“It’s Very Stressful Being an Other”

Well, I figured I’d keep this blog shorter than usual since it’s a week behind and my last post was just a tad bit long. This one’s still a bit long.

Juliet is “The Other Woman” (title of episode) in more ways than one.  Obviously, she’s an Other, but she’s also Jack’s other woman (to Kate), Ben’s other woman (presumably to Annie), and Goodwin’s other woman (to his wife Harper). I thought it was interesting to see the missing pieces from Juliet’s time on the island. It was particularly interesting to see how Ben acted like such a little kid around her and threw a tantrum.

Other good pieces of information we learned:

– Others apparently require periodic psychological evaluations or “discussions”.

– That Tom cried like a baby because he had (past tense since he’s dead) daddy issues just like everyone else on the island.

– The Tempest station supplies power to much of the island and has poisonous gases and chemicals that could be used to harm people. For more on the Tempest (keep reading).

– Juliet looks just like “her”. I presume “her” is Annie.

– The people on the boat work for Charles Widmore. This could be a lie, but I don’t think so. I do think that Ben actually tells the truth quite often, but leaves critical information out and misleads people based on their preconceived assumptions.

– Ben told Locke who his “man on the boat” is and as thanks, he gets to have supper with the LOSTies.

– Claire and Locke, who have always had kind of a father/daughter bond, are having a bit of a falling out. I think that freeing Ben will be Claire’s excuse to go back to the beach camp. I’m guessing she travels there with Montezuma. Oops, I mean Hurley.

– Juliet took care of Zack and Emma, the kids from the tail section, when they were taken because they were on Jacob’s list.

– Juliet likes Jack and wants to protect him from jealous Ben by distancing herself from him. Jack says, “…he knows where to find me.”

– Hurley is lucky at horseshoes.

Thanks to my brother for finding this information online about the Tempest:

– William Shakespeare actually wrote a play called The Tempest, which (taken from LOSTpedia) – “tells the story of the sorcerer Prospero and his daughter Miranda, who are stranded on a mysterious desert island that has mystical properties. Prospero raises a storm, or tempest, which causes a passing ship containing his enemies to run aground. Using magic, spirits and a man-beast creature named Caliban, he separates and manipulate the survivors of the wreck for his own purposes. The play ends with Prospero restored to his former glory.” How sweet is that! BTW – The DHARMA logo for The Tempest looks like a huge wave (see the latest logo above in my Blog banner).

Tonight’s episode promises to be full of a few big surprises. It’s called Ji Yeon, which is a common name for Korean females. I’m not going to speculate and risk ruining who it might be, but you’re all smart enough to figure it out on your own.

If you want to laugh a little, check out this MySpace page –http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=329982705 and listen to some of the music. Click on the lyrics as well. Pretty funny stuff!


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