It’s All In The Name

December 7, 2006

I had a few minutes of downtime the other day and was thinking about LOST. Go figure! Anyway, I remembered the Executive Producers saying something about how character names are NOT insignificant and usually have a symbolic meaning or maybe even a clue.

So, I decided to look-up possible literary references to “Jacob” who you’ll remember was referred to in the Fall Finale. I found a very interesting potential answer that some of you may already know and one of the Executive Producers just mentioned the same information I discovered during yesterday’s podcast.

In the Hebrew Bible, Jacob was the son of Isaac and had a twin brother named Esau. Might one of them be a “Bad Twin”? Anyway, Jacob had 12 sons and the name of his last-born son was Benjamin. In trying to make a connection here, I’m really starting to believe that Jacob is the “Him” that Benjamin Linus (AKA Henry Gale) referred to in Season 2. Following that thought process and knowing from the Executive Producers that there is actually more than one faction of Others, then it’s possible that there may be 12 other Others (for Jacob’s 12 sons) or, at the least, there may be one other group of Others because Benjamin and his older brother Joseph were Jacob’s last two sons, but they were the only two he had with his last wife, Rachel. By the way, I’m not saying that Benjamin and the mysterious Jacob are son and father. They could be, but relationally speaking I think Jacob is definitely the leader.

Okay, so it doesn’t really tell us anything and maybe I’m reading too much into this stuff, but here’s one more thing I thought to be interesting about Benjamin – the “gate of Benjamin”, which supposedly led to Benjamin’s territory, is located the North side of Jerusalem. The gate is also referred to as “the gate of the children of the people”. Anybody want to bet that Othersville is located on the North side of the island and that the Alcatraz island is also located to the North of the island? The children of the people thing could refer to the kids that have been taken. We’ll supposedly see them sometime soon in season 3. Don’t forget the message on Eko’s stick, “Lift up your eyes and look north.”

Only 9 more weeks. Yikes!