“See You In A Week”

It was pretty obvious to most that Juliet was a plant, but I think that she’s playing both sides and looking for her best options. If I were Ben, I would have a lot of doubt about what her intentions might be. She can’t be trusted by anyone, but I think the real Juliet is the one we saw with her sister and the one who broke down when she got to see her sister via satellite from The Flame station.

Answers, answers, we got answers AND they made perfect sense. The lives of all the pregnant women on the island are at risk because their body’s immune system treats the fetus as a foreign body and fights it. Why the island has this effect hasn’t been answered, but I can suspend my desire for that answer as long as they continue to answer other big questions.

Good stuff with Juliet’s back-story. The tranquilizer, the trip, the failed attempts at saving other pregnant women, her relationship with Goodwin, her desire to get home and see her sister Rachel and nephew Julian, the dynamic between her and all the beach dwellers, and the relationship between her and Jack. I’ll tell you this much, she’s good at adjusting her personality type to match the situation she’s in and Elizabeth Mitchell is a very good actress. The scene with Sayid and James Ford approaching her, how she turned things around on them, and her face as she was walking away that looked to me like a huge nervous sigh of relief – Excellent!

We also heard Jacob mentioned again. Apparently, Jacob saw to it personally that Rachel was taken care of. I can’t wait to see how Sun reacts to the news about what happens to pregnant women on the island. Oh, and how about the scene with Kate and Sawyer. It definitely looked like love to me and I’m guessing we’ll learn that Kate is pregnant sometime in Season 4. I don’t think there were any condoms in the cage.

This was definitely one of the better episodes of this season. Both the story and the acting were really good and we got more answers then questions. As a bonus, we get another Desmond-centric episode next week called Catch-22.

Thanks to Patty for pointing out something that was too obvious that I didn’t pick up on it – Hurley told Juliet that it was Charlie who killed Ethan. There’s a good chance that the Others didn’t know who did it until now and this could be foreshadowing for how Charlie will die.


One Response to “See You In A Week”

  1. Ken says:

    Excellent episode, and one that gave me hope that the writers might actually have a plan after all. I noticed from the previews next week that Locke is back. I wonder if his character will be written out of the show? It seems very hard to believe he could go back to life with the survivors after joining the Others. And bravo to Patty, I was beginning to think they would let Charlie off the hook. I think Hurley is becoming my favorite character, he was hysterical once again this week. The next 5 weeks look very promising!

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