Every Sperm Is Sacred

April 27, 2007

I’ll tell you what. I’m staying the hell off that island! I knew Kate was going to get pregnant. I know it’s not confirmed, but Juliet will be checking her out next. Look at it this way, if Jin can succeed with amped up versions of his previously low (off-island) sperm count, then Sawyer, who already has a kid with Cassidy (Clementine), is sure to have Olympic quality swimmers.

So, what’s the deal with all the languages the parachutist (her character name is Naomi according to TV Guide) is speaking? If I knew multiple languages and needed help, I know I’d definitely try them all until someone understands, but she had no reason to go on after she spoke Spanish and Hurley was able to translate. She goes on to speak in Chinese and then Italian, which Patchy (yes, Mikhail is alive) understands, and then says, “I am not alone” in Portuguese, which Patchy translates to the group as, “thank you”. Perhaps she was just delirious or maybe she was waiting for someone in a DHARMA uniform to understand her, so she could tell him that she wasn’t alone. My guess is that Mikhail was waiting until she saw her flair, which Hurley shot, to go and get her. However, she did have that photocopied picture of Desmond and Penny with her, so who knows for sure. I think we’ll find out soon, I hope.

Thanks to Lostpedia, here’s what she said:
– Me estoy muriendo” is Spanish for “I am dying” (from the captions).
– She mutters in an “asian language” (from the captions) which Jin claims is Chinese, not Korean. “chu le shen me shi” is Chinese for “What happened?” or “What’s going on?”.
– “Aiutarmi sto morendo” is Italian for “Help me I’m dying” (from the captions; partially incorrect, but comprehensible).
– After Mikhail and Desmond treat Naomi’s wound, she says something in Portuguese not spelled out in the captions. It is not “Thank you” as Mikhail claims. Instead, it sounds like “Eu não estou só” which is Portuguese (spoken with a Brazilian accent) for “I am not alone.”

By the way, since the island has these amazing powers that can heal people rather quickly (like a punctured lung in a day and a half), the whole pregnant women dying thing does make sense. The island must amp up the antibodies that help fight infections and heal wounds, but we learned that when a woman is pregnant, the immune system treats the baby as a foreign body and tries to kill it, which also kills mom in the process. However, this doesn’t explain why Ben has a tumor or why he is still in a wheelchair. You’d think that he’d have a direct channel to the healing powers of the island.

It was kind of interesting to find out that the reason why Jin rose to an “executive” position within Paik Industries may have had more to do with Sun borrowing money from her dad then with Jin asking Mr. Paik for permission to marry his daughter, which I originally thought. You could make the connection that this was the reason why Jin became a much nastier person to Sun during their marriage and that her actions were really the cause. At least we know that the baby is Jin’s. What we don’t know is if Jin’s dad is his biological father because like Sun, Jin’s mother likes sleeping with other men; a lot of other men. Not that it matters at this point, but I thought it was an interesting similarity.

For the second week in a row, we had a Catch-22 situation. Last week, Desmond was basically in a “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” predicament because he felt that he probably needed to let Charlie die in order for things to work exactly as he had envisioned they would, but he saved Charlie and maybe he altered other events in the “space-time continuum” as a result. This week, Sun was in a no win situation as well. She was either going to discover that the baby wasn’t Jin’s or learn that she was going to die. She learned the latter and based on her reaction, I think she was happier knowing the baby was Jin’s. So now the questions are, can the recurring premonitions that Desmond is having about Charlie’s death be erased by some other action and can Sun actually become the first pregnant woman on the island to survive, at least past her second trimester?

Really quickly with regards to Juliet, she mentioned that they’ve been on the island for approximately 90 days, but she also said that it was Saturday during her recording, which would make the date December 18, 2004. Oh yeah, she also hates Ben!

I don’t know if anyone else is picking up on this, but there’s definitely an undercurrent of a power struggle that is building up more and more. A power struggle between Jack and Sawyer has always existed and there have been power struggles between other LOSTies since the very beginning, but there are a number of things that seem to be coming to a head. The episode when Hurley positioned Sawyer as the new leader came an episode before Jack’s return and he returned with an Other. Charlie didn’t want to trust Jack when he brought Juliet over to help Claire and Sun questioned Kate as to whether or not they can trust Jack anymore. Sawyer seemed to enjoy the way he felt when stepping up a bit to be a leader and he “finally” beat Jack at something – ping pong, not to mention sleeping with Ana Lucia and Ms. Austen, both of whom Jack expressed an interest in.

As soon as Juliet’s purpose for being there with the LOSTies is revealed, there’s going to be some major divisions amongst the beach dwellers and I envision a bit of Lord of the Flies action heading our way. Who is going to side with who will be the big question and my gut tells me that most of the castaways will gravitate toward Sawyer simply because they won’t trust Jack. I don’t really think that anyone has any reason to not trust Jack, but he makes poor decisions when it comes to trusting people himself and that puts them at risk. With Sawyer, they already know that he’s a con artist and can never be completely trusted, but when it comes to confronting the Others, he has always stepped up with the group to fight against them. He also has street smarts and his manipulation skills might come in handy when trying to protect himself and those close to him. He was even willing to sacrifice his own life to save Kate when Pickett had a gun to his head.

I forgot to include one of my favorite lines from last week’s episode when Sawyer a approaches Jack and Juliet at her tent. He said, “You guys fighting over who’s your favorite other?” Classic! Also, I came across a post on the Internet that reminded me that Ruth (Desmond’s ex-fiancé) and Penny both said the same line to Desmond, “Have the decency to admit that you’re a coward”.

According to the latest podcast, the executive producers indicated that we would find out where that mysterious wire leads in an upcoming episode. My guess is that it leads to the underwater sonar Mikhail referred to in a recent episode that hasn’t functioned since the hatch imploded.

I haven’t mentioned the final scene for a reason. I basically had the same reaction as Hurley did when he heard that Flight 815 had been found and that there were no survivors. There had better be a really good explanation for this new revelation that seems impossible. Yeah, I fully realize that a lot of what happens on this show seems impossible, but this almost seems ridiculous. I can only think of two possibilities – a second plane or time travel. I’ll refrain from commenting further until we learn more.


Faith, Hope, and Sacrifice

April 19, 2007

I’ve always had a personal problem with the story of how God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on the mountain in the land of Moriah. My feeling has always been that it was such a horrible thing for God to ask for and put someone through. I remember that Isaac actually asked his father a couple of times where the animal was for the offering they were going to make on the mountain and Abraham replied that God would provide them with what they needed. Then, when it was time for the actual sacrifice, an angel came down and stopped Abraham from killing his son. Abraham was then “rewarded” for his obedience. Whatever!

So, Charlie asks Desmond quite a number of times what the heck is going on and Desmond lies to him over and over again, but when it comes time for the sacrifice that he thinks he has to make, he chooses to save Charlie for the fourth time. Desmond still seems to be fighting the idea that he can choose his destiny and make his reality the way he wants it to be. He’s getting there though because he did decide to save Charlie again even though he wanted nothing more than to follow the visions he saw so that he could be with the woman he loves. In a way, he did make a huge sacrifice. He consciously decided to help Charlie at the risk of losing Penny yet again.

Then we find out that it’s not Penny, but it’ll be fun to learn more about this new character because she knows him and was probably sent by Penny to find him. How will Desmond respond to this? Well, his faith is being tested again. He wants to believe that they will be together again, but his past has shown that he’s not a man of courage and “runs away from things in his life instead of recognizing what he might be running to”.

It’s probably the toughest thing for anyone to do. To just let things be and take no action in trying to make something that you want so very badly to happen. He is finally in a place where he can’t really run away from anything, but will he be able to just allow things to happen without trying to force it to happen (sacrificing another person or something else)? I think that depends on letting his fear go and having unwavering faith in Penny. If he truly believes that she still loves him and will never stop until she finds him, then it will work out for him. He just has to be patient and give it time. In the meanwhile, he should do the best he can to help himself, which will in turn help those around him.

This wasn’t exactly what I had expected from this episode, but I still liked it. The campfire scene with the Korean ghost story had me laughing out loud.

By the way, the episode was called “Catch-22” and the book they found in the backpack with Penny and Desmond’s picture in it had the Portuguese title “Ardil-22” on it, so I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the Portuguese guys in the tent surrounded by a blizzard in Season 2’s finale know the girl and so does Penny.

Only Five Season Three Episodes Left:

D.O.C. (Jin/Sun-centric): I think this stands for Date of Conception.

The Brig (Locke-centric): This was supposed to be “Dharma-centric”, but that’s misleading because it seems that Locke’s flashbacks are all very recent and explore the time he’s spending with the Others and his dad. This could be the episode where we also find out if Locke’s dad is indeed the man that Sawyer has been looking for all his life.

The Man Behind the Curtain (Ben-centric): If you’re not looking forward to this one, you’re crazy!

Greatest Hits (Charlie-centric): This could be the episode when Charlie’s fate is finally determined. Save the junkie, save the world!

Through the Looking Glass (Jack-centric): 2-hour Season Finale. I love the title. You may remember the fifth episode of season one was titled “White Rabbit” and was also a Jack-centric episode. As Alice chased the rabbit down the rabbit hole, Jack pursued his father’s ghostly figure through the jungle until he found the cave, the black and white stones, the corpses they called Adam and Eve, and the empty coffin that his father was supposed to be in. “Feed your head. Feed your head.” If you don’t know what that means, go ask Alice. I think she’ll know.

“See You In A Week”

April 13, 2007

It was pretty obvious to most that Juliet was a plant, but I think that she’s playing both sides and looking for her best options. If I were Ben, I would have a lot of doubt about what her intentions might be. She can’t be trusted by anyone, but I think the real Juliet is the one we saw with her sister and the one who broke down when she got to see her sister via satellite from The Flame station.

Answers, answers, we got answers AND they made perfect sense. The lives of all the pregnant women on the island are at risk because their body’s immune system treats the fetus as a foreign body and fights it. Why the island has this effect hasn’t been answered, but I can suspend my desire for that answer as long as they continue to answer other big questions.

Good stuff with Juliet’s back-story. The tranquilizer, the trip, the failed attempts at saving other pregnant women, her relationship with Goodwin, her desire to get home and see her sister Rachel and nephew Julian, the dynamic between her and all the beach dwellers, and the relationship between her and Jack. I’ll tell you this much, she’s good at adjusting her personality type to match the situation she’s in and Elizabeth Mitchell is a very good actress. The scene with Sayid and James Ford approaching her, how she turned things around on them, and her face as she was walking away that looked to me like a huge nervous sigh of relief – Excellent!

We also heard Jacob mentioned again. Apparently, Jacob saw to it personally that Rachel was taken care of. I can’t wait to see how Sun reacts to the news about what happens to pregnant women on the island. Oh, and how about the scene with Kate and Sawyer. It definitely looked like love to me and I’m guessing we’ll learn that Kate is pregnant sometime in Season 4. I don’t think there were any condoms in the cage.

This was definitely one of the better episodes of this season. Both the story and the acting were really good and we got more answers then questions. As a bonus, we get another Desmond-centric episode next week called Catch-22.

Thanks to Patty for pointing out something that was too obvious that I didn’t pick up on it – Hurley told Juliet that it was Charlie who killed Ethan. There’s a good chance that the Others didn’t know who did it until now and this could be foreshadowing for how Charlie will die.

Making Amends

April 8, 2007

Sawyer is the new “Leader”? Here I was thinking that Hurley has really been taking control of the beach camp and then he tells Sawyer that everyone is looking to him for leadership. I think it’s amazing how he would overlook himself as being someone with leadership potential.

Kate’s flashback did very little for me in terms of revealing anything new about her character’s past. Sure, I guess seeing Cassidy was neat and all, but what other significance did that story give us. I guess I can give her flashback this much credit – she learned that she didn’t kill her dad, who she thought was her step dad, for her mother after all. She did it for herself. This correlates directly with her insistence on finding Jack. She did it for herself, not for him, and in both cases she ruined something for someone she thought she was helping.

In my opinion, Juliet has been a far more interesting character and I still haven’t decided whether I really like her or not. I can tell you that I believe she knows more about the smoke monster, AKA “Cerberus”, than she is letting on.

Who/what is Cerberus you may ask? We last saw the reference on the ultraviolet hatch map and (according to Wikipedia) in Greek mythology, Cerberus was the hound of Hades, a monstrous three-headed dog (sometimes said to have 50 or 100 heads) with a snake for a tail and a serpentine mane. I think that old Smokey has been nicknamed Cerberus and was part of the “incident” referenced a number of times. Cerberus is thought to be the guardian of the gate to Hades and ensured that spirits of the dead could enter, but none could exit (additionally no living person was to come into Hades).

Perhaps we’ll learn more in the upcoming DHARMA-centric episode or maybe even this week, as Juliet is the central character in “One of Us”. It will supposedly start out where her last flashback ended, which means right after Mr. Alpert recruited her to join them in “Portland”, which we all know isn’t really Portland.

That upcoming Dharma episode is also rumored to uncover more about Karen and Gerald de Groot. You may remember the couple from the Swan Orientation film. Dharma is also a Sanskrit term with meanings in the faiths of Buddhism and Hinduism, including “natural law”, “truth”, “duty” and “reality”. You may also recall that one of the purposes of the DHARMA Initiative is to find a way to change the “Valenzetti Equation”, a mathematical formula designed to predict the end of the world.

I guess it depends on your view of what Natural Law is to decide if you think there is even a chance to change when the “end of the world” will come. Ahem…choice or fate anyone? What is truth and reality besides what each one of us personally believes it to be anyway?

I feel some BIG reveals coming our way in these next few weeks. Yeah, I’m sure there will be even more confusion too, but with clarity on any subject in LOST or in life often comes more questions.

Other thoughts:

– Locke goes off with The Others. Where? My guess is that Juliet must know, but I’ve been wrong before.

– Anyone else notice just how haggard Desmond looks? The man needs some sleep and needs to find his way. We all like to have “victories” or “wins” once in a while to keep us going and to keep our faith and hope in the things we truly want alive. I hope he gets one soon.

– The executive producers revealed that we would see a Danielle Rousseau flashback, probably in Season 4. I don’t know how much I care about that yet because she never seems to know anything.

That’s all for now. Namaste!

Razzle Dazzle

April 1, 2007

We’re supposed to hate this episode because it doesn’t move the main story along much at all and it centers around two characters who seem to be very arbitrary to the show as a whole. So, why did I find myself enjoying it then?

For starters, there were some classic lines in this episode. Most notably was, “Who the hell is Nikki?” The discussion between Hurley and Sawyer about what Nikki had said – “power lines”, “Paulo lies”…she’s saying “paralyzed”! Which brings us to perhaps the best part of the show – they were buried alive. The entire time that the LOSTies were discussing what might have happened to them, they were conscious and hearing EVERYTHING they were saying. As my buddy Ken pointed out to me, it was very Edgar-Allen Poe-like and “gruesomely excellent”.

The only thing that may have made this an even better episode was if they had shown Lando Calrissian drinking a Colt 45 in the strip club. How random was that to have Billy Dee Williams as a guest star in a flashback?

Okay, so hats off to a well-done stand-alone episode, but now we’re ready for the final 8 episodes and my gut tells me that we won’t be disappointed. We’ll have to wait eight months for season 4 to start in January of 2008, so I’m sure they’ll leave us hanging with some good reasons to come back and watch more. (They’re going to follow 24’s lead and air one season straight through with no repeats.)

So, without spoiling any details that might be contained within the last 8 episodes (9, if you count the 2-hour finale as two) for season 3, here’s the scoop on who each episode will center around – in order:

  • Kate (Catfight with Juliet while handcuffed together. Schweet!)
  • Juliet (An Other moves to the beach.)
  • Desmond (I cannot wait for this one since his last flashback is my favorite episode to date. Perhaps we’ll get to see what Penny is up to in “real-time”, since she received the call about the electro-magnetic anomaly that was detected.)
  • Jin/Sun (How’s the baby doing?)
  • Jack (Also rumored that this episode will get back to the Locke/Cooper storyline.)
  • Dharma (This should be interesting. Perhaps we’ll meet the DeGroots and Marvin Candle.)
  • Charlie (If he dies, it’ll probably be in this episode.)
  • Ben? (Not sure about this one yet. There’s a rumor it might include multiple character flashbacks and one that says it’s Hurley-centric.)