Goodwin is a Very Fast Runner!

NO SPOILERS HERE – Unless You Haven’t Seen the Season 3 Premiere

I don’t normally nit-pick about LOST, but while the opening scene was VERY clever and the Others “village” was eerily similar to what I saw in a dream I had about a year ago, there’s just no way that Goodwin could make it to the tail section in under an hour. Seriously though, I’m sure he’s fast and I shouldn’t complain. I did seriously freak out when I saw their “village” or “camp” or “whatever” because I honestly dreamed about a domesticated town on the island where the Others lived BEFORE Season 2 even aired. I used to joke around about how I bet it was going to come true and then started to get weirded out when we saw the glue and fake beard, not to mention “Tom” sans beard in the Claire flashback episode and then season finale. I know I’m a bit odd, but that seriously freaked me out.

Okay, that aside, very cool to see the opening scene and meet some new characters, such as Juliet. I thought the actress who played her was excellent. BTW – Screen captures apparently identify the Stephen King book to be “Carrie”. You have to wonder why Juliet says it was her favorite book and why she got so defensive for picking a book that Ben (Henry Gale) wouldn’t approve of. Did anyone catch how she sarcastically said, “Forgive me for thinking that free will still existed”? I found that to be a very interesting statement.

While “breaking” Jack was difficult to watch emotionally, it just reminded me of just how talented an actor Matthew Fox can be. I guess we now know how the shark got the DHARMA tattoo on its tail, but we still don’t know what in the heck is going on with the DHARMA Initiative nowadays. Assuming we believe the conversation between Jack and Juliet, it all fell apart and they are the remains. It ALL seems like psychological testing to me at this point in time.

Tid-Bit: The song Jack is listening to in his car radio while watching Sarah at her school is Moonlight Serenade. It’s the same song that Hurley and Sayid picked up on the radio at the end of a Season Two episode.

Special thanks to Ken and J9 for their hospitality and for hosting the Season 3 premiere get together. Dinner and the company were excellent!

Up next is “The Glass Ballerina”, which is supposed to be Sun-centric. The previews look like they show her catching a bullet and falling off “Elizabeth”. Henry, errr…I mean, Ben looks surprised in the preview to see that Sayid, etc… have a sailboat. I guess they don’t know EVERYTHING.

BTW – I’m curious about everyone’s thoughts about the opening scene. Specifically whether the Others knew the crash was going to happen. They seemed surprised, but then acted swiftly as if it had happened before and they were ready for it. Did they know it was going to happen and who was on the plane? How could they if Desmond crashed the plane?


2 Responses to Goodwin is a Very Fast Runner!

  1. Michele says:

    I don’t think they knew who was on the plane b/c he said get me a list of names in 3 days. I think. (I don’t analyze it quite like you do but I remember that part)

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