Who is Jacob?

November 18, 2006

I’m well aware that it’s been over a week since the Season 3 – Fall Finale aired, but I’ve been busy and I’ve had a tough time figuring out what to say. I was blown away by the episode. It had some of the best moments in the 50+ episodes all wrapped into this one-hour. Sawyer getting on his knees in the rain to sacrifice himself in the hopes of saving Kate was shot so perfectly and Jack, whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that Matthew Fox played him superbly. With Jack’s words and expressions combined with Benjamin’s facial expressions…Wow!

Back in my blog on October 27, I pointed out that a screen-capture of Eko’s Jesus stick said, “Lift up your eyes and look north”. It’s about time Mr. Locke noticed the darn thing. J What does it mean? I’ll speculate that it’ll be how Locke either finds The Flame station (logo added to my blog banner) or how he helps Kate and Sawyer escape the Others. Yes, I only said Kate and Sawyer for a reason, but it’s still only speculation on my part. I think Jack will be left with the Others for a while, but under very different conditions.

Now while I can take anyone of Jack’s quotes from this episode and comment on how awesome they were, especially the reference to his “fear” speech from the Pilot episode, the quote with perhaps the most significance came from Danny Pickett, “Shepard wasn’t even on Jacob’s list!”

We know from the Executive Producers and from the LOST Experience that there is more than one group of Others, so it only stands to reason that Jacob may be in charge of both of them. Or maybe he’s eye-patch man. BTW – I wonder if the glass eye found in the Arrow station belongs to him? Or…who knows, but I can’t wait to find out. Only 12 more Wednesday’s without LOST.

In the meantime, here’s an excellent link provided by Pedro, which summarizes what the author feels are the top 50 “loose ends” on the show so far. It’s a great way to refresh your memory on what’s happened so far and helps you understand just why you’re so confused about the numbers, submarines, who Jacob is, why the Black Rock is in the middle of the jungle, and so much more. Enjoy!



Jack’s Story While Being Stitched By Kate

November 9, 2006

He’s a smart fella:

KATE: You don’t seem afraid at all. I don’t understand that.

JACK: Well, fear’s sort of an odd thing. When I was in residency my first solo procedure was a spinal surgery on a 16 year old kid, a girl. And at the end, after 13 hours, I was closing her up and I, I accidentally ripped her dural sac, shredded the base of the spine where all the nerves come together, membrane as thin as tissue. And so it ripped open and the nerves just spilled out of her like angel hair pasta, spinal fluid flowing out of her and I: and the terror was just so crazy. So real. And I knew I had to deal with it. So I just made a choice. I’d let the fear in, let it take over, let it do its thing, but only for 5 seconds, that’s all I was going to give it. So I started to count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Then it was gone. I went back to work, sewed her up and she was fine.

KATE: If that had been me, I think I would have run for the door.

JACK: No, I don’t think that’s true. You’re not running now.

Will “I Do” be the Best Episode Ever?

November 8, 2006

I’ve seen the preview, I’ve seen the two-minute clip on the LOST ABC.com Web site, and I’ve seen the two-minute video clip at the end of a special video podcast.

All I’m going to say is that if the clips from “I Do” are any indication of what we’re going to see on November 8, we’re in for quite a treat. I know that I’m a tad-bit insane about this show, but I got chills watching the clips and I’m very excited about the direction.

Throw in some other information the producers alluded to during their most recent podcast about the episodes we’ll start seeing in February, and this is going to be a very revealing season. When asked by fans when we’ll see the Black Rock and when we’ll see the other tailies again, including Cindy (the flight attendant) and the kids that have been taken, the producers answered, “very soon.” They added that we might actually see Cindy and the kids in the first or second episode next February.

To quote one of the characters (not spoiling anything) from the Season 3, Part 1 finale, “Well, at least you won’t be disappointed for very long.”

Stay tuned…

Liar Liar

November 3, 2006

What’s a spinal surgeon to do? Is the soft-spoken and beautiful Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) “playing” Jack, so that she can make a power play for control of the Others? Is Ben still messing with Jack? He seems so earnest and sincere <sarcasm>. Here is my observation as to why I think that Ben is still lying:

If Ben needed a spinal surgeon and has contact with the outside world (at least until the Swan station imploded), then why didn’t he just go to one or go get one? Also, Ben doesn’t believe in God, or at the very least he doesn’t believe that God can see the Island, so telling Jack that he believes in God because two days after he found out he was going to die from a spinal tumor, a spinal surgeon falls out of the sky is definitely a lie. That is unless he was lying when he had this conversation with Locke from the episode “Dave” last season:

LOCKE: What’s your name — your real name?
GALE: Why don’t you just keep calling me Henry? I’ve gotten used to it.
LOCKE: Did you get caught on purpose? You and your people have been here for God knows how long, and you got caught in a net…
GALE: God doesn’t know.
LOCKE: Excuse me?
GALE: God doesn’t know how long we’ve been here, John. He can’t see this island any better than the rest of the world can. May I ask you a question? What possible reason could I have for putting myself through all this?
LOCKE: Maybe your people were looking for this place.
GALE: This place? This place is a joke, John.
LOCKE: What are you talking about?
GALE: I crawled through your vents and I stood at your computer as the alarm beeped. And you know what happened? The timer went all the way down to zero, and then some funny red pictures flipped up in its place. They looked like hieroglyphics, but I’m no expert. And then things got real interesting. There was a loud clunking and a hum like a magnet — a big magnet. It was really very frightening. And you know what happened next? Nothing happened, John. Nothing happened at all. Your timer just flipped back to 108. I never entered the numbers. I never pressed the button.
LOCKE: You’re lying.
GALE: No, I’m done lying.

As for Juliet, I’m hoping that she’s not lying. I want to believe her. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. I’m still guessing that we’re going to start liking the Others this season and find out that they are in fact, “the good guys”.

Eko’s dead! Storyline was interesting and well done, but left us with a lot of questions, mainly the same old question about the black smoke monster, what or who is it? Is it good or evil? Beautiful or dark? It’s obviously very judgmental and temperamental. They also seem to allude that it manifested itself to look like Yemi, so maybe it has done the same for Christian Shepard, Kate’s horse, Dave, Boone, etc…

Nikki and Paulo – To steal a line from the Sopranos, “They need to go.” Do I have to spell it out for you? They aggravate me. We get it, she’s cute and makes Locke feel stupid. They are ruining every scene they are in and need to join the TAILies that have died already. BTW – I’m starting to think that the producers are like the judgmental smoke monster. After all, they “coincidentally” kill off two characters that were arrested for drunk driving in an episode titled “Two For the Road” and now they kill off Mr. Eko in an episode called, “The Cost of Living”, after his character was arrested for wreckless driving.

Here are some reveals that the producers spoke about on last week’s podcast:

  • The polar bears escaped from their cages DURING the collapse of the Dharma Initiative (which is also rumored to be when “the incident” occurred). Okay, so what I’m wondering now is how did they get from one island to the other island? Either it’s a serious flaw OR there is still really only one island. Don’t ask me to explain that one. I have a theory, but it’s a little weak. Okay, basically the island either wraps around itself or when Sawyer looked out at the “main” island, it was some sort of reflection of the one he was on. I’m still very stuck on the Desmond snow globe thing. I mean, I half expect to see Jim Carrey (The Truman Show) sail into a wall in the middle of the ocean. Maybe you thought the title of this blog entry was a Ben/Juliet reference and it was, but I was also thinking of Jim Carrey and the snow globe. 🙂
  • Kate Loves Sawyer. (Next week’s preview kind of gives this away too.)
  • There will be a gay character on the show. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

I’ll leave you with some dialogue from the Season 3 Premiere “Tale of Two Cities” during the book club meeting:

ADAM: It’s not even literature. It’s popcorn.
AMELIA: And why isn’t it literature, Adam? I’m dying to know.
ADAM: There’s no metaphor. It’s by-the-numbers religious hocum-pocum.
AMELIA: No metaphor?
ADAM: It’s science fiction — now I know why Ben isn’t here.
JULIET: Excuse me?
ADAM: I know the host picks the book; but seriously, Julie, he wouldn’t read this in the damn bathroom.
JULIET: Well, Adam, I am the host and I do pick the book. And this is my favorite book. So I am absolutely thrilled that you can’t stand it. Silly me for sinking so low as to select something that Ben wouldn’t like. Here I am thinking that free will still actually exists on…<cue plane crash overhead>

Why am I sharing that? Juliet mentioned free will again in last night’s episode during her speech to Jack while “To Kill a Mockingbird” was NOT playing. 🙂