The Man on the Boat

Could it be? This is just a theory, but could it be that the man on the boat is none other than Michael. Ben is the one who told Michael to follow a compass bearing of 325, so perhaps he led him straight to the freighter with our new “friends”, Daniel Faraday (physicist), Frank Lipidus (pilot), Charlotte Staples Lewis (anthropologist), Miles Strohm (paranormal specialist), George Minkowski (man on phone), and Regina (woman on phone).

The hole in my theory is why Michael would help Ben and how he would communicate with the Ben, especially since the hatch implosion seems to have cut off all communication with the outside world. My answer is Walt. We know Walt can appear in different places and can communicate via computer terminals, so maybe he somehow convinced his father that they need to help protect the remaining island inhabitants from the people on the freighter that “rescued” them at compass bearing 325.

Enough speculation though. I really liked this episode. It featured the first off-island, post-crash flashbacks of the series seen through the eyes of our newcomers. I wish we had a bit of a timetable to help understand exactly when the supposed wreckage from Flight 815 was “accidentally” discovered in a trench off the coast of Bali. The closest we got was when Charlotte read the headline from Le Journal de Tunisie. I did my best to find a date on the newspaper, but had no luck. Speaking of Tunisia, Charlotte seemed to know exactly what she was looking for amongst the remains of the polar bear when she found the DHARMA Hydra station collar. I believe that’s the first off-island DHARMA logo we’ve seen in the series.

It also seems very apparent to me that none of the newcomers, including Naomi, believe that the Bali wreckage is from Flight 815. Daniel and Miles just don’t seem surprised at all. Charlotte seems to need to look at every newspaper headline and still doesn’t believe. Frank, who was supposed to be the pilot of Flight 815, calls the Oceanic hotline to tell them that the body of the pilot shown on TV is not really the pilot on Flight 815. Finally, Naomi asks Matthew Abaddon (the same guy who visited Hurley in the mental institution claiming to be an attorney for Oceanic Airlines) what she should do if she encounters any survivors from Flight 815 during their “operation” to get Benjamin Linus. It HAS to be an elaborate hoax staged by Oceanic along with who knows what other groups (Widmore Construction?).

As for the mission to get Benjamin Linus, I believe that it’s only part of their mission. Let’s face it, all four people selected to go with Naomi were chosen for a reason, so why would you need a physicist, anthropologist, and someone who can speak to the dead on a mission to just get Ben?

Quick note from first episode – I forgot to mention that I noticed the whispers just before Hurley saw the visions of Jacob’s cabin. I’ve always associated the whispers with the Others, but last we know they were heading for the temple, wherever that is. Who do the whispers belong to? I don’t know, but I have a feeling that Miles may come in handy if anyone wants to speak with them.

By the way, both Locke and Ben seem very curious as to how Hurley could see the cabin.

I liked the interactions between Locke and James Ford (Sawyer) in this episode, particularly since they have this common bond in Locke’s dad who was the real Sawyer. No one else knows what happened in the Black Rock except them and every time I see them together, I think back to that episode.

My favorite lines from this episode: 

  • Sawyer – “…taller ghost Walt”
  • Jack – “I don’t know Miles. How stupid are you?”
  • Charlotte – “What’s wrong with you people?”
  • Frank – “I saw a cow.”

Special kudos go to Brian Ostering for commenting on a blog last year about how ironic it would be if Locke survived being shot because the bullet went through where his kidney used to be. I loved the theory and it was proven accurate in this episode. Nice job!

Next week – Sayid-centric episode called “The Economist”.


7 Responses to The Man on the Boat

  1. robin eck says:

    Maybe I’m late, but has anyone thought about Daniel Faraday being a descendent of Michael Faraday the scientist who worked in electromagnetism? I’ve going to research Strohm , Strake-Lewis and Lipidus too.

  2. SB says:

    Could it be that the whispers are the spirits of the Dharma folks that haven’t passed on yet?

    Who was the spirit that Miles contacted? Is this person significant or was that scene put there merely to set up his character as a medium?

    I also thought about Michael right away when Ben referred to having a man on the freighter. It definitely could have been that Walt convinced his father to help. If you remember, Walt didn’t really want to leave the island.

    Charlotte definitely knows about Dharma…she has to. But what is a Dharma collar doing in Tunisia? Was there another location of the initative? Doesn’t seem to make sense that there would be.

    The picture of Ben didn’t appear to be taken on the island. He is an adult in the picture but we don’t know of any instance of Ben being off the island since he moved there with his father as a child.

    I actually didn’t like the fact that Locke went out of his way to say. “Walt…only TALLER” I think it is a cheap way of bringing attention to the fact that the actor is growing up and it has only been 90 something days to this point. I would rather they just ignore the issue and move on. Sawyers commet was however pretty funny.

    OK…here is a wild theory…Miles is obviously really pissed about something. He is very much on a mission. Maybe he, and the other members of his crew are children or relatives of the Dharma folks and they are after Ben for what he did. I know it doesn’t seem likely because they were recruited for this “mission”. Probably stupid theory. Could charlotte be young Ben’s girlfriend? Charlotte STAPLES Lewis. Ben makes a point of adding Staples the second time he says her name. has to be significant in some way.

    Miles doesn’t want us to know his last name, at least not yet.

    Daniel sure was upset when they found the wreckage…who did he know on the flight?

    Why didn’t Frank pilot Oceanic 815…? He also called Juliet a native. Assuming that if she wasn’t on the manifest, she was a native of the island, even though we know she isn’t.

    Why can’t Mikowski come to the phone? Why does Regina “have to go”? Wouldn’t they want a progress report on what is going on. What the hell? She seemed either under durress (spelling?) maybe by Ben’s man on there ship or uniterested with Miles’ call.

  3. Ken says:

    Great new nickname from Sawyer this week when he called Locke “Colonel Kurtz”! Probably his best nickname yet.

  4. cjblost says:

    Great comments so far.

    SB – love the theory that Regina and Minkowski are under duress on the boat.

    Robin – even if Daniel isn’t a descendent of Michael Farady, I love the connection and I’m certain that the writers chose the name because of the famous physicist. I noticed something pretty interesting when I looked him up in Wikipedia too – his birthday is September 22nd.

  5. Silverado says:

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  6. Boscarino says:

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  7. Lammey says:

    Looking forward to some more value added posts. Keep it up!

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