We Are The Cause Of Our Own Suffering

Clockwork Orange meets LOST. Poor Karl! What in the heck were they doing to him? I saw Jacob mentioned in the multitude of images flashing rapdily on the movie screen. Sawyer seemed to be interested in watching whatever was coming next.

Juliet, oh Juliet. What light through yonder flashback brings! She’s a bit MORE than just a regular fertility doctor, don’t ya think? Apparently we’ll get another Juliet flashback toward the end of this season that will take place right where this one left off.

I guess that Danielle Rousseau and Benjamin Linus got it on at some point to conceive the young Alex. It’ll be interesting to see where that goes.

Questions that will be answered in upcoming episodes:

  • Why Locke was in a wheelchair?
  • What’s up with Jack’s tatoos?
  • What’s going on in the Flame hatch?
  • What’s the connection between The Others and Dhama?
  • Is Claire, Jack’s half-sister?
  • Why are Nikki and Paulo getting screen time?

And in season 4…Libby’s flashback and more on Michael and Walt!


One Response to We Are The Cause Of Our Own Suffering

  1. Danielle was seven months pregnant when she was shipwrecked on the Island. Her daughter was stolen from her by “the others” at birth. Ben, like so many other kidnappers of children has obviously passed this child off as his own daughter.

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