“Whoa. Wait. What?”

June 4, 2008

There’s WAY too much to write about this episode, so I’m going to break it into two parts instead of trying to fit everything into one blog. I figured if they can break the finale into multiple parts, then why not me.

First off, the blog title/quote above was spoken by Hurley back in Part 1 of the finale when Ben was explaining to Locke how to get down the elevator into the Orchid station. I figured it was a fitting quote to explain our reactions to the entire finale/series.

Mind blowing to say the least! This television show is legendary. My bet is that anyone who has never even seen the show would still have felt for Sun at the moment the freighter exploded with Jin frantically waving and desperately hoping that they’d come back for him. Her screams were the most realistic sounding screams I’ve ever heard on TV or film. I almost felt as if I was right there on that chopper.

The second part of my blog will be posted sometime in the next few weeks and will include a character-by-character analysis in terms of what they are feeling and what I feel their next steps will be on, off, and “around” the island. In the meantime, here’s a look at the biggest finale moments, as I see them.

Through The Looking Glass (Parts 3 and 4) – I loved the way this episode began. Replaying the final scene of last season’s finale and continuing from that point was brilliant. BTW – Kate’s evolution since her island days may be the best thing that has happened to her character because I’m really getting tired of her in general.

Sayid versus Keamy – Awesome fight. Yes, Sayid may have been moments away from losing the fight, but Alpert came along and saved the day. That entire sequence was one of the better fights I’ve seen in a television drama.

Locke and Jack/Faith and Science – In a continuation from a conversation they had back in Season One, Locke and Jack still can’t agree on why they are on the island, but Jack ends up believing Locke enough to realize that the Oceanic 6 (O6) would have to lie to protect those who were left behind.

Ben the Botanist – The anthurium conversation between Ben and Locke was classic. Anyone who thought, “How the hell is Locke going to remember all of Ben’s directions and what do anthuriums even look like?” had to appreciate the humor in that scene.

DHARMA Fish Biscuits – Okay, so this had nothing to do with the finale, but since there were 13 people in my little condo watching the show while enjoying DHARMA Fish Biscuits (thanks Nuno and Teresa) as well as Island Fruit Shish Kebobs (thanks Patty and Scott), I figured it’s worth mentioning and thanking those who came to enjoy the finale. 

Miles versus Rose – She’s got her eye on him and will continue to do so since they are both still on the island. The two characters had no other impact on the finale and I didn’t see Bernard at all, but I believe their presence will be felt next season. BTW – If you’d like to see a deleted scene featuring Miles, go here to check it out – http://www.docarzt.com/lost-news/from-docs-magic-box—more-sea.php.

The Orchid Station/Orientation Video – Just how deep does that elevator go? According to Ben, “Very deep.” The Orchid station brought with it another comical scene as we watched Ben loading the “vault” with metallic objects while Locke watched the Orientation video where a two-armed Edgar Halliwax explained that they should keep all metal objects away from the vault. The “vault” was explained as a chamber that seemingly holds the power to travel space and time. Why is it interesting that Halliwax has two arms? Well, in the Swan and Flame Orientation videos, he appeared to have a prosthetic arm and in the Swan and Pearl Station videos he had two different names – Dr. Marvin Candle and Dr. Mark Wickmund.

Charlotte’s Mysterious Past – My brother Steven thinks she may be Ben’s long lost love, Annie. While this may be possible, I think it’s obvious that she at least had some involvement with the DHARMA Initiative. Maybe she even worked with Libby there at one point? Yes, I know she seems a bit too young to have been the same age as Ben, but perhaps she’s similar to Alpert and either travels time or never ages. Dan is obviously concerned for her and points out that staying on the island “for now” could mean “forever”.

Sawyer Takes A Dip – I have to write this for the all of the women out there who are in love with Sawyer. I totally understand why the heroic leap from the chopper and subsequent swim onto the beach must have gotten you all hot and bothered. Now take a deep breath and try to compose yourselves. While you’re at it, try to come to grips with the fact that Juliet and Sawyer are going to hook up next season. I don’t know this as fact, but there’s definitely chemistry between them and they both think that the folks on the chopper must have died in the freighter explosion. BTW – some audio geeks on the Internet have enhanced the whisper that Sawyer told Kate before his leap and it confirms what I expected (May 5th blog) Kate must have been doing for Sawyer in the future. The whispers were something along the lines of, “I have a daughter in Albuquerque. You have to find her. Tell her I’m sorry.”

The Frozen Donkey Wheel – It was the code name used by the producers for the super secret scene and it turned out to actually be something that was really in the episode. What? You missed it? The wheel Ben turns in order to dangerously and unpredictably “teleport” (move) the island was in fact a frozen donkey wheel.

Daniel Faraday – Where, when, and how is he? He was on a raft with a bunch of extras when we last saw him, so did he get left behind when the island “moved” or did he move along with the island. There’s a third possibility that may also explain why DHARMA PRDs (periodic ration drops) still occur 12 years after the purge. Since the raft wasn’t ON the island at the time it moved, but rather “around” it, it could have traveled forward in time and will suddenly appear on the island at some point in the future – much like his rocket test. My guess is that the ration drops were from a plane that was also “around” the island when it was “moved” the last time, presumably right around the time of the purge. If I had just wiped out a whole bunch of DHARMA people, I would have found a way to prevent any outsiders who knew the island’s location from coming back. I’m assuming that Ben must have had someone else move the island with the Frozen Donkey Wheel shortly after the 1992 purge. BTW – An island move may also explain how Yemi’s (Mr. Eko’s brother) drug plane that took off from Nigeria ended up on an island in the South Pacific.

Island Inhabitants – By my count, the remaining island dwellers include – Sawyer, Rose, Bernard, Miles, Charlotte, Juliet, Locke, Alpert, Cindy (flight attendant), Zack & Emma (the tail section kids), and a bunch of other Others. There should also be a few other “nameless” Flight 815 survivors remaining like Scott (or Steve – I can’t remember which one died), Neil Frogurt, and Craig (who may be on the raft with Daniel according to some fans). I purposefully left Claire off this list because I’m not sure if she’s alive or dead (more on that in my next blog).

Penny and Desmond – There was supposed to be this amazing kiss in the finale and most everyone thinks it was Kate/Sawyer. While that kiss was nice and all, it was more impactful because of Sawyer’s leap afterwards and not the actual kiss. The big kiss, in my opinion, was between Desmond and his beloved Penny. It was simple, sweet, and LONG overdue. It reminded me of when Rose and Bernard were reunited after spending 48 days on opposite ends of the island. I’m still worried about both of them though. Penny because Ben has threatened to kill Charles Widmore’s daughter and Desmond because…

Sun and Charles Widmore – When Sun went to see Charles, she clearly stated, “Yes, you do know, Mr. Widmore… just like you know we’ve been lying all this time about where we were and what happened to us there. You and I have common interests. When you’re ready to discuss them… [She hands him her business card]…call me. As you know, we’re not the only ones who left the island.” It’s clear to me that Sun is talking about Desmond when she says, “we’re not the only ones who left the island.” What’s her motive though? Is she seeking revenge? I have a strong suspicion that Paik Industries has some connection to the island just as Widmore Construction does.

Kate’s Dream – During Kate’s dream in which she sees Claire who warns her to never go back, she also answered the telephone and heard whispers. The whispers played in reverse say, “The island needs you. You have to go back before it’s too late.” There’s definitely a conflict there, but Kate only understood the clear message from Claire so perhaps that’s just another reason why she’s so angry with Jack.

The Big Lie – Up until the moment Jack said that they’d have to lie, I have assumed that there was some group involved that got to them and convinced them all to lie. I was a bit surprised by this, but I guess it makes a bit of sense and I’m guessing that they learned even more about Charles Widmore and what his intentions with the island are during the week they spent on Penny’s boat. I assume that she and her dad are not seeing eye-to-eye and that Penny was able to warn them all.

Jeremy Bentham/John Locke – This connection was made after the Season 3 finale when close up screen captures of the newspaper article revealed that the man in the coffin was Jeremy Bentham. A lot of fans made the connection that it must have been Locke in the coffin and that he must have been using an alias. They made this connection because there is a real-life historical Jeremy Bentham and he was a philosopher who was greatly influenced by another more famous philosopher, John Locke. Knowing or predicting this did not take away from the final moment for me at all because with the way the show was unfolding, I started doubting it was Locke even though I would have put money on it before the show began.

The “Elizabeth” or Another “Vault” – I’m sure that people are wondering how Locke must have gotten off the island and why he left, but there are few different possibilities worth mentioning – 1) Maybe there is possibly another “vault” on the island, 2) He may have taken the “Elizabeth”, which the Others stole from Sayid, Sun, and Jin back in Season Three, 3) He could have turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel. I guess we’ll have to see.

Season Five will probably be all about how the O6 (plus dead Locke) and maybe Walt get back to the island, where the island moved, what has happened to the people left on the island during the last three years, and I’m assuming we’ll learn a lot about the island’s history (the temple, the foot statue, the hieroglyphs, etc…).

Stayed tuned for part 2 of the season final blog – coming soon!