I Wish You Had Believed Me

This was about as close to a Jack-centric episode that we’ve had in quite a while and it was definitely a different Jack Shephard from what we’re used to seeing.

Locke’s “suicide” note to Jack sums it all up very neatly and echoes the thoughts many of us have had in our own lives. We all have had moments when we’ve wanted someone to believe in us or in what we’re feeling so badly that we try to force it upon them and only end up pushing them away even further. Locke and Jack have clashed so many times during their relationship that Jack even pulled the trigger of a gun in an attempt to push Locke away for good, but destiny had other plans.

Jack needed to experience all that he has in order to fully believe. He is Thomas the Apostle, the doubting Thomas, who had to put his hands in Jesus’ wounds in order to believe. Even now though, Jack still needed to take a leap of faith in order to get back to the island. His conversation with Locke’s dead body in the butcher shop was perfect. He just knew that Locke was having a good laugh while watching him put his father’s shoes on Locke’s cold lifeless feet.

After that, Jack looked more at peace than I’ve ever seen him before. He was almost giddy and was more conscious and aware of his surroundings than ever before. He observed everyone in the airport and recognized the “coincidences” that brought them all back together on this new flight, Ajira Airways Flight 316. Even as he was coming to grips with the “craziness” of it all and expressed his feelings to Kate, he received final “proof” when he learned that Frank Lapidus was flying the plane.

What an absolutely brilliant show!

We have many new questions, but I don’t think they’ll be answered next week because the next episode is aptly titled, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” (AKA John Locke). It will serve to answer the question about what happened to Locke once he left the island and it promises to provide many more perfectly sized pieces to the puzzle.

The big questions from this show are:

– Where is Aaron? Perhaps with Claires’ mom. What made Kate change her mind?

– Did Ben find and kill Penny? What about Desmond and their son Charlie? What happened there?

– What convinced Hurley to board the plane? Was it one of his deceased friends?

– What about Sayid? What happened there? It appears that he is under arrest and is flying next to some kind of Marshall similar to Kate on Oceanic 815.

– Who was the man in line at the airport that spoke to Jack? He’ll undoubtedly be on the island.

– What will happen to the other people on Flight 316? Was that their water bottle at the beach camp near the outriggers?

– When are they? They obviously ran into Jin in a DHARMA uniform with a van. Could they be back in the late 70’s early 80’s?

– Where are Sun, Sayid, and Ben?



9 Responses to I Wish You Had Believed Me

  1. Jeff Bond says:

    I’m not a big fan of ‘re-enactment’ being the shortest distances between 2 points.

    Don’t any of them know the coordinates Faraday and Lapidus were privy to? Wouldn’t the coordinates, a submarine or freighter and some time out at sea just waiting for the island to pop back up where it once was, be the easiest way to get back to the island? Unless obviously this whole crash re-enactment is just a cover-up of how one REALLY gets back to a time travelling island and who was REALLY behind the events surrounding the disappearance of both flights. I feel like there just HAD to be a more plausible way back and I hope that last night’s episode wasn’t Lost’s ‘jump the shark’ moment.

    I think we’re all gonna be trapped in the 1970s for a couple of weeks, which would explain why Jin is all Dharma’d up and Faraday was working on the initial drilling of the Orchid site a few weeks ago. I’d say the leftover Losties are learning to fit in with their new time zone until something changes for them. I’m eager to see what Sawyer has decided to do with himself to pass the time. Tend after the DHARMA polar bear cages perhaps?

    Someone pondered the idea of Jack and Kate getting it on and conceiving a night before the new flight. Keep your eyes peeled for that in the future. It’d be great if, not only is Locke playing Dr. Shepherd’s role and Saayid playing Kate’s role…that know Kate is playing Claire’s role as expectant mommy.

    I’m also weary of the idea that Kate might have left Aaron with the baby’s Grandma. If she had, than she’d have to explain to her where Claire is now, why she was alive long enough to give birth..and why they’ve done all that covering up. She also probably find HER to be the easiest person to explain to Jack about. My guess is that someone more sinister, who’s now blackmailing Kate, has Aaraon for now and we’ll revist that idea at a later date.

    I’m REALLY hoping Desmond got to Ben before Ben did something stupid. I kinda dig the fact that Desmond might be the first castaway to start standing up for himself and not going along with all this dopey jibber-jabber that everyone is constantly throwing at eachother. And perhaps his first order of business was throwing Ben a Grade-A beat down.

    I’m glad to see that Middle Eastern actor from the film ‘Traitor’ onboard the Ajira flight. I think we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.

    Thanks for shining a light on a few more things and posing some much needing questions.

    Hope you don’t mind me babbling about with a few of my thoughts ’til I’m motivated enough to write another blog of my own.


  2. Robert says:

    Could “I WISH YOU HAD BELIEVED ME” be an anagram? I haven’t been able to figure anything out yet, but it seems plausible, given the spate of recent anagrams in the storyline.

  3. cjblost says:

    Neat thought Robert, but I don’t think it’s an anagram. I tried it in an online program and couldn’t come up with anything concrete (http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagram.html).

    Jeff, love your post. Great thoughts. My other thought on Aaron’s whereabouts are a stretch…perhaps with Cassidy and Sawyer’s daughter Clementine. It’s more likely that Kate came to some kind of guilt-ridden realization that she shouldn’t be assuming parental responsibility for him and gave him to Claire’s mom (grandma), but that would be a bit more complicated then just a simple drop-off. I don’t think it was a blackmail thing though. Just a strong feeling on that, nothing to back it up.

    I like your thoughts on Ben/Desmond. I’m picturing Ben killing Penny while Desmond isn’t there and then little Charlie walking out and Ben feeling guilty and then Desmond walking in and delivering the “Grade-A beat down” as you described. We’ll find out at some point.

    We’ll also find out about what happened to Flight 316 in more detail. It took to season 2 to find out what happened to the tail section of Flight 815, but they always fill in the gaps. I liken the “re-enactment” to that leap of faith they kept mentioning, but yes there’s something scientific to it as well. I’m sure we’ll find out more soon enough.

    Lastly, couldn’t agree more about being stuck in the late 1970’s now, but how long has it been (duration-wise) for Jin/Sawyer/etc… since Locke left the island? Has it been three years like it has for the Oceanic 6? That would seem to make some sense and would explain Jin’s “service” with DHARMA. Let’s hope they are hanging with young Ben, Annie, Horace Goodspeed, Marvin Candle, and the rest of the gang.

  4. Robert says:

    Interesting, no anagrams. Thanks for following up on that. I didn’t think to look online for an anagram descrambler!

    I like the rest of the ideas you both put forth. One thing though, about Ben & possibly Desmond. When I re-watched the episode online last night, i noticed that beat-up Ben was calling Jack from a marina. Seems like a clear sign that he went after Penny. However, re. Ben’s injuries: It’s difficult to imagine that Desmond would be content with a beat-down of Ben, if he did indeed kill Penny. Seems obvious to me that he would go for the kill. Now the fact that Ben was calling from the marina in a non-anxious state (i.e. not looking over his shoulder to see if Desmond was coming after him) suggests to me that 1. He probably succeeded at whatever it was he went to do, otherwise, he’d still be doing it, or still fighting off Desmond or something. And 2. He either killed Desmond, or knocked him out. Or, Desmond wasn’t there, and Ben”s face was bloodied in a struggle with Penny.

    I’m inclined to believe that Ben did indeed kill Penny, and was injured in a struggle with her before she went down. I don’t know about little Charley, but my guess is he is still alive.

    If Ben did kill Penny, you can be sure that Desmond will be paying a visit to Mama Hawking very shortly.

    One last thought: The fact that Eloise Hawking told Desmond explicitly that the island wasn’t finished with him, right before Ben shows up at the marina suggests to me a connection between Desmond losing Penny, and his return to the island. i.e. the island needed Ben to pull off the killing to give Desmond sufficient motivation to return –to kill Ben. I wonder if Penny would have been killed if Desmond had chosen to return to the island and fulfill his destiny.

    Ahhh, the hours that I can spend speculating on the compelling details of Lost minutia!

  5. Robert says:

    nice blog, by the way!

  6. Jeff Bond says:

    Sh*t Rob. That was all great. I hadn’t thought about that all in such depth ’til you took another look at it and picked it apart a bit for us. I guess we’ll have to just wait and see. It’s kinda creepy that we might have just witnessed the scene AFTER Penny’s demise when one day in the future we’ll see a flashback of what went down and see her actual death if that’s the case.
    My guess is they’ll probably be doing a ‘Ben’s Last Day Before the Flight’ episode one day soon to show us how he may have played a role in every moment leading up to each character boarding the plane. Where Aaron is, why Hurly’s out of prison, why Sayid is being escorted by a marshall and ultimately why Ben is a bloody, broken mess. I’m almost positive he’s behind hat all.

  7. Robert says:

    The only thing about it all… is that I really don’t see Ben as an evil character. Killing Penny in cold blood just seems to be a bit evil. Overall, he just seems to be a man driven by a purpose, of neutral character. Although, his comment to Jack on the plane during the last episode — “who cares” [what happens to the other people on the plane] — was a bit chilling.

    But, I have to keep telling myself, the killing of Penny would be a “tit for tat” sort of thing for Ben. In his mind he’s getting even with Widmore for “changing the rules.” But still — it just seems evil!

    I really do hope that I’m wrong about Penny being offed.

    Any thoughts on whether you see Ben as evil, or neutral? (or good?)

    Tonight should be a good episode!

  8. cjblost says:

    I think we’ll find out exactly how Ben came to be who he is soon enough. All I have to say is that even though his dad (Roger) was a prick, he actually sat right next to him as he gassed him and watched him die.

    In my book, that is NOT a good person, but there are plenty of people out there who do very bad things and still see themselves as good people because they “justify” their actions.

    I honestly think he intends good, but he is doing evil.

  9. […] may remember that we first saw these words back when Jack read the note that Locke had put in the envelope for Jack to read after his death. It was at that time that Jack finally started to believe and we heard these words spoken a couple […]

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