69 Days (11/29/2004)

“…I’ll take you there. I’ll take you home.” So says Benjamin Linus (AKA Fenry Gale) at the end of this episode. I was on vacation last week, coincidentally on an island (Islamorada), so when I watched this episode I was 20 minutes late and three sheets to the wind (that means pretty drunk). Throw in subtitles for the Korean dialogue and let’s just say it was a very confusing episode for me. I was home from my trip no more than 2 hours before downloading it on iTunes so I could watch it again and make some sense of what I had seen. I have a sickness!

Anyway, I was thrilled to learn everything they revealed. It really seems that they’re going to be a bit more direct this season. Sure, we don’t know what the Others are doing exactly, but we do know:

  • That the outside world still exists.
  • That Benjamin has lived on the island all his life.
  • That Sun is a liar and an adulteress.
  • That when Colleen (the Other who kisses Danny and is later shot by Sun) interrupts Juliet and Ben, it doesn’t really matter (or does it).
  • That Ben likes watching many TV channels at once.
  • That Kate tastes like Strawberries.
  • That Kate looks better in Alex Rousseau’s dress than Alex does and that Alex might have a thing for the pick-locking Other named Karl.
  • That the Others have probably never seen real battle, the big fella packs quite a punch, and at least one Other may be trained in martial arts.
  • That the stun boxes have safety switches.
  • That Juliet has never made soup for Ben.
  • That Jin understands English better than we thought.
  • That Jae jumped – don’t tell me any conspiracies or that he was pushed. There should be no speculation after seeing the pearls clutched in his hand. He was distraught and ended his own life.
  • That Sayid’s plan was horrible and apparently the Others can walk on water or something…I’m making that up, but how DID they get to the sailboat?!
  • That Sun IS a killer, unfortunately for Colleen. That is, unless Jack is able to save Colleen when Ben asks him too. That’s pure speculation on my part, not a spoiler.

I am so looking forward to flipping back and forth between Game 6 of the NLCS (Lets Go Mets) and the Locke–centric episode this Wednesday titled, “Further Instructions”.

Until next time, Namaste!


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