“Never Say Never, Dude!”

The long wait is over. It felt like seeing old friends again and almost as if no time had passed at all. For me, it was an expected season opener. No big reveals, but very intense. Here were the most significant events for me in no particular order:

“IT wants us to come back and IT’s going to do everything IT can…” – LOST has always been about second chances and redemption. In last year’s season finale, future Jack told Kate he was sick of lying and that they have to go back. In this episode, Jack has yet to reach that point, but Hurley has come to the realization that the island definitely wants them to come back because in the words of Charlie from the afterlife, “they need you.” It seems that many of the characters have been given second chances by their experiences on the island, but a lot of them have made choices that they regret. Will the island eventually allow the Oceanic 6 a chance to go back?

Oceanic 6 and The Lie(s) – We know three of the Oceanic 6 – Jack, Kate, and Hurley. If Desmond’s flashes are correct, Claire and Aaron will get on the rescue helicopter so I assume they are numbers 4 and 5 (unless Aaron is not included cause he wasn’t on Flight 815). I still guess that Sun is number 6 because of her pregnancy and if Aaron is not included as one of the six, Jin will be “rescued” as well. So, what’s the deal with the lies that the “6” are telling. It seems that for some reason they are saying that everyone else from Flight 815 is dead. Why? Oceanic Air or some other group must be holding something BIG over them, but I can’t think of anything that would keep them from telling the truth, especially with their strong personalities. I’m looking forward to finding out soon.

They Need You – When Hurley was in the police observation room and saw the vision of Charlie swimming toward the one-way mirror, there was something written on the palm of Charlie’s hand. High definition freeze frame reveals that it said, “They Need You”, which is the same message he revealed to Hurley at the mental institute later on. Signs and symbols can often be misinterpreted when someone wants to see or believe certain things, but there’s nothing convoluted about this message. Does Hurley have the strength to do what’s right?

Jacob’s Cabin – First of all, the fact that it appeared in different locations for Hurley doesn’t bother me because the LOSTies see visions all of the time and Hurley even saw things before island life, like his buddy Dave. I confirmed from screen captures online that the person sitting in Jacob’s chair was definitely Christian Shepherd, Jack and Claire’s dad. Whether he’s dead, alive, an apparition, or whatever, the fact that Hurley saw him is the most significant because he has no idea who he is. Perhaps, what Jack saw in the morgue in Season 1 was his dad’s body drugged to appear lifeless. It’s not like Jack felt his pulse or anything. All he did was identify the body. Remember, his coffin was empty and future Jack refers to him as if he’s still alive. Need convincing that this might be a possibility? Check out the last LOST missing piece – http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/missingpieces/index. Vincent will lead the way for you. As for the other person who appeared in the Cabin by the window, it appears that it may have been John Locke, but screen captures are inconclusive. Other people think it may have been Charlie, which makes sense because Hurley sees his ghost off-island too, but it doesn’t really look like him to me.

Jack Pulled The Trigger – Was anyone else surprised? I certainly was. He had no idea that it wasn’t loaded and had very little hesitation when he pulled the trigger. What surprised me just as much was Rose’s decision to stick with Jack and the way she said that there’s no way she’d go with “that man”, meaning John Locke. I still don’t think Rose wants to leave the island and she and Locke share the knowledge that he was paralyzed before coming to the island and that her cancer is in remission since their arrival. For her to stick with Jack really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me…yet!

There’s always much more, but those were the biggest things for me. Next week’s episode is titled, “Confirmed Dead” and is “Not Penny’s Boat” people-centric. I hope that means we’ll learn a lot in terms of why they are really there and what they’re real intentions are. After that, the other six episodes will center on the following characters – Sayid, Kate, Desmond, Juliet, Jin/Sun, and then Michael will wrap the strike-shortened season. Hang on for the ride and keep your fingers crossed that the strike ends soon so that maybe we’ll get the balance of season 4 in the Fall.

Welcome back and Namaste!


One Response to “Never Say Never, Dude!”

  1. SB says:

    I definitely was not surprised that Jack pulled the trigger. He is at his wits end and neither John nor anyone is going to keep him from getting off that island.

    Another thought…I don’t think that it is any coincident that the first and last “Missing Piece” video had Chritian Shepperd…he is definitely going to factor huge somehow.

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