“Turn It Up. I Love Geronimo Jackson”

The pieces are really starting to come together now. Sure there are some new questions, but a lot of loose ends and mysteries are being resolved as well. All the while, the writers still manage to add subtle comedic lines in each episode to lighten even the sad moments, such as Charlotte’s death.

– As Charlotte’s condition worsened, her consciousness was time traveling to various moments in her life and provided a couple of good laughs. I particularly liked the Geronimo Jackson line, but saying that she’s not allowed to eat chocolate before dinner, just as she died was classic.

– What we now know about her life – she definitely grew up on the island with her mom and dad who were part of the DHARMA Initiative. She and her mom left the island at some point in time, but her dad stayed behind and she never saw him again. Her mom denied that they were ever on an island and Charlotte spent the remainder of her life trying to find her way back. One of her last memories was of a crazy man who used to tell her to never come back to the island if she left because she will die. She identified that crazy man as Daniel in his future.

– So Danielle, Robert, Montand, and company left Tahiti on 11/15/1988 and shipwrecked while Danielle was seven months pregnant. We finally saw how Montand lost his arm and we also saw that the black smoke monster infected the entire team somehow. It turns out that the only reason Danielle didn’t get sick is because Jin saved her. Pretty cool twist. I love how he found her jewelry box on the beach, which is the same one Sayid fixed in the season one episode, ‘Solitary’.

– We finally saw the temple which has been referred to a few times and I imagine we’ll be headed back there at some point now that Jin knows how to get there. However, we have heard that the smoke monster protects the island, but now we heard Robert specifically state that it protects the temple.

– Locke’s descent into the well was very spiritual. The bright light, the fall, the spirit guide in the form of Christian Shephard, the struggle to get up, the acceptance that he had made a mistake (letting Ben do what he was asked to do), and the sacrifice of turning the wheel knowing that he would have to die to save the others. Even getting the wedding ring from Jin to give Sun as proof that he died so she wouldn’t return to the island, seemed symbolic. Juliet seems to fully understand the sacrifice that Locke is making.

– Christian Shephard tells Locke to go find Eloise Hawking, that he believes in John and that he can do this. Then he says to say hello to his son. If Locke assumes that Christian’s son is one of the Oceanic Six, I think that he will quickly figure out that it’s not Hurley or Sayid and that it must be Jack. It’ll be interesting to see if Locke tells Jack this.

– Quick note on something Locke said from the previous episode, “I needed that pain to get to where I am now.”  He has truly come full circle. Tested time and again, his faith has faltered, but not fallen and it has eventually carried him forward. His experience and the experience of all the LOSTies have made them who they are today and is why they should not attempt to change the past.

– The Flashes seem to be occurring more rapidly and are becoming more and more painful. I wonder if Locke’s wheel turn will make things a little better for those people still left behind.

– Sun seemed to change her tune a little too quickly when it came time to kill Ben, but they had to carry the story forward somehow. I did like the reaction Ben had in the van though, “You should be thanking me!”, and I love how they still keep us guessing as to who the good guys really are.

– Finally, Ben seems very surprised to learn that Eloise Hawking is Faraday’s mother and Desmond’s initial facial reaction to seeing Eloise Hawking is priceless.

It’s probably obvious that I look forward to the next episode every week with great excitement, but I’m amped up even more for next week based on the previews and the way this one ended. The fact that Ben, Eloise, and Desmond are together in the same room is a huge deal. Desmond hasn’t seen Eloise since ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’ and Ben secretly wants to kill Penny. Never mind that it also looks like Jack and Sun, at a minimum, will be headed back to the island.

Next week’s episode is called ‘316’. This could be a bearing to get back to the island, but it may be more likely that it’s from John 3:16 – “for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life”. Is the sacrifice John Locke? Stay tuned and Namaste!


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