“It’s a fine line between denial and faith. It’s much better on my side.”

I was digging through some Season One information for a friend and came across the above quote from the episode titled, “Whatever the Case May Be”. Rose said it while she was comforting Charlie after Claire’s kidnapping. She said it in specific reference to her belief that her husband, who was in the tail section, was still alive. As we found out in Season Two, Bernard was indeed very much alive and they were reunited after spending 48 days on different parts of the island.

I think the number one thing that brings people to question their faith about anything is time. Radiohead has a great lyric at the beginning of their song “My Iron Lung” that goes, “Faith, you’re driving me away. You do it every day. You don’t mean it, but it hurts like hell.” I think they are referring just as much to patience as they are to faith when they sing those lines and that’s what is most impressive to me about Rose. She never stopped believing, even as the number of days without her husband kept adding up. Her confidence and steadfast belief that Bernard was alive helped her stay positive and she kept going strong. She never allowed doubt to enter into her consciousness and therefore, she never became depressed and hurt.

I just find her quote to be wonderful and yet very confusing at the same time. I mean, what if he was dead and she was using her faith as a way to convince herself that everything was alright? Is there anything wrong with that or is that denial? I know it’s a moot point, but this show is all about fate versus choice and I think it’s very possible for people to convince themselves that things are going to turn out a certain way because of their faith in a specific kind of fate.

My opinion, that I think I’ve shared before, is that fate ultimately equals happiness and we all have the inner capacity to be happy by making choices that make us happy now and lead us toward even greater happiness in the future. I also believe that the universe DOES have a way of “course correcting”, but we have the ability to choose whether we ignore the guidance that is presented to us in its various forms or to listen and make good positive decisions based on the guidance we are experiencing. That’s why I believe in choice.

I have to say that it really annoys me when some people use their belief in “fate” as a way of running away or as a way of justifying their negative actions. They’ll tell you that “everything happens for a reason”, which I agree with, but “everything” and the “reasons” can be easily misinterpreted by perception. Perhaps if they actually communicated exactly how they were feeling and what they were thinking in a positive way, there could be a mutually beneficial CHOICE that is made. I guess I’m referring to a utopian society, which is something we definitely don’t have on LOST.

I know it might seem as if I’m picking on the likes of John Locke because he is a “man of faith”, but I’ve already made my thoughts clear about characters like Jack in other blog posts. Being a “man of science” and always trying to fix everything without communicating and coming to a mutually beneficial CHOICE, is no better than acting in a negative way because you believe it will bring about some kind of specific fate that you have pre-determined based on experiences you have had in your lifetime (flash-backs).

Ultimately, the lack of faith and the inability to trust one another is still the biggest issue the characters on this show have. 19th century novelist George MacDonald once said, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.” I really like that thought and think that someone like Ben might benefit a great deal more by trusting in others instead of always trying to manipulate them.

Ben is a genius and he has incredible faith in the island and in Jacob, but he keeps everything to himself and doesn’t trust anyone. Is he one of the good guys? We may eventually find out that the reasons why he is doing everything we have seen him do is due to some very noble purpose, but he is certainly not a “good guy”. He is the ultimate manipulator (in my opinion, the worst kind of person) and the only people who trust him are those who fear him or have been manipulated by him. I cannot wait to learn more about the character of Annie because I believe it’ll shed even more light on the events of his life that led him to become the man he is today.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my musings while waiting for the April 24th episode titled, “The Shape of Things to Come”.


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