Razzle Dazzle

We’re supposed to hate this episode because it doesn’t move the main story along much at all and it centers around two characters who seem to be very arbitrary to the show as a whole. So, why did I find myself enjoying it then?

For starters, there were some classic lines in this episode. Most notably was, “Who the hell is Nikki?” The discussion between Hurley and Sawyer about what Nikki had said – “power lines”, “Paulo lies”…she’s saying “paralyzed”! Which brings us to perhaps the best part of the show – they were buried alive. The entire time that the LOSTies were discussing what might have happened to them, they were conscious and hearing EVERYTHING they were saying. As my buddy Ken pointed out to me, it was very Edgar-Allen Poe-like and “gruesomely excellent”.

The only thing that may have made this an even better episode was if they had shown Lando Calrissian drinking a Colt 45 in the strip club. How random was that to have Billy Dee Williams as a guest star in a flashback?

Okay, so hats off to a well-done stand-alone episode, but now we’re ready for the final 8 episodes and my gut tells me that we won’t be disappointed. We’ll have to wait eight months for season 4 to start in January of 2008, so I’m sure they’ll leave us hanging with some good reasons to come back and watch more. (They’re going to follow 24’s lead and air one season straight through with no repeats.)

So, without spoiling any details that might be contained within the last 8 episodes (9, if you count the 2-hour finale as two) for season 3, here’s the scoop on who each episode will center around – in order:

  • Kate (Catfight with Juliet while handcuffed together. Schweet!)
  • Juliet (An Other moves to the beach.)
  • Desmond (I cannot wait for this one since his last flashback is my favorite episode to date. Perhaps we’ll get to see what Penny is up to in “real-time”, since she received the call about the electro-magnetic anomaly that was detected.)
  • Jin/Sun (How’s the baby doing?)
  • Jack (Also rumored that this episode will get back to the Locke/Cooper storyline.)
  • Dharma (This should be interesting. Perhaps we’ll meet the DeGroots and Marvin Candle.)
  • Charlie (If he dies, it’ll probably be in this episode.)
  • Ben? (Not sure about this one yet. There’s a rumor it might include multiple character flashbacks and one that says it’s Hurley-centric.)

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