“Go Deep, Jack!”

The grim reaper’s plan to kill Charlie Pace is foiled again by our favorite time traveler, Desmond. This time Charlie was going to die in an attempt to send a rescue note via airmail (Par Avion).

I really like this storyline with Desmond because if anyone can make a case for just giving up and losing hope, it’s him. He even told Charlie that he is going to die and that death will just keep trying to find another way. Yet, he still keeps saving him. It’s the ultimate test of choice versus fate and he continues to make the future what he wants it to be instead of what the “fate” he sees in his visions tell him it’s going to be. He is creating his own reality instead of being afraid of what the future tells him is going to happen.

Ultimately, I think that Charlie IS going to die and that will only test Desmond’s faith even more. I’m really curious to see how this pans out. Save the Junkie, Save the World!

As for Sayid, Kate, John, and Danielle, welcome to Otherville. Jack is looking mighty comfortable running deep routes while Tom tosses the pigskin around. I predicted that Jack would somehow “join” the Others (hostiles), but I didn’t see it quite in this way. What’s he going to do though; sit around by Ben’s bedside all day just waiting to change his bandages? He’s trying to fit in the best he can while gaining their trust, so he can discover what’s going on and get himself off the island.

What’s more interesting is the reason behind why Locke has a backpack with C-4. This next episode has been anticipated ever since we first learned that he was in a wheelchair when he boarded Flight 815.

Then, the following week, we finally get to know why Nikki and Paulo were introduced this season. The episode is titled Exposé and will feature some old familiar faces that we no longer see on the island including, Shannon, Boone, Ethan Rom, and Dr. Artz – “Dude, you got some Artz on you!”

Presumably, we’ll get a flashback story that will show what Nikki and Paulo were doing during the early days on the island and perhaps we’ll get a decent explanation as to their purpose on the show. It also seems that Charlie’s kidnapping of Sun will be revealed in this episode. Perhaps Paulo saw him while he was going to the bathroom! Anyone else notice that he’s got some bowel issues; coming out of bathroom at the Pearl station and carrying a roll of T.P. in last week’s episode?

After that, we’re promised flashback episodes for Kate, Juliet, and Desmond. Maybe the show’s not getting the same ratings it used to get because of the lay-off and the new time slot, but the storyline is definitely picking up again.

One last thing about this episode; what was with the short story written on a piece of paper the size of a post-it stuck to a birds leg without protection from the water, with a toothpick? Maybe the rest of society is better off leaving these intelligent people on the island. 🙂


One Response to “Go Deep, Jack!”

  1. Mommie says:

    Hey! What about the toilet paper? And, I agree and even said to Dad that the paper on the bird’s leg would get wet!!! I agree, leave them there … not too bright. Let’s talk about the T.P. though … not sure.

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