Faith, Hope, and Sacrifice

I’ve always had a personal problem with the story of how God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on the mountain in the land of Moriah. My feeling has always been that it was such a horrible thing for God to ask for and put someone through. I remember that Isaac actually asked his father a couple of times where the animal was for the offering they were going to make on the mountain and Abraham replied that God would provide them with what they needed. Then, when it was time for the actual sacrifice, an angel came down and stopped Abraham from killing his son. Abraham was then “rewarded” for his obedience. Whatever!

So, Charlie asks Desmond quite a number of times what the heck is going on and Desmond lies to him over and over again, but when it comes time for the sacrifice that he thinks he has to make, he chooses to save Charlie for the fourth time. Desmond still seems to be fighting the idea that he can choose his destiny and make his reality the way he wants it to be. He’s getting there though because he did decide to save Charlie again even though he wanted nothing more than to follow the visions he saw so that he could be with the woman he loves. In a way, he did make a huge sacrifice. He consciously decided to help Charlie at the risk of losing Penny yet again.

Then we find out that it’s not Penny, but it’ll be fun to learn more about this new character because she knows him and was probably sent by Penny to find him. How will Desmond respond to this? Well, his faith is being tested again. He wants to believe that they will be together again, but his past has shown that he’s not a man of courage and “runs away from things in his life instead of recognizing what he might be running to”.

It’s probably the toughest thing for anyone to do. To just let things be and take no action in trying to make something that you want so very badly to happen. He is finally in a place where he can’t really run away from anything, but will he be able to just allow things to happen without trying to force it to happen (sacrificing another person or something else)? I think that depends on letting his fear go and having unwavering faith in Penny. If he truly believes that she still loves him and will never stop until she finds him, then it will work out for him. He just has to be patient and give it time. In the meanwhile, he should do the best he can to help himself, which will in turn help those around him.

This wasn’t exactly what I had expected from this episode, but I still liked it. The campfire scene with the Korean ghost story had me laughing out loud.

By the way, the episode was called “Catch-22” and the book they found in the backpack with Penny and Desmond’s picture in it had the Portuguese title “Ardil-22” on it, so I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the Portuguese guys in the tent surrounded by a blizzard in Season 2’s finale know the girl and so does Penny.

Only Five Season Three Episodes Left:

D.O.C. (Jin/Sun-centric): I think this stands for Date of Conception.

The Brig (Locke-centric): This was supposed to be “Dharma-centric”, but that’s misleading because it seems that Locke’s flashbacks are all very recent and explore the time he’s spending with the Others and his dad. This could be the episode where we also find out if Locke’s dad is indeed the man that Sawyer has been looking for all his life.

The Man Behind the Curtain (Ben-centric): If you’re not looking forward to this one, you’re crazy!

Greatest Hits (Charlie-centric): This could be the episode when Charlie’s fate is finally determined. Save the junkie, save the world!

Through the Looking Glass (Jack-centric): 2-hour Season Finale. I love the title. You may remember the fifth episode of season one was titled “White Rabbit” and was also a Jack-centric episode. As Alice chased the rabbit down the rabbit hole, Jack pursued his father’s ghostly figure through the jungle until he found the cave, the black and white stones, the corpses they called Adam and Eve, and the empty coffin that his father was supposed to be in. “Feed your head. Feed your head.” If you don’t know what that means, go ask Alice. I think she’ll know.


2 Responses to Faith, Hope, and Sacrifice

  1. Mom says:

    Hi … Once again … brilliant writing and thinking!!

    I wonder though if the reason it was not Penny up in that tree was because Desmond “changed” what “should have been”. That being that Charlie should have been killed. If Charlie had been killed, would that have been Penny up in the tree afterall?

  2. stjsw says:

    Please join The Peanut Butter Campaign from Save the Junkie, Save the World. It’s a simple way to let Lost know how much he will be missed. We are not asking for him back, just a way to let them know how sad we are that this is the path Lost chose. We know it’s a little late, but better late than never. It’s only 41 cents, or feel free to sign the online petition and light a candle without registration.

    Spread the word while you are at it. Thanks for supporting the movement from the beginning.

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