Kate’s Raising Jack’s Nephew

February 23, 2008

You didn’t forget that Jack and Claire are half-siblings, did you?

Kate says she understands why Jack doesn’t want to come over to her place for a visit. Why? Is it because of how Claire dies and he can’t bear to see Aaron? Did I just say that Claire dies? Yes, I did. That’s my special prediction for this season now. We always get a death of a main character and I’m guessing it’s her based on these turn of events. But what of the psychic’s warning that Aaron should not be raised by anyone but her? Should be interesting and I wonder if they’ll tie Claire’s death into the reason Sayid is now working for Ben.

This was my favorite Kate story in a long time. I’m not a big fan of her character anymore, but I like where they took this. The scene between her and Jack at the end was very interesting. She said that she’s starting to think that Jack actually believes the lie he tells in court. The one about only eight (8) people surviving the crash and that Kate saved them, got them food, etcetera. So, that begs the question, if there were eight survivors in the fake story, why is there only an Oceanic 6? I still don’t count Aaron in the six, so my vote goes to Jin and Sun as the last two now. I also think Claire and Charlie are the two that round out the eight from the story. The story must have them die before the six are rescued or something.

Locke is getting very frustrated again. For a man of faith, he sure can be impatient. That’s the one area where Ben still has the upper-hand because he cuts a deal with Miles to give him $3.2 million dollars in a week instead of in 2-days. I guess he figures that he’ll be free by then. He seems very confident about that. I loved the Ben/Miles dialogue about the dollar amount and how Miles told him not to treat him like “these people” because he knows all about him and who he works for.

I also found it comical that James Ford could use Backgammon and the truth to con Locke so that Kate could bring Miles to see Ben in the first place. Technically he didn’t lie to Locke. He most certainly misled him, but Locke still doesn’t know it.

Miscellaneous Notes:

– Patsy Cline made it into another Kate episode, but this time it was on the island as Kate was listening to “She’s Got You” when Locke comes in and tells her that she’s no longer welcome with them.
– Jack still loves Kate.
– Kate is not pregnant.
– Hurley watches Xanadu – I’m still trying to figure out the significance of this one. All I got is that Xanadu is the name of a Chinese province where Kubla Khan establishes his pleasure garden in the poem “Vision in a Dream. A Fragment.” I don’t see a connection, but the writers don’t include any music or book references randomly.
– DHARMA Red Wine in a box was funny.

Audio Podcast Tidbits:

– Libby will be making an appearance THIS season
– The Orchid video (the one with bunny #8 from the Internet) has a significant tie in with the Polar Bear remains that were found in Tunisia and the ability to get “things” on and off the island.
– The character name for Charlotte Staples Lewis is definitely an intentional homage to writer C.S. Lewis as most people suspected.

Important to remember – the helicopter was running low on fuel before it even took off. When Charlotte calls Regina on the emergency phone line and finds out they aren’t there yet, it plays right back into the whole time shift thing again, which leads us to…

Next week is Desmond-centric and is called, The Constant. I always look forward to Desmond stories because they seem to reveal a LOT of big answers and/or open big new questions. Will it be a flash-forward or a flash-back though?


The Day I Trust Him Is The Day I Sell My Soul

February 17, 2008

My brother and my friend both sent me text messages during this episode and said the same exact thing – WOW! I was at a Nicole Atkins concert at the time and fortunately the concert was so good that I almost didn’t think about the fact that I was missing the episode until they texted me. Thank goodness for the age of digital video recorders cause I was able to watch it the second I got home to see what the “WOW” was all about.

I wasn’t disappointed. Let me talk about the big moment at the end of the episode first. Sayid, who said earlier in the episode that the day he trusted Ben would be the day he sells his soul, is shown working for Ben and killing people that are on Ben’s “list”. The conversation between the two of them in the animal shelter was very interesting. Sayid is crying because killing Elsa was obviously upsetting to him and Ben says, “Need I remind you what happened the last time you thought with your heart instead of your gun?” Sayid replies, “You used that to recruit me into killing for you.” Ben’s response, “You want to protect your friends or not, Sayid?”

It seems obvious to me that there are (at least) two off-island groups at war. It appears that Naomi and Elsa were wearing the same or similar bracelets and so were probably working for the same guy. It’s probably Matthew Abaddon, but I don’t think it stops there and believe that Charles Widmore is still behind this somehow. I’m looking forward to finding out what happened that “last time” when Sayid thought with his heart instead of his gun.

Real quick before I get all into scientific theory and lose all of you – there was an easter egg in Ben’s hideout that I thought was interesting. When Sayid opens the desk drawer and sees the passports and money, there is a stack of cash with the face of Michael Farady on it. As one of the comments (from Robin Eck) to my last blog pointed out, Michael Faraday is a famous physicist who specialized in studying electromagnetism. I feel a segue-way coming on.

Our young physicist, Daniel Farady, conducted an interesting little experiment during this episode. The experiment is the most conclusive proof of the time shift theory that we’ve seen so far. They (Daniel and Regina) expected the payload (rocket) to arrive on the island about 30 seconds after it launched, however, it didn’t arrive WHEN expected.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Jack and Frank were having the discussion about the Red Sox winning the World Series right before the rocket finally arrived. Jack asked if the Sox really won the Series and Frank told him not to get him started. Jack then gave us the latest island timetable by stating, “I can’t believe it’s been 100 days since I’ve seen a game.” That would make it December 30, 2004, right?

Don’t be so sure. If the 31-minute difference in island time (2:45) and rocket time (3:16) is any clue, time is definitely slower or at least different on the island.

Faraday seems concerned. He says, “this is not good” and whispers to Frank to be sure he follows the same bearing that they came in on…no matter what. I wonder if that bearing is 325, which is the same bearing Ben gave Michael to find rescue.

Okay, there are some of you out there who don’t want time travel or parallel universes brought into this show because it’s too sci-fi, but the producers have promised scientific explanations for what is occurring. The thing is that some scientific explanations are theories which have yet to be debunked and so they are considered plausible explanations by some experts. That said, I think there is definitely some kind of intra-universe wormhole connecting the off-island and island people and that time is different in both locations.

I did some research on wormholes and I’m not talking about string-theory (time travel to same location) or inter-universe wormholes (connecting one universe with another). I’m just talking about a relativistic time dilation. What? Did I just lose some of you? hehe Hey, stop reading if you’d rather just enjoy the show at face value with a suspension of disbelief. I’m all for that, really, but everything in this show is based on something “real”, so as a self-proclaimed geek, I want to understand all that I can.

Anyway, I stole this right from Wikipedia: If one end of a wormhole is accelerated to a high velocity relative to the other end, relativistic time dilation would result in the accelerated wormhole mouth aging less than the stationary one as seen by an external observer. However, time connects differently through the wormhole than outside it, so that synchronized clocks at each mouth will remain synchronized to someone traveling through the wormhole itself. This means that anything (like a rocket) which entered the accelerated wormhole mouth (near the freighter) would exit the stationary one (the island) at a point in time prior to its entry.

What does this all mean? Well, it could mean that when the “Oceanic 6” return to the off-island world, it might be more like December 30, 2006, instead of 2004. However, it’s more likely that they will return in 2004 and that the island time is just a wrinkle in time. Speaking of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, my son just finished reading the classic novel, which talks about inter-universe wormholes but refers to them as Tesseracts. I confirmed with my son and he said that the characters in the book are transported to a different time AND a different space (galaxy). But I’m getting off track now. I just like the idea of the island time being just a wrinkle and not another dimensional space.

One other cool tidbit from Wikipedia – the term wormhole was coined by the American theoretical physicist, John Wheeler in 1957, however the IDEA of wormholes was invented in 1921 by the German mathematician Hermann Weyl in connection with his analysis of mass in terms of electromagnetic field energy. Hmm? Where have we seen a place with a very intense electromagnetic field?

I’m so looking forward to what, when, and who Desmond and Sayid encounter on the freighter.

Next week – Eggtown (Kate-centric)

One more thing – I heard Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus) on K-Rock in New York and he said that he thinks they’re going to film five (5) additional episodes now that the writer’s strike is over. The goal is to air the episodes immediately after the eight that we already know are coming this Spring. That’ll make 13 for the season. Yay!

The Man on the Boat

February 9, 2008

Could it be? This is just a theory, but could it be that the man on the boat is none other than Michael. Ben is the one who told Michael to follow a compass bearing of 325, so perhaps he led him straight to the freighter with our new “friends”, Daniel Faraday (physicist), Frank Lipidus (pilot), Charlotte Staples Lewis (anthropologist), Miles Strohm (paranormal specialist), George Minkowski (man on phone), and Regina (woman on phone).

The hole in my theory is why Michael would help Ben and how he would communicate with the Ben, especially since the hatch implosion seems to have cut off all communication with the outside world. My answer is Walt. We know Walt can appear in different places and can communicate via computer terminals, so maybe he somehow convinced his father that they need to help protect the remaining island inhabitants from the people on the freighter that “rescued” them at compass bearing 325.

Enough speculation though. I really liked this episode. It featured the first off-island, post-crash flashbacks of the series seen through the eyes of our newcomers. I wish we had a bit of a timetable to help understand exactly when the supposed wreckage from Flight 815 was “accidentally” discovered in a trench off the coast of Bali. The closest we got was when Charlotte read the headline from Le Journal de Tunisie. I did my best to find a date on the newspaper, but had no luck. Speaking of Tunisia, Charlotte seemed to know exactly what she was looking for amongst the remains of the polar bear when she found the DHARMA Hydra station collar. I believe that’s the first off-island DHARMA logo we’ve seen in the series.

It also seems very apparent to me that none of the newcomers, including Naomi, believe that the Bali wreckage is from Flight 815. Daniel and Miles just don’t seem surprised at all. Charlotte seems to need to look at every newspaper headline and still doesn’t believe. Frank, who was supposed to be the pilot of Flight 815, calls the Oceanic hotline to tell them that the body of the pilot shown on TV is not really the pilot on Flight 815. Finally, Naomi asks Matthew Abaddon (the same guy who visited Hurley in the mental institution claiming to be an attorney for Oceanic Airlines) what she should do if she encounters any survivors from Flight 815 during their “operation” to get Benjamin Linus. It HAS to be an elaborate hoax staged by Oceanic along with who knows what other groups (Widmore Construction?).

As for the mission to get Benjamin Linus, I believe that it’s only part of their mission. Let’s face it, all four people selected to go with Naomi were chosen for a reason, so why would you need a physicist, anthropologist, and someone who can speak to the dead on a mission to just get Ben?

Quick note from first episode – I forgot to mention that I noticed the whispers just before Hurley saw the visions of Jacob’s cabin. I’ve always associated the whispers with the Others, but last we know they were heading for the temple, wherever that is. Who do the whispers belong to? I don’t know, but I have a feeling that Miles may come in handy if anyone wants to speak with them.

By the way, both Locke and Ben seem very curious as to how Hurley could see the cabin.

I liked the interactions between Locke and James Ford (Sawyer) in this episode, particularly since they have this common bond in Locke’s dad who was the real Sawyer. No one else knows what happened in the Black Rock except them and every time I see them together, I think back to that episode.

My favorite lines from this episode: 

  • Sawyer – “…taller ghost Walt”
  • Jack – “I don’t know Miles. How stupid are you?”
  • Charlotte – “What’s wrong with you people?”
  • Frank – “I saw a cow.”

Special kudos go to Brian Ostering for commenting on a blog last year about how ironic it would be if Locke survived being shot because the bullet went through where his kidney used to be. I loved the theory and it was proven accurate in this episode. Nice job!

Next week – Sayid-centric episode called “The Economist”.

“Never Say Never, Dude!”

February 5, 2008

The long wait is over. It felt like seeing old friends again and almost as if no time had passed at all. For me, it was an expected season opener. No big reveals, but very intense. Here were the most significant events for me in no particular order:

“IT wants us to come back and IT’s going to do everything IT can…” – LOST has always been about second chances and redemption. In last year’s season finale, future Jack told Kate he was sick of lying and that they have to go back. In this episode, Jack has yet to reach that point, but Hurley has come to the realization that the island definitely wants them to come back because in the words of Charlie from the afterlife, “they need you.” It seems that many of the characters have been given second chances by their experiences on the island, but a lot of them have made choices that they regret. Will the island eventually allow the Oceanic 6 a chance to go back?

Oceanic 6 and The Lie(s) – We know three of the Oceanic 6 – Jack, Kate, and Hurley. If Desmond’s flashes are correct, Claire and Aaron will get on the rescue helicopter so I assume they are numbers 4 and 5 (unless Aaron is not included cause he wasn’t on Flight 815). I still guess that Sun is number 6 because of her pregnancy and if Aaron is not included as one of the six, Jin will be “rescued” as well. So, what’s the deal with the lies that the “6” are telling. It seems that for some reason they are saying that everyone else from Flight 815 is dead. Why? Oceanic Air or some other group must be holding something BIG over them, but I can’t think of anything that would keep them from telling the truth, especially with their strong personalities. I’m looking forward to finding out soon.

They Need You – When Hurley was in the police observation room and saw the vision of Charlie swimming toward the one-way mirror, there was something written on the palm of Charlie’s hand. High definition freeze frame reveals that it said, “They Need You”, which is the same message he revealed to Hurley at the mental institute later on. Signs and symbols can often be misinterpreted when someone wants to see or believe certain things, but there’s nothing convoluted about this message. Does Hurley have the strength to do what’s right?

Jacob’s Cabin – First of all, the fact that it appeared in different locations for Hurley doesn’t bother me because the LOSTies see visions all of the time and Hurley even saw things before island life, like his buddy Dave. I confirmed from screen captures online that the person sitting in Jacob’s chair was definitely Christian Shepherd, Jack and Claire’s dad. Whether he’s dead, alive, an apparition, or whatever, the fact that Hurley saw him is the most significant because he has no idea who he is. Perhaps, what Jack saw in the morgue in Season 1 was his dad’s body drugged to appear lifeless. It’s not like Jack felt his pulse or anything. All he did was identify the body. Remember, his coffin was empty and future Jack refers to him as if he’s still alive. Need convincing that this might be a possibility? Check out the last LOST missing piece – http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/missingpieces/index. Vincent will lead the way for you. As for the other person who appeared in the Cabin by the window, it appears that it may have been John Locke, but screen captures are inconclusive. Other people think it may have been Charlie, which makes sense because Hurley sees his ghost off-island too, but it doesn’t really look like him to me.

Jack Pulled The Trigger – Was anyone else surprised? I certainly was. He had no idea that it wasn’t loaded and had very little hesitation when he pulled the trigger. What surprised me just as much was Rose’s decision to stick with Jack and the way she said that there’s no way she’d go with “that man”, meaning John Locke. I still don’t think Rose wants to leave the island and she and Locke share the knowledge that he was paralyzed before coming to the island and that her cancer is in remission since their arrival. For her to stick with Jack really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me…yet!

There’s always much more, but those were the biggest things for me. Next week’s episode is titled, “Confirmed Dead” and is “Not Penny’s Boat” people-centric. I hope that means we’ll learn a lot in terms of why they are really there and what they’re real intentions are. After that, the other six episodes will center on the following characters – Sayid, Kate, Desmond, Juliet, Jin/Sun, and then Michael will wrap the strike-shortened season. Hang on for the ride and keep your fingers crossed that the strike ends soon so that maybe we’ll get the balance of season 4 in the Fall.

Welcome back and Namaste!