The Day I Trust Him Is The Day I Sell My Soul

My brother and my friend both sent me text messages during this episode and said the same exact thing – WOW! I was at a Nicole Atkins concert at the time and fortunately the concert was so good that I almost didn’t think about the fact that I was missing the episode until they texted me. Thank goodness for the age of digital video recorders cause I was able to watch it the second I got home to see what the “WOW” was all about.

I wasn’t disappointed. Let me talk about the big moment at the end of the episode first. Sayid, who said earlier in the episode that the day he trusted Ben would be the day he sells his soul, is shown working for Ben and killing people that are on Ben’s “list”. The conversation between the two of them in the animal shelter was very interesting. Sayid is crying because killing Elsa was obviously upsetting to him and Ben says, “Need I remind you what happened the last time you thought with your heart instead of your gun?” Sayid replies, “You used that to recruit me into killing for you.” Ben’s response, “You want to protect your friends or not, Sayid?”

It seems obvious to me that there are (at least) two off-island groups at war. It appears that Naomi and Elsa were wearing the same or similar bracelets and so were probably working for the same guy. It’s probably Matthew Abaddon, but I don’t think it stops there and believe that Charles Widmore is still behind this somehow. I’m looking forward to finding out what happened that “last time” when Sayid thought with his heart instead of his gun.

Real quick before I get all into scientific theory and lose all of you – there was an easter egg in Ben’s hideout that I thought was interesting. When Sayid opens the desk drawer and sees the passports and money, there is a stack of cash with the face of Michael Farady on it. As one of the comments (from Robin Eck) to my last blog pointed out, Michael Faraday is a famous physicist who specialized in studying electromagnetism. I feel a segue-way coming on.

Our young physicist, Daniel Farady, conducted an interesting little experiment during this episode. The experiment is the most conclusive proof of the time shift theory that we’ve seen so far. They (Daniel and Regina) expected the payload (rocket) to arrive on the island about 30 seconds after it launched, however, it didn’t arrive WHEN expected.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Jack and Frank were having the discussion about the Red Sox winning the World Series right before the rocket finally arrived. Jack asked if the Sox really won the Series and Frank told him not to get him started. Jack then gave us the latest island timetable by stating, “I can’t believe it’s been 100 days since I’ve seen a game.” That would make it December 30, 2004, right?

Don’t be so sure. If the 31-minute difference in island time (2:45) and rocket time (3:16) is any clue, time is definitely slower or at least different on the island.

Faraday seems concerned. He says, “this is not good” and whispers to Frank to be sure he follows the same bearing that they came in on…no matter what. I wonder if that bearing is 325, which is the same bearing Ben gave Michael to find rescue.

Okay, there are some of you out there who don’t want time travel or parallel universes brought into this show because it’s too sci-fi, but the producers have promised scientific explanations for what is occurring. The thing is that some scientific explanations are theories which have yet to be debunked and so they are considered plausible explanations by some experts. That said, I think there is definitely some kind of intra-universe wormhole connecting the off-island and island people and that time is different in both locations.

I did some research on wormholes and I’m not talking about string-theory (time travel to same location) or inter-universe wormholes (connecting one universe with another). I’m just talking about a relativistic time dilation. What? Did I just lose some of you? hehe Hey, stop reading if you’d rather just enjoy the show at face value with a suspension of disbelief. I’m all for that, really, but everything in this show is based on something “real”, so as a self-proclaimed geek, I want to understand all that I can.

Anyway, I stole this right from Wikipedia: If one end of a wormhole is accelerated to a high velocity relative to the other end, relativistic time dilation would result in the accelerated wormhole mouth aging less than the stationary one as seen by an external observer. However, time connects differently through the wormhole than outside it, so that synchronized clocks at each mouth will remain synchronized to someone traveling through the wormhole itself. This means that anything (like a rocket) which entered the accelerated wormhole mouth (near the freighter) would exit the stationary one (the island) at a point in time prior to its entry.

What does this all mean? Well, it could mean that when the “Oceanic 6” return to the off-island world, it might be more like December 30, 2006, instead of 2004. However, it’s more likely that they will return in 2004 and that the island time is just a wrinkle in time. Speaking of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, my son just finished reading the classic novel, which talks about inter-universe wormholes but refers to them as Tesseracts. I confirmed with my son and he said that the characters in the book are transported to a different time AND a different space (galaxy). But I’m getting off track now. I just like the idea of the island time being just a wrinkle and not another dimensional space.

One other cool tidbit from Wikipedia – the term wormhole was coined by the American theoretical physicist, John Wheeler in 1957, however the IDEA of wormholes was invented in 1921 by the German mathematician Hermann Weyl in connection with his analysis of mass in terms of electromagnetic field energy. Hmm? Where have we seen a place with a very intense electromagnetic field?

I’m so looking forward to what, when, and who Desmond and Sayid encounter on the freighter.

Next week – Eggtown (Kate-centric)

One more thing – I heard Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus) on K-Rock in New York and he said that he thinks they’re going to film five (5) additional episodes now that the writer’s strike is over. The goal is to air the episodes immediately after the eight that we already know are coming this Spring. That’ll make 13 for the season. Yay!


2 Responses to The Day I Trust Him Is The Day I Sell My Soul

  1. maureen says:

    Kool, thanks for catching me up!

  2. Kat says:

    Finally took a moment to sit and really digest this. Yes, rather lengthy… but well worth the time in front of the monitor.

    This episode left me sitting on my couch with a big fat “Huh???” more often than not. The inconsistencies in time, above all else, really had me completely and utterly… lost. Your “wrinkle”/ entry vs. exit time notion never occurred to me. Good call.

    I realize this may be a bit elementary to those who are more well-versed in all that is “Lost” (and I hope I’m not breaking any “blog etiquette” by sharing this), but here’s a pretty “User Friendly” link (no spoilers!) that really maps out how central a theme “time” is in all of this.

    This show makes my cerebral cortex ache. It was so much easier when it was just about 48 plane crash survivors (49, if we are counting Aaron) foraging in a jungle, constructing shelter on a beach, and eluding… polar bears???

    Impressive work on this entire blog, CJB.

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