Huck Finn Was Already Taken

So, James Ford was finally able to face the man who ruined his life and help John Locke get rid of his father in the process. First of all, wow! Josh Holloway (James Ford) was incredible. The scenes with him and Locke (also excellent) and between him and Cooper were perfect. My guess is that James Ford (I feel like I need to call him that now) will have other demons to deal with now that he’s gotten his revenge. Something tells me that killing Cooper won’t ease his pain or suffering any more than it would have for Locke if he had been able to kill his father himself.

In no particular order, here’s some of what we learned. The name of this episode was “The Brig”, which is obviously the Black Rock. I looked it up before the show aired and according to Wikipedia, a brig is a vessel with two square-rigged masts. They were considered fast and maneuverable back in the day and were used as both naval war ships and merchant ships. I almost forgot about the Black Rock until I looked up that definition and guessed that someone would be visiting it again in this episode. The seemingly most random part of the entire episode was when Danielle Rousseau came to pick up a crate of dynamite. I’m sure that’s a story waiting to unfold.

Parachute girl finally tells somebody her name and it’s Naomi (“I moan” backwards) Dorrett. She claims that her company was hired by Penelope Widmore to find Desmond at coordinates that seemed to be in the middle of the Pacific. She also claims to have taken off in a helicopter from a freighter that is only 80 miles from the island and that she bailed out when the copter’s instruments freaked out over the island. When asked to clarify her knowledge of Flight 815, she said that the entire plane was found off the coast of Bali in a trench 4 miles deep and that underwater robots were able to scan the plane and saw all the bodies. When Sayid starting questioning her truthfulness, she acted pissed off and said, “Remind me not to rescue you, Sayid.”

Dr. Richard Alpert, from Mittelos (Lost Time) Bioscience and now an Other, tells Locke that Ben was trying to embarrass him in front of everyone when he tried to coerce Locke into killing his father. Apparently, the Others all think Locke is special because he was paralyzed and can now walk. Based on what Alpert said, Ben might be a bit jealous or something. He said that Locke is important because he helps remind everyone that they’re on the island for “more important” reasons. My guess here is that there is a group of Others who want to split off from Ben and get back to whatever it was that they were doing before Ben became obsessed with the fertility stuff. This may very well include Juliet who is obviously keeping a secret WITH Jack and FROM Jack. Based on the strange conversation they had with Kate when Juliet said “We should tell her” and Jack said “Not yet”, I’d say that Jack may be in a bit over his head and is perhaps thinking with the wrong part of his anatomy.

Regardless, we’re missing a big piece of the puzzle and when James brings back the tape-recorded message, all hell is going to break loose. (By the way, I don’t agree with Cooper. I don’t think they’re in hell.)

I don’t trust Juliet, but I don’t think she’s a bad person, but she’s too focused on protecting herself. I don’t trust Jack because he keeps way too much to himself and always claims that he does it for everyone else’s benefit, but that only seems to put people in more danger. I don’t trust Ben because, well, he’s a liar. I don’t trust Locke because he’s a follower and just wants to be liked by someone/anyone. I don’t trust Kate because she’s annoying and doesn’t know what the heck she wants. If I’m James, I’m starting to get real annoyed at her, but he seems pretty blinded by love right now. Speaking of James, he might be the trustworthiest right now, but he IS a con artist and hasn’t exactly earned anyone’s trust yet. So, the problem with everyone on the island is that no one can trust anyone else and that’s what causes the kind of friction that is growing out of control. Then you got Sayid, Claire, Jin, Sun, Hurley, Charlie, and Desmond. Out of that group, there are a couple of people I like, but only one I’d stay close too and that’s Desmond (because he can tell the future). Yes, he almost sacrificed Charlie’s life, but the key word there is ALMOST.

There were a few good quotes in this episode, but one I really enjoyed was when Cooper said, “You’re wasting your time, bug eye!” when he referred to Ben as he was coercing Locke to kill him.

Next week, we’ll get a Ben flashback and learn all about the DHARMA initiative. Well, I hope ALL about it. Then it’s a Charlie flashback and then the two-hour season finale. If the next three episodes are nearly as good as this one, we’re in for a great finish to season three.


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