Others 101

January 29, 2009

The line of the night was when Richard Alpert jokingly said to Locke, “I certainly don’t want to contradict myself, but…”

What a mind bender! The seamless continuity of this show is extremely impressive and I can’t get enough. I was chatting with my sister prior to the show and correctly guessed that the year for this episode would be pre-1956. I remembered the year John Locke was born (1956) and assumed that since Alpert knew him since birth and claimed that he wouldn’t recognize him the next time they saw each other, it had to be earlier than that.

I know there seems to be a lot of new questions, but I feel like we’re getting so many answers as well and everything is starting to get tied up nicely.

Here’s my recap of note worthy events:

– Penny and Desmond have a son they named after Charlie.

– Penny is not pleased that they’re going back home (where they fell in love and where he broke her heart), but eventually trusts Desmond and realizes that he has to follow his instincts even though she’s scared.

– Desmond discovers that Oxford University is hiding the fact that Faraday ever even worked there because of some accident that left a woman named Teresa Spencer (possibly his love interest at one point) in what seems to be some sort of coma. However, she wakes up occasionally thinking that she’s three and wants to know where her “dolly” is or sometimes she starts talking to her dad who died five years earlier. She might be delusional, but it’s more likely that she has a time traveling consciousness ala Minkowski and Desmond.

– Apparently Faraday abandoned her after causing her “issue” and his research was funded for 10 years by Charles Widmore who is now paying to take care of Teresa.

– Desmond confronts Widmore in his office to try and obtain the address of Faraday’s mother, who I still think may be Ms. Hawking, and Widmore gives him her address in Los Angeles, but also warns Desmond to keep Penny safe and go back into hiding.

– When Desmond lies to Penny because he wants to keep her safe, she tells him that she’s going with him because he’ll never forget and needs to do this.

Meanwhile, back in 1954…

– More “extras” die at the hand of The Others/Hostiles. I’m not sure where Rose and Bernard are, but assume they are safe.

– We learn that in “Others 101”, it is required that all Others learn Latin, the language of the enlightened.

– Charlotte’s health is getting worse (headaches, nose bleeds, disorientation). The episode ends with her collapsing and near death in Daniel’s arms. She seems to be suffering from temporal displacement, but why is it not affecting anyone else? Is it because perhaps she was born on the island, exposed to high levels of radiation and is now time shifting? Perhaps this is why Claire is adamant in Kate’s dream to make sure she doesn’t bring Aaron back to the island.

– Daniel seems to recognize Ellie, the young gun-wielding Other and she seems to recognize him as well.

– Miles Straume’s ability to see/hear the dead comes in handy. He is even able to determine how they died. In this episode they walk over the grave of four U.S. soldiers. Three of whom were shot and one who died of radiation poisoning.

– Alpert and the Hostiles/Others assume that the LOST crew is with either the Army or maybe even the DHARMA Initiative. The Army could have been there simply to perform nuclear tests and it could be pre-DHARMA, but I’m not sure.

– In one of the more revealing moments on the show so far this season, we learn that a young Charles Widmore is actually one of the Hostiles! He and Richard don’t seem to see eye-to-eye so maybe he leads a mutiny and establishes the DHARMA Initiative until they are eventually all gassed in The Purge of 1992.

– I’m still trying to figure out what “The Incident” was. Was it a leak from the energy source near The Orchid, The Swan, or maybe even a leak from “Jughead” the H-bomb?

– Faraday professes his love for Charlotte, which makes me wonder how come the professor never got the nerve to tell Ginger he was into her on Gilligan’s Island?

– I loved when Widmore referred to Locke and sarcastically asked Alpert, “…you think he can track me? You think he knows this island better than I do?”

Next week’s episode is titled; “The Little Prince” and I assume it will center more on the Oceanic 6 since Sawyer and Locke were the only Season One regulars who appeared in this last episode. From the previews, it looks like Sawyer will witness the birth of Aaron and Locke will see the light come out of the hatch, both from a new perspective. So, that means they are back in 2004 for at least a little while. The previews also showed a woman who my brother and I both think is Danielle Rousseau when she was younger. Stay tuned and Namaste!


Course Correcting

January 22, 2009

Fate versus choice…a central theme of LOST and probably the number one thing that keeps me tuned in to each and every episode. The show definitely seems to be leaning toward the idea that we all have specific destinies, BUT we do have control over the choices we make during our journey along the path.

Each character has had his/her faith tested in a variety of different ways, but as Ms. Hawking told Desmond in the Season Three episode Flashes Before Your Eyes, “the universe has a way of course correcting” and provides a series of second chances in the form of new choices.

These first two episodes deal pretty heavily with the consequences that result from making choices based on fears. Some characters consciously decided to lie about what really happened and effectively deluded themselves into believing the lie because they were more afraid to face the truth. This form of denial may make it seem like all is well in their world for a little while, but with a little time and perspective they are each discovering how their previous choices have ultimately affected themselves AND those around them.

I have always said that life is all about perspective and often joke that I am able to perceive things from various perspectives quicker than others because I’m a Gemini. As a result of time and scientific or spiritual influences (you choose), the Oceanic 6 and those who have been left behind are being given the opportunity to view life from a different perspective. I could detail this for each character, but I’ll just highlight Jack.

Here’s a guy who now seems as if he’s given up on almost everything he’s ever believed and even trusts people (Ben and Locke) who he would have never trusted before. Perhaps he’s finally coming to grips with and surrendering to his destiny. Even though he’s still not sure what his destiny is, he realizes that he has to stop fighting against it.

LOST is all about people who must lose themselves in order to find out who they really are. They weren’t “lost” on the island. They found what they were looking for in themselves, but some were too blinded by their past to accept it…until now.

It appears that Season 5 is finally going to provide us with lots of answers while also providing each character with new perspectives and second chances to make choices that are more aligned with their destinies and who they really are.

Random notes about the first two episodes:

– Our favorite professor of theoretical astrophysics, Pierre Chang, wakes up at 8:15 AM, plays a record that skips, and goes to work to film an Orientation video using one of his many aliases. We are given the opportunity to see the construction of The Orchid Station, which lies next to the “mysterious source of limitless energy.” We also learn that releasing the energy will have dire consequences and that Daniel Faraday is witness to these events. This is the first big new question for me. Did Faraday already experience being there during the construction OR is it something that he is going to experience in his linear future?

– I like the record player analogy to describe how the island is skipping and has dislodged them from time. Faraday and the writers also do a decent job explaining how time is like a thread that you can move back and forth on, but you cannot start a new thread (change the past/future). That’s why I question when Faraday, on his string, witnessed the construction of The Orchid Station. He’s been studying the DHARMA Initiative for a long time, so he could have known about it some other way.

– For those of you questioning how Faraday could tell Desmond something in the past that he would remember in the future, remember that Desmond is Faraday’s “constant” and has the unique ability to have his consciousness travel through time. The timeline (string) rules don’t apply to Desmond.

– Jack is taking a back seat and letting Ben, of all people, lead. Talk about a change! Jack also seems completely comfortable agreeing to pack a bag for the island with the knowledge that he’ll never come back again.

– When Aaron is watching the cartoon, he says something about the train going into a tunnel and Kate says that he can’t go into the tunnel because he will never come back. Maybe I’m looking too hard at the dialogue, but I figure that’s foreshadowing for their potential trip back to the island.

– I loved seeing Yemi’s drug plane crash and Ethan shooting Locke before dislodging in time again and meeting with Richard Alpert. That was some bit of information laid upon poor Locke – he has to die in order to get the Oceanic 6 back to the island so things can be fixed.

– “Libby says hi” may have been the best line delivered by Ana Lucia and it comes over two seasons after she dies.

– Thanks goodness for Hurley’s comic relief. The show through his eyes seems to be more in synch with casual viewers than any other character. He’s along for the ride and always tries to listen to his heart and do the right thing. How can you dislike a character like that? I’m glad his mom believed him and my favorite moment of the premiere night was when he threw the Hot Pocket at Ben.

– Neil “Frogurt” makes another brief appearance before being shot in the chest with a flaming arrow by the island “hostiles”. I think we last saw him when Bernard was building the S.O.S. sign in Season Two. Good riddance.

– Seeing Sun and Charles Widmore together concerns me. I thought it was also a very uncomfortable scene between Kate and Sun.

– We met a new character named Jill who is a butcher working with Ben. Two other characters are mentioned as well – Gabriel and Jeffrey. The assumption is that Locke will be kept in cold storage until it’s time to go back.

– Charlotte is having nosebleeds and forgetting things. Could this be the same or similar thing that happened to Rousseau’s crew, Desmond and Minkowski in The Constant, and the guy who was drilling in The Orchid station? Faraday knows the answer and will hopefully share with us soon.

– Miles Straume’s ability to see and communicate with the dead must apply to animals as well.

– All of the Oceanic 6 (and Ben/Locke) are in Los Angeles. Desmond is heading to Oxford with Penny to find Faraday’s mother. Could his mother be Ms. Hawking?

– Ms. Hawking is back for the first time since help Desmond course correct in Flashes Before Your Eyes. She appears to be calculating the coordinates of the island as we see a huge pendulum with chalk outlining possible physical locations on a map that feeds into a computer with the notice, “Event Window Determined”. The only thing I can make out on the chalkboard is something that says, “Silent Intervals + Event Probability”. They have 70 hours to gather the Oceanic 6 and get them back to the island or in her words, “God helps us all.” If the universe corrects itself and everything has a fixed destiny, then why does she seem to intercede and why is she so worried?

Next week’s poost will be shorter. Namaste!