The Flame Explodes Into Flames

STOP PUSHING BUTTONS LOCKE! That’s two stations that Locke has been responsible for destroying now. Learn from your past John! I can’t wait to see his next flashback. If it shows that he broke an elevator button after getting impatient for it to get to his floor and it then crushes his legs, it’ll serve him right!

At least we were able to find out where The Others village is from the map Sayid took and find out that the cable that leads out to the ocean (from Season 1) is connected to a sonar beacon of some sort. Bring on the mermaid(s)!

Speaking of Sayid, his flashback is prompted when he sees a cat named Nadia (his GF’s name) on the island outside The Flame station. It turns out that he tortured a woman when he was in the Iraqi Republican Guard and her husband captures Sayid in France and is going to torture him until he admits what he did to her (burned her arms with boiling oil, etc…).

Well, Sayid denies what he has done. Mostly, I think, because he doesn’t want to face the past and believe what he did. He continues to deny it until the woman has a private conversation with him while petting her cat. She tells him that when she first came to France, she was too afraid to leave her house, but used to stare out the window at the cat she was now holding from time to time. One day, some kids caught the cat, put it in a box and set off firecrackers. That finally gave her the courage she needed to leave the house and go rescue the cat. It had now become a soothing companion for her, but every once in a while it would scratch at her or bite her. She never got angry at it though because she knew that the cat had only momentarily forgotten that it was now safe.

In an incredibly emotional scene, Sayid (played by Naveen Andrews) admitted what he did and apologized to her saying that her face has haunted him every day since he had tortured her. She forgave him because she knew that she didn’t want to be like those kids with the firecrackers or like anyone who could do what was done to her. She wanted to break the cycle and she found the strength to confront her past, let go of her anger, and then move on.

So many of us want to forget certain “things” from our pasts instead of confronting them, understanding why they happened to us, and then moving on in a positive direction that will improve our life’s experience. This woman was able to do so even from the memory of an extremely horrible past and I believe that this flashback assisted Sayid in understanding himself a little better as well. If the characters on the island are all supposed to somehow find redemption in themselves as a way to improve their lives, Sayid is well on his way now.

All in all, I think the episodes are back on the upswing. Unlike a lot of people, I really enjoyed the first six episodes of the season even though they were much darker than previous seasons. However, the recent Desmond episode was probably one of the best episodes of the series and now that we’re back to the “regulars”, we’re really getting back to the more personal storylines that made us love these characters in the first place. We get to find out if Claire is Jack’s half-sister this week and I think we’ll get to see The Others village again too. Then, the following week is a Locke-flashback and supposedly we’ll find out what “button” he pushed to end up in a wheelchair.

“Get bent, dude!”


One Response to The Flame Explodes Into Flames

  1. Ken says:

    Actually, technically Locke destroyed the first station by NOT pushing a button ; ) I think the lesson learned here for Locke is just to stay the hell away from buttons altogether!

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