because he DID work for Ben after the love of his life, Nadia, was murdered. Let’s not forget that he once said, “The day I trust him is the day I sell my soul.” See my blog from February of 2008 for more information –

The scene with Oldham, the guy who gives Sayid what we presume to be sodium pentathol, was hysterical to me. He references Sawyer, the incident, the fact that the DHARMA folks are all going to die and that he is from the future all in one scene. They obviously didn’t believe any of it based on their reluctant unanimous decision to kill him later on.

A couple of my favorite lines from this episode:

Sayid: “A twelve year old Benjamin Linus just brought me a sandwich, how do you think I am doing?”

LaFleur: “Sweet kid, huh?”

Roger Linus: “You got caught by a bunch of idiots”

Sayid: “I’m the idiot and yet you mop the floors.”

LaFleur: “Three years, no burning buses. Y’all back one day…”

Sayid: “Are you sure we’re going to Guam?”

Other tidbits:

– The book young Ben handed to Sayid was titled, “A Separate Reality” written by Carlos Castaneda.

– Based on what young Ben said, he must have met Richard Alpert in the jungle in 1973 when he was only 8 years old. This is based on the fact that Sayid said he’s 12, they are currently in 1977 and Ben said he’d been waiting patiently for four years.

– When Sayid executed the last man on Ben’s list in Moscow, he walked outside a building with a sign that read, “Олдхэм Фармасьютикалс”. The sign translates to “Oldham Pharmaceuticals”. Oldham is the psycho DHARMA guy who gave Sayid the drug…pretty funny! [Credit LOSTpedia]

If you want some spoilers for next week, check out the special guest stars listed in TV Guide and other. Hint: I think we’ll finally learn what Sawyer said to Kate before he jumped off the helicopter.


Think Before You Act

March 19, 2009

First of all, it may have been rude for Jack to tell Sawyer, um I mean LaFleur, that it looked like he was reading a book, but how nasty was it for LaFleur to bring up how many people were killed when Jack was running thing three years earlier (or 27 years later depending on how you look at it)? In my opinion, LaFleur snapped right back into his old ways when faced with someone he views as competition instead of taking a high ground and trying to work together.

While I completely agree with his assertion that Jack was always too quick to react and needed to slow down and think more, another of Jack’s faults was to put everything on his own shoulders and not listen to the ideas that other people may have had that would have helped. LaFleur is doing the same thing now and I think things will get worse unless they find a way to work together.

I did like Jack’s reaction when LaFleur said, “…let me do what I do…ain’t that a relief?” He smiled and said, “Yeah!” He didn’t smirk. He didn’t argue. He accepted his place, but is naturally anxious to find out what they should do next. You’ll remember earlier in the episode that he listened to both Kate and Hurley when they said they think they should follow LaFleur suggestion and sit tight while he figured something out.

They are both changed men and the best thing they can do is see each other in a different light and move forward together. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen and it’ll probably be because of two people…Kate and Juliet!

I could recap the entire episode, but I actually think it was pretty straight forward for an episode of LOST. Instead, I want to highlight some interesting things that perhaps some of you didn’t notice the first time around. Yes, I already watched it a second time.

– As Ajira Airways Flight 316 was going down and the co-pilot was sending his Mayday, the radio transmission of “4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42” could be heard in the background. Now, it was confirmed that they are 30 years ahead of the DHARMA folks, so that means it’s 2007, but that transmission was changed by Rousseau in 1988 and her transmission was shut off in late 2004. Somebody must have turned the number’s transmission back on.

– Also, it was confirmed that they used the runway that Sawyer and Kate helped build back in 2004 on Hydra Island. I absolutely love the way this stuff all comes together.

– We now know that Ben wasn’t hurt in the crash and was knocked out by Sun instead, but did anyone notice how Ben took his arm sling off just seconds before that? I’m guessing the island’s healing powers were at work there OR perhaps his arm just wasn’t that badly hurt.

– We meet Radzinsky who we formerly only knew as a brownish blood splatter on the ceiling of The Swan, a station which he helped design and serves a special purpose after “The Incident”. More on that later. What a dick he is though. He definitely needs an attitude adjustment and I like seeing Jin get physical with him.

– I’m sure everyone caught the fact that Amy’s son is Ethan Rom. Is that her last name because otherwise he’d be Ethan Goodspeed?

– Where is Daniel Faraday? Is he already working at The Orchid Station? Why does LaFleur answer, “Not anymore” when Jack asks if he’s there?

– In that same sequence when they talk about Faraday, Hurley brings up the fact that the DHARMA folks get wiped out. In talking to a few people, I think there’s some confusion as to the difference between “The Purge” and “The Incident”. Here’s my attempt at explaining both…

– “The Purge” doesn’t happen until December 19, 1992 at 4:00, which is Ben’s birthday. It was when Ben gassed his father and The Others, formerly the Hostiles, used The Tempest Station to gas the rest of the DHARMA Initiative. Namaste indeed! Regardless, since it is only 1977, there is a lot of time for the LOSTies to get to safety.

– “The Incident”, which also happens to be the title of this season’s two part finale, happens sometime in the late 1970’s. We know this because Pierre Cheng’s (as Marvin Candle) Swan Orientation film was produced in 1980 and he refers to “the incident” during that film. This is from Lostpedia – “The incident involved a leak in the containment associated with an electromagnetic anomaly. The leak caused an unspecified charge to build up within the anomaly. As the charge built up, the magnetic field associated with the anomaly grew. After 108 minutes, the magnetic field was large enough to damage the Swan station.” I think it’s safe to say that we’ll find out exactly what happened this season.

– Jack’s conversation with Pierre Cheng was classic. It must have been a mind trip for Jack and to hear that his aptitude test qualified him for janitorial work was priceless. LaFleur strikes again.

– I’m not sure how LaFleur is going to handle the Sayid as a hostile situation. Sayid’s meeting with young Ben at the end was quite interesting and I have a feeling Ben will help him escape and get “back to” the other hostiles because I assume this is after young Ben’s jungle meeting with Richard Alpert. I’m also guessing that’s where we’ll find Rose and Bernard.

– The Sun and Frank Lapidus meeting with Christian Shephard in 2007 in DHARMAville was the DVR and rewind moment of the night. Many people missed what happened when the door flew open and Christian was showing them the 1977 DHARMA recruit picture. If you look to the right of the screen over Sun’s shoulder, there’s a blonde sitting in the background. It must be Claire. What a mess things were there too. Was that the smoke monster near the submarine dock? What the heck happened on the island between 2004 and 2007?

Okay, that’s all for this episode, but here are the remaining season 5 episode titles:

1.    He’s Our You

2.    Whatever Happened, Happened

3.    Dead is Dead

4.    Some Like It Hoth – For those non-geeks out there…Hoth was an ice planet in the Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back

5.    The Variable – Similarly named to my all-time favorite LOST episode from Season 4, The Constant

6.    Follow The Leader

7.    The Incident (Two-Part Finale)

As Long As It Takes

March 5, 2009

James Ford, better known to us as “Sawyer” returned to his old ways by conning his way through this episode as James (Jim) LaFleur. His lies were necessary in order to protect himself, Juliet, Miles, Jin, and Daniel. However, out of all of the lies he told from 1974 until 1977, the biggest lie he told was the one he deluded himself into believing. He is NOT over Kate!

He told Horace Goodspeed that even though he used to lie in bed thinking about her every night, three years is enough time to get over someone and that he can barely remember the way she looks. He may have forgotten exactly what she looks like, but there’s no way he has forgotten how he feels. There is no time limit on the kind of love he had for Kate. Let’s not forget that he actually jumped out of a helicopter in an effort to sacrifice himself and save her.

People can move on, as he has by establishing a new life as the Head of Security for the DHARMA Initiative and in a loving relationship with Juliet, but he is only deluding himself if he thinks he is over Kate.

The timeline…

A Long Time Ago (in an island galaxy somewhere in the South Pacific?)

– There’s a flash, the well disappears and Sawyer is holding the rope that was lowering John Locke down toward the Orchid. The group looks around and realizes they are in the past as they see the back of the “four-toed statue” (from the Season Two finale) from a distance, but it is fully intact.


– Another flash and the statue vanishes. This time the flash was different and the nosebleeds and headaches are gone. They decide that Locke must have successfully stopped the time shifts and they are now stuck in whatever time frame they ended up in.

– Daniel is distraught about Charlotte’s death. She vanished with the last flash as well.

– They head back to beach even though Sawyer is the only one who thinks they should go there. He is taking on leadership role. They hear a gunshot and rush to find a woman (Amy) crying over a dead man (Paul) with a DHARMA jumpsuit on while two other people (hostiles) hold her at gunpoint and put a sack on her head.

– When Miles asks a still distraught Daniel if they should avoid getting involved, he answers, “It doesn’t matter what we do now.”

– Sawyer confronts them. They turn and shoot, but Juliet shoots one and then Sawyer shoots the other.

– Amy tells them that Paul was her husband and that they have to take him home, but must bury the bodies (of the hostiles) first to make sure they keep their truce with the hostiles.

– When asked who they are, Sawyer tells Amy that they shipwrecked on their way to Tahiti.

– On their way to the DHARMA barracks, they get to the sonic fence pylons and Amy seemingly turns them off and walks through. Unbeknownst to the rest of the gang, she was wearing earplugs and they all got zapped as they walked through.

– When Sawyer wakes up, Horace Goodspeed thanks him for helping Amy and tells him that they can leave the island the next day on the sub. Sawyer told him his name was James LaFleur (which means The Flower) and that he wants to stay and look for the rest of their crew who went missing in the jungle. Horace disagreed and when he pressed for more information about their shipwreck, Sawyer claimed they were looking for the Black Rock and they must have hit the island’s reef.

– Juliet tells Miles how she used to live there in the barracks with the Others (who were formerly the hostiles). They ask Dan if he really thinks there won’t be any more flashes and he says that the “record player has stopped skipping, but we’re not on the song we want to be on.” They are stuck in the 70’s. He then sees Charlotte as a little girl.

– An alarm sounds and the DHARMA folks run for cover. It’s Richard Alpert and he looks angry. He tells Horace that the truce has been broken. Horace comes and tells a security guard named Phil to alert The Arrow Station that they are on priority one alert. LaFleur (Sawyer) interrupts and says that he’s going to talk with Alpert (the guy with the eyeliner) because he killed his men.

– LaFleur explains what happened to Alpert and then sits next to him. Alpert looks perplexed and confused. LaFleur asks if he ever buried the hydrogen bomb (Jughead) and tells him he knows about a bald guy who walked into his camp 20 years earlier named John Locke and then disappeared. Alpert believes he’s not with DHARMA, but says he people still need justice. They agree to give him Paul’s body after giving Amy the choice. She agrees in order to keep the truce, but takes a wooden cross from his neck before turning him over.

– Horace tells LaFleur that his crew has another two weeks on island before next sub. Juliet still wants to leave, but LaFleur says that she can’t leave him alone with the Mad Scientist (Dan) and Mr. I Speak to Dead People (Miles). He says that Jin is nice, but not a very good conversationalist and asks her to give him two weeks. It turns into three years, but we don’t know how yet.


– Rosie and Jerry (two DHARMA folk) are getting their groove on to some funky music and brownies down in The Pearl viewing station.

– Phil walks in and is upset with their behavior and then Rosie notices a drunken Horace on one of the viewing screens throwing dynamite near one of the pylons.

– It’s 3 AM and the guys are hesitant to wake LaFleur (who we didn’t know was Sawyer at the time). They go wake him anyway. He is now the head of security.

– LaFleur get Miles and they head out to get Horace. Miles stays to clean up while LaFleur carries Horace home to a now pregnant Amy. Turns out that Amy and Horace have gotten married sometime in the last three years and are expecting a baby any day now.

– When she asks LaFleur what happened and where he was, LaFleur says he was by The Flame Station (I’m not sure why he couldn’t tell her exactly where they found him).

– At first Amy is hesitant to explain what happened, but LaFleur tells her that she may as well tell him before he hears it over the “coconut telegraph”. She explains that they had a fight, but then starts having major labor pains before she can tell him what the fight was about.

– It turns out that the baby is breach and LaFleur runs off to find Juliet who is now working for DHARMA maintenance. She tells him they had a deal and that every baby she’s tried to deliver on the island has died. He convinces her that maybe whatever was killing the babies and their mothers wasn’t happening yet and tells her he knows that she is going to do great.

– LaFleur paces outside and Jin (who is also security) reports that he hasn’t found anything during his latest sweep of the island looking for their people. Juliet comes out and reports that both the new baby boy and mom are healthy.

– All seems good. LaFleur picks a flower and takes it home to Juliet who is preparing their supper. They are living together. He tells her she did great today. She thanks him for believing in her. They tell each other that they love each other.

– LaFleur goes to see if Horace is awake yet and tells him that he is a dad, but he missed the birth of his son. Horace explains that they got into a fight because he found Paul’s cross while looking for socks. He is still jealous and concerned that Amy still has feelings for her deceased husband and that it’s ONLY been three years.  He asks LaFleur if he thinks that’s enough time to get over someone and he replies, “Absolutely!”

– Juliet and LaFleur are in sleeping together and get a phone call. It’s Jin and LaFleur runs off in a DHARMA jeep after telling Juliet it’s nothing.

– LaFleur meets up with Jin’s DHARMA van in the North Valley of the island and out comes Hurley, Jack and Kate. They look at each other as if they haven’t missed a day.

– End of episode.

Two Random Notes:

– I’m completely comfortable with my own sexuality to admit that Sawyer looks good with a nice pair of glasses and he is a very good leader and likeable character. He has definitely made the most of his chance to start over.

– Love the DHARMA Star logo for the security staff. It’s like a sheriff’s badge.

The next episode is not for another two weeks, but it’s called “Namaste”. It should be interesting to see how LaFleur brings the crew into the barracks with them and to find out where Sayid is and WHEN Locke, Sun, Lapidus and Ben are. I’m still betting on 2007.