Flash Drawrof

No, that’s not a misspelling! I know I’m not the only one out there who the writer’s fooled into thinking that we were seeing flash forwards for both Sun and Jin, so in honor of their brilliant trickery I have spelled the word “forward” backwards.

In true LOST fashion, they did give us a number of clues that all of Jin’s off-island scenes were in the past:

The outdated cell phone he was carrying.

The toy store salesman who tried to sell him a dragon and told Jin it was good luck because it was the “Year of the Dragon” (the last one was in 2000 and the next is in 2012).

The fact that Jin looked younger and was acting a lot like the person we remember from his pre-island days when he worked for Sun’s dad at Paik Industries.

Okay, maybe those clues weren’t screaming out at you. Personally, I was chalking up his behavior to his anticipation of becoming a father. Some of us do strange things. However, I was also getting annoyed that he didn’t just go to the hospital right away. I was thinking to myself, “How much does he REALLY need to buy this Panda for his newborn?” It all made sense once we realized that he was under strict orders from Mr. Paik to buy that specific Panda for the granddaughter of the Chinese Ambassador.

A big question now remains – Is Jin really dead? Upon close observation, the tombstone has three dates – Sun’s birth date, Jin’s birth date, and Jin’s date of death. The date of death is 9/22/2004, the day that Oceanic Flight 815 crashed.

I carefully watched the episode again and no one ever says that he’s dead. Sun keeps saying over and over again that she misses him, which could mean that he’s still on the island and that his death is part of the elaborate lie that the Oceanic 6 are telling.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking that Jin’s alive because of the fantastic scene where he brings Sun dinner after finding out that she cheated on him. (BTW – Wow to Juliet revealing that tidbit of information in a desperate attempt to keep them at the beach.) What a great written scene! Jin’s forgiveness and acknowledgment of the type of man he used to be before coming to the island was the ultimate in self-awareness and forgiveness. I’m not ashamed to admit that the scene really got me. The reason I still have hope that he’s alive on the island is mostly because of the last words in that scene, “You will never lose me.” However, my gut tells me that he must die before they are even rescued.

That leads us to another question that the executive producers promised would be clear after this episode. Who are the Oceanic 6? If they weren’t pulling our leg, then I guess they are pro-life and considered Aaron a Flight 815 passenger. Sure, my thought was that Jin must have made it off the island and died shortly after, but the date on the tombstone blew that thought out of the water. I’m guessing it’s probably just a memorial tombstone that Sun, Hurley, and Ji Yeon visit at the end. BTW – I’m guessing that Sun’s flash forward was in July of 2005 and was pre-Hurley’s trip back to the psycho ward. Presumably Sun is about two months pregnant on the island as of Christmas Day, 2004, so another seven months brings us to a July birth date for little Ji Yeon.

Okay, so what about Michael? Not very surprising since we knew his return was imminent, but I had assumed that the captain was going to be named Kevin Johnson, not Michael. I guess I should have figured that out, but I can’t get everything right. Next week’s episode is Michael-centric and the mini-cliffhanger before a 5-week break. It promises to reveal a lot of what has happened since Michael left on the boat from Pala Ferry at the end of Season 2 with Walt.

Speaking of the captain, his name is Captain Gault and he seems to be very forthcoming though we’re not sure if we should trust him or not. His explanation that Oceanic 815’s black box and the bodies of all 324 passengers were staged seems very plausible. He was also very upfront when Sayid asked if they were going to save everyone on the island once the engines were repaired. He said that his orders were to fix the engines and get to safer waters because of the “heightened cabin fever” that the crew is experiencing.

So, who do you believe? Is Ben going to come out as the good guy in all of this or are they both bad groups? Notice I didn’t even question whether Charles Widmore is bad. He is evil and I hope he gets stabbed with a broken bottle of MacCutcheon whiskey. I just said that for impact purposes. I’m not really that violent.

Random Notes/Thoughts:

Where do you come across 324 dead bodies to stage a plane crash?

Sun teaches English better than Sawyer.

Where did Frank Lapidus take the helicopter?

I think that a quick piece of the fictitious show Exposé was playing on the TV in Sun’s room when she called for an ambulance. You may remember the show because it starred Nikki (Razzle Dazzle) from Flight 815 and Mr. La Shade, who was played by Billy Dee Williams.

Bernard and Jin bonded and we learned why Rose and Bernard didn’t go with Locke. It never made sense to me that Rose didn’t go with Locke because she knows just how powerful the island is, but as Bernard said, “…staying with Jack was the right thing to do because Locke is a murderer.” Wait. Didn’t Jack pull the trigger?

Is there a Korean word for Karma? How did Jin know what Bernard meant?

I wish that Juliet would have explained to Sun why Claire’s baby was okay when she explained why Sun was in danger.

What was the “non-mechanical” banging that Sayid and Desmond heard just before the doctor took them to see the captain?

Apparently Regina likes to read upside down and is into extreme S&M. What the ___?

– I love how Sayid played along with Michael’s secret identity even though he probably wanted to rip his head off.

Sun was calling out for Jin. <sniff> She wishes Jin could have been there. <sob & wipe a tear>

God, I love this show!


4 Responses to Flash Drawrof

  1. Kat says:

    “324 dead bodies”…

    Actually, wouldn’t you subtract 48, and that leaves him only (only?) in need of 276…
    Me thinks?

    Hmm… when Ben gassed the Others’ civilization (and notice my correct apostrophe usage in forming a plural possessive), what did he do with the corpses? Not sure how the timing of that would pan out (and I’m not even gonna attempt to go there in my brain), but we do know that obviously there is some sort of tie between him and Charles Widmore.

  2. Kat says:

    No, wait, I have that backwards… he only needs 48 for those 48 survivors.

    Oh, geez-I give up.
    I think I NEED a 5 week hiatus from this.

  3. cjblost says:

    Sorry, but you got some facts wrong on both counts. 😦

    The story that Oceanic (and whoever else) originally put together is that all 324 passengers and crew from Flight 815 died and that the plane was found in a trench 4 miles deep off the coast of Bali. None of the bodies were recovered from the wreckage, but they were supposedly counted. No one else (except Oceanic and whoever else is in on the cover-up) knows about the 48 people on the island, so they would still say that the count is 324 for the media and the families of the passengers.

    Once the Oceanic 6 are “discovered”, a new fabricated story is going to detail how there were actually 8 survivors of the initial crash with only 6 eventually living long enough to make it home from “wherever” the story says they were between 9/22/2004 and the date of “rescue”. I’m pretty sure they’ll still keep to their original story of the real plane being in the trench or they’d be a huge investigation. Why will the Oceanic 6 agree to lie is the real question?

    BTW – Going back to sometime in Season One, if you use “The Numbers” to enter the coordinates (4.815 162.342) in Google Earth, you get a location that points to an empty area of water somewhere in the South Pacific (about 2,755 miles from Sydney). The distance from Sydney to the trench off the coast of Bali is 2,780 miles. Pretty close.

    As for the bodies from The Purge (when Ben gassed the Dharma folks), they are in that trench that Locke fell into after he was shot by Ben near the end of Season Three.

  4. Karen says:

    Great blog. I am always looking for someone to explain things to me, so much I miss each episode! That little tidbit about the show Jin was watching was great. I never would have picked up on that. I wish they ran reruns all week. Yeah, I only got a DVR last week and it taped Grey’s Anatomy by mistake. UGH!

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