The Shape of Some Nice Things to Come Back Home

If you consider information such as episode titles and which character is having a flash back/forward/other to be spoiler information, then you probably won’t want to read this post. Please note that I always look at this information and it has not diminished the show for me or ruined any plot twists at all.

In any event, here is some non-spoiler news of great interest: thanks to a heads up from my brother, I looked online and confirmed that there will now be six hours of new episodes coming as opposed to only five. That’ll bring us only two episodes shy of the originally intended 16 episodes for Season Four.

One of the more exciting reasons for this additional hour is that there are going to be so many big reveals by the end of the season; they couldn’t cram it all into only five episodes. Things we’ll find out include who is in the coffin and how the Oceanic 6 get off the island.

The other good news is that the finale will be a two-hour episode again instead of being split into two as originally planned. That means we’ll have the following air dates:

April 24th – The Shape of Things to Come (Ben and/or Sayid-centric)
May 1st – Something Nice Back Home (Jack-centric – unconfirmed)
May 8th – Title Unknown (Locke-centric – unconfirmed)
May 15th – Title Unknown (this is the additional hour)
May 22nd – Will NOT be on – Grey’s Anatomy two-hour finale
May 29th – Two Hour Finale

So, as you probably figured out, my blog title is a combination of the two episode titles that are currently known. The best news of all may be that April 24th is next week already! That didn’t seem like too long of a wait, but I’m not looking forward to the eight month wait we’ll have until Season Five.


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