I See LOST People

So we discovered the fates of Desmond, Locke, and Eko, but we still don’t know how they survived the hatch implosion. Those tricky writers promised we’d learn their fates, but not how they survived. Anyway, I’m willing to suspend my belief for the sake of the show. I mean the whole series started with Jack in the middle of the jungle after a plane splits in half, so why not start this episode with Locke waking up in the same state.

Not only that, but Eko is in rough shape, Locke has a renewed passion to find his purpose, and Desmond, well he’s naked and seems to have a special gift. He’s obviously got some sort of ability to see the future and he’s definitely a bit whacked-out.

Poor Locke! He just wants to belong to any “family” that shows love toward him and he can’t stand it when he’s seen as being the weak link. I can’t totally understand his getting involved with the ganja-growers, but he felt loved and part of something. I have a theory that his “friends” at the “joint” compound will ultimately put him in a wheelchair.

My question this week is about the toy dump truck in the polar bear cave. (Thanks for the reminder JK!) Umm? Any thoughts? The writers don’t usually reveal things like that without them meaning something. Please share your thoughts.


In Episode 5, we will see the Pearl station again. Apparently, some of the LOSTies will go there in an attempt to use the computer to locate Jack, Kate, and Sawyer.

Episode 6 is the last episode of the mini-season. It’s called “I Do” and is about Kate’s wedding. Yes, I said wedding. She was married at some point.

When they return in January with new episodes, we will finally get to see an Others flashback. It will be in Episode 7 and is Juliet-centric. It’s titled “Not In Portland”.

Next week (Episode 4) is a Sawyer-centric episode titled “Every Man For Himself”. Stay tuned…


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