Desperate Straits and Disparate Locations

Okay, so I stole this title from the latest podcast, but thought it very accurately describes the situation each of the LOSTies face at the end of “There’s No Place Like Home” – Part 1.

Season Four has been outstanding thus far and I don’t expect anything less from parts 2 and 3 of the finale. We’re finally going to learn who is in the coffin, how they get off the island, why they are lying about their time on the island, why Aaron is with Kate, what happens to the non-Oceanic 6 LOSTies, and we’ll get to see a couple of characters we haven’t seen in quite some time. If you want to be “spoiled”, go view the listing of guest stars on IMDB.

LOST is “only” a television show, but it’s the closest thing to reading a really good novel that I’ve ever seen in a television show or a movie. It’s also such an amazing journey into human experiences that I personally can’t watch it without somehow relating to the experiences and hopefully learning an important lesson in the process.

So where are we and when are we? Here’s a recap:

• The Oceanic 6 hold a news conference and we hear the fake story of their time on the island and their rescue. Watch the re-run of part 1 before parts 1 and 2 for an extended version of this episode where we’ll see a couple of additional questions being answered by the Oceanic 6 Liars.

• Kate has no one for her back home…except Aaron who has her.

• Jack has his mom and eventually Kate until he starts to “lose it”. He also finds out that Claire is his half-sister, which makes him Aaron’s Uncle. What an excellent little scene. I think it’s safe to assume that he told Kate afterwards.

• Sayid had no one until Nadia finds him after the news conference and he’ll eventually have no one again when she is murdered by Bakir and he starts to work for Ben.

• Hurley has his family, a surprise party, and the return of the numbers on his cars odometer. I love that Cheech is his dad and loved the island theme for his party including the “whispers”.

• Sun will eventually have Ji Yeon, but what a surprising scene between her and her dad. I didn’t see that one coming at all – using her Oceanic money to buy a majority share in Paik Industries. Whoa!

• Daniel uses his nifty notebook to conclude that they all need to get the hell off the island, but does he really understand what The Orchid station will do? Remember, moving the island could mean to another time, not necessarily another place. Also, if they move it, won’t they move Keamy and his men as well?

• There’s a HUGE bomb on the freighter that everyone’s being shuttled to. Umm, WTF?

• Sun and Aaron are on the freighter.

• Kate and Sayid are being held at gunpoint by Ageless Alpert and the Others (sounds like a good band name to me) and they are all heading to The Orchid to presumably assist Ben in some way.

• Jack and Sawyer are heading to help rescue Hurley, but they’re going to find out that they’ll be rescuing a few other folks as well.

• Locke needs to take an elevator down into The Orchid and move the island, but has no idea what that means.

• That pretty much puts the Oceanic 6 ALL over the place – disparate locations and the desperate straits should be pretty obvious.

The most interesting emotion for me after watching this episode is how I feel about Ben. Anyone who reads this knows I love the actor and the character is awesome, but I found myself rooting for him and his survival even though he’s the “bad” guy. Perhaps he really is the “good” guy.

I debated even writing a blog this week; especially since the 3-part finale will air back-to-back-to-back on Thursday, but I figured why not try and add to the excitement a little. I have lots of speculation as to what might happen, but little to no idea if my theories will come to pass or how the writers are going to unfold the story and fit everything into these final two hours.

We will undoubtedly also be left with MANY more/new questions along with a killer cliffhanger in order to keep us frustrated and anxious to see the Season Five premiere in January 2009. How can you avoid the frustration? Anticipate that you won’t learn the answers to EVERYTHING and that there will only be 34 episodes remaining until the SERIES finale in 2010.



One Response to Desperate Straits and Disparate Locations

  1. Kat says:

    “We’re finally going to learn…”

    Oh, c’mon! My bet is that they’re going to leave us hanging on all listed items, as they so typically do…

    Any takers?

    (LOL on the band name)

    January ’09???
    That’s like really, really, really, really really far away.

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