Kate’s Raising Jack’s Nephew

You didn’t forget that Jack and Claire are half-siblings, did you?

Kate says she understands why Jack doesn’t want to come over to her place for a visit. Why? Is it because of how Claire dies and he can’t bear to see Aaron? Did I just say that Claire dies? Yes, I did. That’s my special prediction for this season now. We always get a death of a main character and I’m guessing it’s her based on these turn of events. But what of the psychic’s warning that Aaron should not be raised by anyone but her? Should be interesting and I wonder if they’ll tie Claire’s death into the reason Sayid is now working for Ben.

This was my favorite Kate story in a long time. I’m not a big fan of her character anymore, but I like where they took this. The scene between her and Jack at the end was very interesting. She said that she’s starting to think that Jack actually believes the lie he tells in court. The one about only eight (8) people surviving the crash and that Kate saved them, got them food, etcetera. So, that begs the question, if there were eight survivors in the fake story, why is there only an Oceanic 6? I still don’t count Aaron in the six, so my vote goes to Jin and Sun as the last two now. I also think Claire and Charlie are the two that round out the eight from the story. The story must have them die before the six are rescued or something.

Locke is getting very frustrated again. For a man of faith, he sure can be impatient. That’s the one area where Ben still has the upper-hand because he cuts a deal with Miles to give him $3.2 million dollars in a week instead of in 2-days. I guess he figures that he’ll be free by then. He seems very confident about that. I loved the Ben/Miles dialogue about the dollar amount and how Miles told him not to treat him like “these people” because he knows all about him and who he works for.

I also found it comical that James Ford could use Backgammon and the truth to con Locke so that Kate could bring Miles to see Ben in the first place. Technically he didn’t lie to Locke. He most certainly misled him, but Locke still doesn’t know it.

Miscellaneous Notes:

– Patsy Cline made it into another Kate episode, but this time it was on the island as Kate was listening to “She’s Got You” when Locke comes in and tells her that she’s no longer welcome with them.
– Jack still loves Kate.
– Kate is not pregnant.
– Hurley watches Xanadu – I’m still trying to figure out the significance of this one. All I got is that Xanadu is the name of a Chinese province where Kubla Khan establishes his pleasure garden in the poem “Vision in a Dream. A Fragment.” I don’t see a connection, but the writers don’t include any music or book references randomly.
– DHARMA Red Wine in a box was funny.

Audio Podcast Tidbits:

– Libby will be making an appearance THIS season
– The Orchid video (the one with bunny #8 from the Internet) has a significant tie in with the Polar Bear remains that were found in Tunisia and the ability to get “things” on and off the island.
– The character name for Charlotte Staples Lewis is definitely an intentional homage to writer C.S. Lewis as most people suspected.

Important to remember – the helicopter was running low on fuel before it even took off. When Charlotte calls Regina on the emergency phone line and finds out they aren’t there yet, it plays right back into the whole time shift thing again, which leads us to…

Next week is Desmond-centric and is called, The Constant. I always look forward to Desmond stories because they seem to reveal a LOT of big answers and/or open big new questions. Will it be a flash-forward or a flash-back though?


One Response to Kate’s Raising Jack’s Nephew

  1. SB says:

    I believe Xanadu was also the name of Charles Foster Kane’s estate in Citizen Kane. I don’t know if that is relevant in any way but thought I would throw it out there.

    I would have believed it was a Citizen Kane reference if Sawyer had said to Hurley, “Why are you watching that crap, Rosebud?”

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